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African Dishes Made Easy

African Dishes Made Easy

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African Dishes Made Easy

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Dec 1, 2015


If you haven't yet tasted Nigerian cuisine then here is a description of what awaits you. The aroma is what greets you first. Thick, rich heavily spiced stew. Snowy white pounded yams. Rich dark green vegetables and more. Your recipe collection will never be the same again.

Come! Discover the rich flavors in the Nigerian Cuisine of the African West Coast! These recipes are a compilation of the cuisine my mother cooked during our time of living in Nigeria. These are the flavors of my youth and my heritage and we decided to put them in a cookbook to preserve our history. Many of the recipes have Americanized counterparts in case ingredients are difficult to obtain.

I hope you enjoy.
Dec 1, 2015

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African Dishes Made Easy - Kemi Quinn


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About Us


African Ingredients


Akara - Easy

Akara - Fried Bean Patties

Boiled Groundnuts (Peanuts)

Chin Chin Cookies

Dodo (Fried Plantain Or Cooking Bananas)

Parched Corn

Puff Puff Donuts

Side Dishes


Coconut Jollof Rice

Crock Pot Rice

Gari - Easy

Greens for Stew

Moyin Moyin

Moyin Moyin - Easy

Ogi ( Fermented Corn Porridge )

Okra - Yoruba Style

Rice Balls

Yam Balls

Main Dishes

Simple African Beef Stew for the Crockpot

Traditional African Hot Pot

Traditional African Fish Sauce for Rice or Yams

Yoruba Meat Sauce (''Stew") Version 1

Yoruba Meat Sauce (''Stew") Version 2

Yoruba Meat Sauce with Wild Game

Yoruba Style Boiled Yams

Yoruba Vegetables with Fish

Ethnic Foods Locator

About Us

Betty's Story

As a young married woman, I lived and worked in Nigeria, West Africa.  Before that time,  however, I had met and associated with a number of ethnic minority people in the United States.  To begin with, in high school, I grew up with Japanese, Chinese, Jewish and African Americans- which is my background - and I began to appreciate Multi-Ethnic foods.

As an adult, and after when I had returned from travels abroad, I worked with Laotian and Vietnamese women as well as people from the Philippines, and my style of Multi-Ethnic cooking broadened even more.

When I met and married my husband, and traveled to his homeland I was schooled in the cooking style of his people.  It was in my husband’s homeland, in Nigeria that I learned to know and appreciate the foods of Yoruba people and their cooking style.

Sometimes I observed the street merchants who prepared their wares over charcoal fires for all to see.  At other times I watched the cooking practices of Nigerian friends, natives of that exciting land. 

My mother and sister-in-law taught me that the best Yoruba cooking brings together foods from smoky charcoal fire pits and foods from the sea. Those two very exciting good cooks showed me how to take foods that had been preserved on drying racks over charcoal fires and combine them with the spice of fresh hot peppers and sweet onions grilled in peanut oil to create an extraordinary taste!  They showed me that Yoruba cooking is a gutsy combination of flavors you will never forget.

When I

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