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Yoga for All Kids: Preschoolers to Teens

Yoga for All Kids: Preschoolers to Teens

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Yoga for All Kids: Preschoolers to Teens

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Mar 30, 2011


Included are 15 moving yoga poses adapted for kids, and 4 types of meditations to help foster motor skill development, coordination, concentration and stress relief for children of varying abilities. Then, 18 chapters on social skills and a dictionary of 40 definitions of happiness provide a broad offering of yoga in a format easy enough for school age kids to read themselves. The elements can be used as a group activity, or practiced individually. Preschoolers and those needing help can work with a partner. Poses are fully illustrated.
Mar 30, 2011

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Yoga for All Kids - Susan Kramer

Yoga for all Kids

Preschoolers to Teens


Susan Kramer

Kramer, Susan

Yoga for all Kids, Preschoolers to Teens

ISBN: 978-0-557-42836-6

1st Edition Copyright © 2004 Susan Kramer

4th Edition Copyright © 2010 Susan Kramer


Illustrations S. Kramer; Photography M. Ryckman

All Rights Reserved


To all the kids

I have worked with over the years

Having fun

Learning and growing

I dedicate this book.


Yoga for all Kids, Preschoolers to Teens


4 styles of meditation for calming, centering,

and instant stress relief,

then a string of 15 moving yoga poses

that can be followed in order,

or done individually, as time permits.

Next, 18 chapters on how to live social skills, and

40 definitions of happiness in its own little dictionary

completing the book.

The poses are rhythmic

and gentle adaptations of traditional poses,

including forward

and backward bending,

and turning of the torso and head.

Excluded are inverted poses,

and poses that put pressure on neck vertebra.

If needed,

students can work with a partner,

especially at the younger ages.

As yoga is non-competitive,

everyone progresses at their own rate.

Use even breathing:

the in-breath and out-breath

should be the same length of time.

Do not use breath retention.

Breathing is a bridge that ties body to mind;

when breathing is made regular

it calms the physical body.

A note about the illustrations:

The faint vertical line shows

the approximate center of balance.



1. Sitting


Time: 2 to 10 minutes

Sit up straight,

cross-legged if on the grass,

or if you are indoors,

sit on a pillow on the floor,

or on your bed, or in a chair.

If you sit in a chair

your feet can be on the floor

in front of you.

Hold your hands in your lap

and close your eyes.

Begin to breathe in and out

easily and evenly.

Silently count each breath in as one count,

and each breath out as one count.


Count 1 on the in-breath;

Count 2 on the out-breath;

Count 3 on the in-breath;

Count 4 on the out-breath.

Do 10 sets of even breathing

until you reach count 20,

then just continue to breathe evenly.

Next, think with appreciation about

the people in your life,

such as your family,

friends, and teachers.

Thinking good thoughts feels good

and rests you mind and body.

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