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The Magic Power of Your Higher Mind

The Magic Power of Your Higher Mind

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The Magic Power of Your Higher Mind

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Feb 25, 2014


This wonderful manuscript reveals a formula which enables you to attract, manifest, mold and shape anything in your life. There is a layer of the human psyche capable of acting upon anything that exists in the Universe. This powerful layer of the mind is concealed and hidden by the obstructing data stored in the Subconscious. When the Conscious Mind sends a strong command to this layer, anything you desire comes to manifest. This method is not something that has been written before and it's so powerful that could change your life overnight according to the directives you give it. The Higher Mind is what makes anything come true – once you know how to reach it.
This book will teach you exactly how.

Among other subjects written, you will also find easy methods to spot out intuitive answers from obsolete thinking, you will learn how to differentiate a simple dream from an Astral Projection and you will be provided with techniques that will sharpen your remote perception.
Feb 25, 2014

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The Magic Power of Your Higher Mind - D. Dormi

The Magic Power of Your Higher Mind

The Magic Power of your Higher Mind


Dearest reader and studier of the Self, I have undertaken the

task of writing this book as a result of a long

experimentation over techniques and meditations that me and friends have learned throughout these past years. When my existence came to a breaking point in which I was standing to lose the things which

counted the most, my life became a battlefield in which every

day I would face a new defeat. I was nearly on the edge of a

nervous breakdown and the foundation on which my wellbeing

was standing on was slowly collapsing. I found myself on the

edge of a broken marriage and I wasn’t being able to parent

my daughter, plus my financial situation was getting worse by

the day as a result of wrong business moves and impulsive


I consider the situation in which I was stuck in like an enormous

maze of negative circumstances created by the effects of which the very causes I unconsciously brought onto myself, without realizing

the destructive influence that my negative emotional states had

over me. It was during the beginning of the end when I begun

to realize that perhaps that was the right time to

make good use of what I have learnt from various books, to see if I could find some inner guidance. I have always been fascinated by the

the human psyche and its mechanism, but back then when I was studying it, my life was going very well and I did not bother to put anything in practice.

Life was smooth and abundant; there were no real concerns on how would I hold on to my relationship or how should I survive the next day, therefore I didn’t give much consideration to the possibility that maybe one day my life could dramatically change, and I would be in

need to put in practice what for years I have only studied in

theory. That’s when I discovered this Higher Mind of

which this book is all about.

Even though this wonderful and concealed layer of our Psyche is always active and available, still hundreds of subconscious obsolete chunks of data are preventing us from establishing rapport with it.

The answers you’re looking for, the qualities you wish to bring forth, the very life you want to create is already there and available, all you have to do is to dig it out, and the Higher Mind will unconsciously put you on the right tracks.

If I never found myself in need of guidance, would I ever begun

to put in practice what I should have done long before my

problems started? Probably not. If I never came to that point of

no return, it would have been unlikely for me resorting into self

development; subject which I’ve read about for years just out of

interest. The good thing is that you don’t have to wait dark

times to realize that you are in need to evolve and try all you

can to do so. It is better outline in advance what is it that you

long for, so that your life plans won’t be obstructed with

problems and mishaps that only unawareness can bring about.

Since we have a bad habit of relying on our emotional states of

the given moment to have a perspective of an occurrence, we

usually become blind as we do not allow ourselves to see

different points of view, whereas when we disconnect the

confusion of the verbal chattering thinking and discard the

wrong emotional states, we can in turn receive guidance from

an occulted layer of our consciousness, which I call the Higher Mind.

By allowing this wonderful tool to deliver us

guidance towards the accomplishment of our goals, we can find

where we exactly are at any given time while going through

any kind of situation. What happened to me came for a reason,

and that was giving me the chance to start exploring that

dimension of my psyche neglected due to that same skepticism

some of us have been forced to carry along since the day we

were born. What has been taught to us as we were growing up

is only the reflection of ethics imposed by the adults. Whatever

we have been programmed with; some of it was good but lots of

it is just an obsolete weight that causes the obstruction of our

higher senses such as intuition and subtle perception. Once we

learn to establish contact with those higher layers of our minds

by constant practice, it will become a sense that is no longer

occulted but it will be as tangible such as sight, hearing and

touch, and we will benefit from the guidance it will deliver.

Although the foundation of all my works stands on the very

same knowledge gathered throughout human history by the

most prominent initiates of all times, still based on those

teaching I wanted to develop some techniques that I found easier to practice.

We are all different and our minds have their own preferences but there is something putting us on the same line when it comes to the acknowledgment of that primordial layer of our psyche called the Higher Mind.

When we get in touch with this reality then we can begin to

architect our own circumstances at will. We are all connected

on a subtle level just like fish in the ocean. This ocean is this

Universal Ether and it impregnates everything we conceive. It’s

a vital force which never ends throughout its own infinity.

Gaining the knowledge that is stored throughout this unlimited

dimension becomes feasible as long as we are open minded

enough towards such possibilities. We will need to learn once

again to rely on this essence as the preceding factor of our

thought forms instead of just following the emotional states of

the rational mind. It is possible to use those layers of the psyche

at will once our mindset is trained to do so. That obscured side

of ourselves has to come back to light and become as tangible

as our other five senses.

Anything our doubting mind regarded as Paranormal will

then be accepted as another side of our human nature and as a

result of that, we will become able to grasp this occulted force

that we have been taught to ignore. Intuition is one of the

various benefits we can gain as we begin to approach this

Super-conscious layer of our minds. To reach out to this Higher Mind

layer we will need to send strong signals to our

subconscious by means of certain practices based on a no dialectic

language. The internal chattering is continuously

taking place in our minds due to the heaviness of certain

thoughts that we constantly allow. This confusing self-chat is

the disrupting element that prevents us from being guided by the Higher Mind, which is always available to us at any

given moment. We hear it but programmed not to listen, and

that’s the problem arising each time we are facing challenges.

We do sense our Intuition but we are not able to listen because

the mind always makes room for misleading thoughts, and

therefore our course of actions is constantly derailed due to

decisions and choices taken in the midst of confusion. The nonverbal

language is a Universal one and it is formed by

emotions, feelings and visual mental pictures. We can find this

Universal language speaking to and through us from certain

emotional centers that we carry in our bodies. Just to give a

common instance: a gut feeling or a broken heart is the

typical appliance of this concept that goes to show the nature

of those emotional centers and how this Universal Language

speaks to us.

Throughout the course of this book we will train ourselves to

work with this Higher Mind by passing our directives to it,  to make so that we will be unconsciously put in the right place at the right time, knowing that the Higher Mind will guide us towards the accomplishment of our goals and the manifestation of our wishes.

We will also learn how to isolate

the verbal language for the sake of pinpointing all of our

emotional centers, and then to ask questions which answers

will be found in the emotional centers energy flow. The

mapping of those emotional centers will grant us the right

feelings at the right time, as it will remove fears on asserting

ourselves when needed, hatred when harmony is needed, low

self esteem when we need to show confidence. The

misplacement of Emotional energy is the main cause of our

negative feelings, but by learning how to move this energy at

will onto the right centers we can benefit from being in

complete control of ourselves and the events occurring around

us. Throughout the course of the book, you will also find

several simple techniques requiring a low degree of effort just

to have a direct contact with your intuition , such as asking it a

question when the chattering mind is just about to awaken and

then allow the intuitive answer to be felt throughout your body.

I will also cover the topic of clairaudience and an easy method

to get you in touch with it.

Mental visualization is an excellent skill but if

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