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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

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Knowledge Is Power

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Mar 27, 2015


‘Knowledge Is Power’ is a must have read for anyone who would like to discover how powerful they truly are. The knowledge held within its pages demonstrates how changing the way you think could bring about more success in your life; how making better choices could bring about better consequences and how taking a close look at your current reality could bring about a desire to re-design it.
Mar 27, 2015

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Knowledge Is Power - Joan Mercer

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1.   What Do You Know?

2.   A Short-Cut To Success!

3.   Knowledge Is Power!

4.   About This Book & My Books To Follow!

5.   Do You Want To Know More?

6.   Don’t Ignore Your Inner Self, Forever!

7.   More About The Inner & Outer Self!

8.   Don’t Allow Your Distractions To Become Your Excuses!

9.   Are You Aware Or Not Aware?

10.   Beware = Be Aware!

11.   How Important Are Words To You?

12.   Old Words & New Words!

13.   You Are Always Free To Choose!

14.   A Frightening Place Or A Beautiful Place?

15.   The Good & The Bad Experiences!

16.   Unusual Stuff!

17.   Who Are You Now?

18.   Do You Want To Change?

19.   What Happens If You Don’t Want To Change?

20.   Your Current Reality!

21.   How To Re-Design A Reality!

22.   A Re-Designed Reality!

23.   Now!


A Place To Put Your Current Thoughts

The pages of this book hold within them:

The knowledge you’re inner self is asking for,

The knowledge you’re inner self is patiently waiting for,

The knowledge you’re inner self will be truly grateful for.

Written by me,

Just for you!


First of all, I wish say that I am very grateful to God and all that is within his Universe. I am very grateful for being given all the knowledge, all the opportunities, all the people, all the events that made it possible for me to write this book. And, I know that I was given all of what I needed with the unconditional love that God and all that is within his Universe has for everyone and everything upon the Earth.

I wish to thank my family, my friends, for their understanding, their support and for listening to me whenever I needed to express my thoughts about something within my book.

I wish to thank my friend Chris Brophy, who has been of great assistance to me in getting this book out to you.

And, I wish to thank all the people who are going to attract this book in some way or another to themselves!

"Here’s a

Very Big Thank You

to you all."


Over the years I have come to believe that we all have a life’s purpose and by this I mean there is a certain job, a certain task within us that lies patiently in waiting to be completed during the course of our lifetime. I found out that my life’s purpose, my job, is to share whatever knowledge that I believe is going to benefit other people. Now, yours may be totally different to mine, but nevertheless, I believe that it is a certain job that each person needs to complete to experience a wonderful feeling of fulfillment within them self!

And, I know now that anyone’s life purpose can only begin when they choose to wake up and become aware of the strength that also lies patiently within them until they choose to use it. Yes, I know now that a person is only able to start work on their life’s purpose, their job, when they choose to do so!

I chose to start work on my life’s purpose, my job, when I woke up and listened to a voice inside of me saying that it was time to take notice, it was time to become aware of all the pain I was suffering inside and it was time I did something about it. It was time to become aware of the inner strength that I had within me and it was time to use it. And, that is what I did, I chose to do it all, I listened, I woke up, I became aware, I used the strength within me and what I am now going to say to you is, you could choose to listen, you could choose to wake up and you could choose to become aware of the strength within you a lot sooner than I did, that is of course, if you first choose to listen to the voice inside of you, if you choose to listen to your inner self!

I want to mention at this point that around the time I had chosen to wake up and become aware, I noticed that there was unusual stuff coming into my life and I remember feeling very overwhelmed whenever it appeared. Of course, I know now that when I chose to become aware, I had chosen to become aware of all the unusual stuff too. And, I know now that all the unusual stuff was there long before I was aware of it, but, I couldn’t be bothered with it then, I was too busy living my life then, I was too stressed then. Do you know what I mean?

Now, you may be asking, Why was the stuff unusual? Well, it was unusual, because, I thought that such stuff only occurred in a different world to mine, in other words, stuff like that didn’t usually appear in my world. I believed that such stuff belonged in a dream world, a surreal world, a bizarre world. Now, you may be thinking that I dreamt up the unusual stuff, it was all in my mind; it was just my imagination playing tricks on me, but, I say to you again, I did experience some unusual stuff and when you think about it, perhaps you have experienced some unusual stuff too!

I now know that I was meant to wake up; I was meant to see and experience the unusual stuff, because, it was what I needed to help me become aware of who I was inside, which I now know as my inner self. I also know it was because of the pain I was suffering, I needed to know, it was only my inner self that had the strength to take the pain away and it was only my inner self that was able to help me understand more of the unusual stuff. And, I know now that I was meant to become aware that it is only my inner self that will always be my true strength!

I also know now that it was the knowledge within me that gave me the power to help others to wake up and become aware of their true inner strength too, because, it was the power, the ability within me that created the book you are holding in your hands. And, what I am sincerely hoping is that its content will inspire you and help you come to know that you have the ability, the power within you to help not only yourself, but, others too!

Now that my book Knowledge Is Power has been completed, I am looking forward to using my inner self’s ability, my inner self’s power, to create further books that could help you to come face to face with any kind of pain you may be suffering and help you to heal your pain. And, once you are healed I want to help you to become a deliberate creator of your own life and use the ‘Universal Law of Attraction’ with success, all the time!

Yes, all of my books contain specific knowledge that can help you to manifest, to bring about, all of the things that you truly want to come into your life; that is of course, if you choose to read them and choose to develop a belief in them. If you do choose to, watch out for the titles below:

‘Come Face to Face with Your Pain’

‘Use the ‘Law of Attraction’ with Success Every Time’

So, as I wish you good reading, I hope my words inspire you to become more; I hope they help you to be less selfless and enthuse you to want more for yourself. I hope you are quick to know you are the only one who can do all the things my words ask you to do and I hope you are quick to know that you can!



What do you know? What knowledge do you have? What have you learned? What have you experienced? What words of wisdom do you hold within yourself? The reason I am asking you these type of questions is because, I want you to

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