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Raising Children Soul to Soul: Discovering Our Lost Childhood

Raising Children Soul to Soul: Discovering Our Lost Childhood

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Raising Children Soul to Soul: Discovering Our Lost Childhood

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Apr 1, 2019


Children raised with awareness and energy enlightenment are amazing individuals. They have a superior comprehension of life, business, and energy even at a young age, and they quickly learn how to create innovative, successful outcomes. They mature early, and their grasp of life and what it offers them is breathtaking. The key to opening the door to illumination in childrearing is to understand your own childhood. This book offers an open-ended invitation to rediscover childhood memories and explore its wisdom. It interprets your first seven years as a vital chapter in this your lifetime. It also explains the spiritual context of how your first cycle from birth to seven years forms the basis for all future programming, including parenting. Presenting an innovative concept with a practical approach to parenting, Raising Children Soul to Soul presents an alternative method with more spiritual connotations. It gives parents the opportunity to shortcut their children’s journey to spiritual maturity.
Apr 1, 2019

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Raising Children Soul to Soul - Kristy Kaye


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dedicate this book to all those parents who cry for help as they embrace the challenge of raising children without the counsel of their angels and who are devoid of a community to support them.

In God’s Truth, I Write My Epitaph



Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.

—Carl Gustav Jung


Raising Children Soul to Soul offers the reader an open-ended invitation to rediscover childhood memories and explore its wisdom. It interprets your first seven years as a vital chapter in this your lifetime. It also explains the spiritual context of how your first cycle from birth to seven years forms the basis for all future programming, including parenting, which you naturally initiate when you have your own children.

The book offers you an alternative method with more spiritual connotations. Children raised with awareness and energy enlightenment, the subject of the book, are amazing individuals. They have a superior comprehension of life, business, and energy even at a very young age, and they quickly learn how to create innovative, successful outcomes. They do not share the goals of the majority of their peers, who are ultimately reared with expectation and competition. They mature early, and their grasp of life and what it offers them is breathtaking. I have personally witnessed the development of many such inspiring children. Their love is pure and supportive. There is little comparison to how I myself was raised and the religious concepts I absorbed in my early childhood. These have fueled my search and ultimate desire to change the status quo from religious to enlightenment. The past’s pathways take valuable time to heal before one’s level of consciousness begins to make footprints for others to follow. When there is little time available in a lifetime, a more expedient way needs to be offered.

Raising Children Soul to Soul can open the opportunity for parents to shortcut their children’s journey to spiritual maturity, avoiding the pitfalls of exposing them to any limitations their own upbringing exploited. If you do work on discovering your lost childhood, you can be wise beyond your years, because it is your manual for life and forms the foundation for your true purpose for reincarnating. This book can help walk you through tools and techniques to do that. Each experience of parenting will somehow relate to your own childhood, helping you heal hurts and disappointments. Understanding its therapeutic nature may enable you to move beyond its limitations to a peaceful maturity.

This book and I are not trying to be experts. Personally, I don’t believe anyone can be an expert because the landscape is too vast, and individuality is too specific. Many factors come into play on energetic levels that need to be processed and explored individually in their timing. The book is about the journey of parenting using a spiritual perspective instead of the role-to-role alternative presently favored for discovering the vital mechanics of incarnation deliberately set up for each soul to heal the past and past lives, as well as explaining how this system evolves. It continues through to parenting and mirrors our own growth, our past and present, as we live and investigate the daily event of parenting. It can be an education for many in spiritual ancestry. This manifests as an understanding, which is available for us in our feeling memory, whereas an intellectual life can appear to close down its access.

We are complex beings with four perceptions that make up who we are in personality and attitude, combined with a host of other influences. How true we are to our type of perception can create affinity or complexity in dealing with others, including children. It is must-know information if any success of true parenting or living the joy of understanding ourselves is to be reached. This book also explores the journey you, the reader, have already undergone (the past), because that is the wisdom you will build your parenting skills on, whether through avoiding or embracing. As much as you may try to escape repeating your parents’ methods, you have their program innately downloaded within you, and with provocation you can slip into it at any time.

There is a second part to Raising Children Soul to Soul, which explores in-depth each of the four perception types travelling through four individual seven-year cycles. One of these cycles usually takes us into parenting. This opportunity can open amazing insights into who you and your children really are, as immortal souls. It also explains how the different perceptions intermingle and how, in their out-of-balance state or with unawareness, they can inflict misunderstandings, limiting concepts, disappointments, expectations, and even trauma on children and others. In understanding your perception, you can travel with awareness of its strengths and weaknesses—a great step on the pathway to enlightenment. This wisdom can assist you immensely in your life, particularly with parenting a child who appears to be a blank canvas that you may mistakenly believe you have to fill. As an example, the visionary perception has a whip of despicability out of balance, and it may make a child afraid to speak or act without censure.

The key to opening the door to illumination in childrearing is to understand your own childhood. As a byproduct of that, you may need in-depth healing and awareness of its pitfalls and solutions. This is explained in detail. With sincerity and through using the tools and techniques, you can reach a level of success yourself. The book can act as a do-it-yourself manual for those elevated souls who like to discover new truths through using their sensitivity. It is a book of universal truth not as palatable as fantasy.

The book places emphasis on changing attitudes to parenting, and it supports you to live your feeling wisdom as the amazing experience opens you to the greatest joy you can ever experience. Where I began in parenting was to follow my feelings, but this caused a conflict of ideas and cultural ideologies with my partner, who wanted me to do everything he had experienced. My feelings were not going to allow that to happen, and so I began to search for answers.

For some of these answers, I was fortunate to have had the support of a leading child psychiatrist who was writing a series on child raising and needed new mothers on which to gain firsthand access to their challenges. We were a small group who met every week, graduating to monthly visits, for the first year of our children’s lives, with the psychiatrist overseeing and answering questions relevant to the sharing of each important stage of our children’s development. In particular, the psychiatrist helped us observe what was normal behavior and what was individual or difficult, and we learned the value of consistency. It engendered self-respect and an inspiring respect for our children as individual souls. As they grew, the message was, Don’t discipline your child for doing things that are a natural growth factor just because it is inconvenient. One such example was that the beginning of a child’s creativity can be invested in spreading excrement over walls. This is a normal part of a child opening to creativity, and we don’t want to interfere with it. All kinds of marvelous revelations were part of that journey by opening myself to learning new and better ways.

This book is not about that, except for it being an experience I valued myself at the time. The book deals with our intelligent energy and how to work with it to express it, not suppress it. There was, however, some very common-sense tools that I gained in a timely manner from that investment, and they inspired me on my path of discovery. It is a small part of the big picture story of your child’s individuality and their tendencies, spiritual perception, and unique advancement opportunities through their cycles, which can be a vast landscape to comprehend. You can understand your child at least 50 percent by knowing his or her order of perception.

Each of us begins life on earth as a bundle of loving energy, vulnerable, alone, and at the mercy of those who conceived us. We may not remember the forthcoming events as we grow in vigor and awareness. As nature intended, we are predominantly loved unconditionally at this special time, but as we grow in strength and uniqueness, attitudes may change toward us.

How we are raised will also depend on the culture we have incarnated into, the state of consciousness of our parents, and their traditions. It’s a situation we have chosen for reasons only we alone can hope to discover within our lifetime. Others involved may discern their priorities for having us in their lives, but details of our own past will remain our secret.

Are we related to these people who will become the creators of our world? No, we are not. Why have we chosen them, then? What is our destiny? Regarding this most influential segment of our life, from zero to seven years, we will probably hardly remember it beyond, but it will make us who we are. It will define our personality as well as educating us on what we are here to do, flavoring our opinions of others, our greater environment, and ourselves. Our parents’ virtues and flaws are the perfect energy to assist us in this task.

Decisions we make when we are only three years old will, at least temporarily, give us either our freedom to explore the diversity of who we are, or incarcerate us in traditional concepts from which there may have appeared no reprieve (until we began our journey of soul discovery). These choices, and not the people who influence us to make them, will determine our character and our strength to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.

Little known or acknowledged is the importance of those decisions and any others we make during our first years of life. Such choices can influence us and cast a long shadow of difficulties we are to face; alternatively, they can give us an unobstructed view of conquering any of life’s hindrances with ease.

When we are able to read energy with skill, we may realize our actions were largely predictable because of our energy enlightenment at the time and the level of consciousness of the people who influenced us. With each chapter, a few more energy recognitions await us. Through exploring our impressions and opening our awareness, we can, in our own timing, climb advanced steps on the ladder of evolvement.

Do we regret the past as we discover it? These and any similar negative emotions stimulated by self-discovery are the single most wasteful usage of our time in which we can indulge. The past has its reason well beyond where our discernment may be able to travel. We are a student in this university of life on planet earth, and the successful and expedient way to navigate its training is to become and remain humble. Remorse and regret are arrogant habits we have copied from other students, which blind us with an ignorance that disregards our omnipotence. If we can recognize our journey and the spirit of overcoming its obstacles, we will carry this wisdom into all our opportunities, including parenting.

Since writing my first book, The Constitution of Our Soul, I have realized that many readers are seeking greater explanations to help them grapple with questions about their own personal journeys. Studying the beginning of our lives here and even before that, or through the parallels that being a parent instinctively brings, can open these doors. Life is a circle of involvements combined into seven-year cycles. They can contemporaneously present themselves for regrouping as new and similar occurrences arise through parenting. We revisit our own learning as our children mature through their cycles.

Both books are channeled, and so I am not personally involved in them with my personal history and its explanations unless absolutely necessary. This way, the book can become like a manual of you and your familiarities, and it leaves room for your angels to move in their explanations. Simply said, although experiences helped shape my education, the book is not about my experiences. I have delved into the deep pool of spirit’s wisdom as much to learn for myself as to pass on any interpretations. I have channeled since I was three years old. In maturing, I wrote spirit’s message in parables as it came, but over time I found it easier to rewrite into a more understandable form without losing its meaning or feeling. For this book, it is shared with you in this way.

I have more than thirty years of training, writing and presenting channeled spiritual courses. I’ve watched the changes that having the connection with one’s angels, and the facts that come with it, can make to the individual searcher. What appear as miracles become commonplace in working with one’s angels. This has been my focus for many years, thus enabling me to watch firsthand what makes lasting changes for each individual soul. Such information can help change energy anywhere, including work and home environments, bringing them to a peaceful, harmonious place to live.

I’ve watched spiritual families reunite this lifetime, crossing oceans and continents and arriving at the same place to touch base as different cultures and having practiced diversely different religions; they meet, supporting each other once again. With the support of their spiritual family, they are able to move forward as one voice in their recognition of their past experiences and affinity, overcoming language and diversity to continue learning, growing, and helping each other. They are the husband, wife, or relative whom we have forgotten from past lives. It is fascinating to meet people you know with the same energy, even looking alike and acting the same despite coming from a different culture and different beginnings. Such is the enormous strength of affinity. We are electromagnetic energy, and so we are drawn to each other instinctively even though we may be unaware of this.

My last book has offered some amazing life changes for those who have taken its journey, and it’s inspired me to write this one. To those who have had to wait long, I apologize for the lateness in publishing. I hope to increase multiplying myself and sending other voices into the world with spirit’s real message, and I have been investing time in that.


The Big Picture of Life on Planet Earth

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.

—Carl Gustav Jung


This book has been inspired to help address the truth of life on planet earth, divulging factually the mysteries of the big picture of our day trip here and its real agenda. We can only last a day here on planet earth before needing to return home to the universe to recharge our energy, which we usually do when we sleep.

The fortunes of our children begin as ours did, when they first open their eyes and feel our presence. From this moment on, and for the next seven years, each of their day’s experiences with us and with the people around them will make an indelible impression on them. It will influence who they are and what they will do with what they learn from us. The fate factor in this is essentially nonexistent. We are all bound with a common, innate desire to deliver ourselves, our children, and their subsequent generations to the essence of soul purity. The melting pot of our personal lives is perfectly designed for the healing we have invested in our life opportunities.

Children have their own life agendas and their own personal, individual perceptions (an in-depth explanation follows on perceptions) that determines their spiritual focus. They have chosen us as much for our problems in life as for our successes. They have come as we did, with baggage to heal, and that healing is probably initially specifically with us. They are the latest adventurers who arrive naked, vulnerable, and adorable. They are filled with love for us. They even resemble us in appearance to help forge a better relationship, ensuring their survival and the continuance of their lives through any adversity that may follow. What we do with this love may also impact our future. Usually, they physically are children for only a brief period in their lives.

As they mature, they can affect decisions we make in our lives. At some time in the future, we will probably depend on them for financial, moral, or physical support. The tables will turn, enabling us to close any open circles. How they evolve as human beings will also shape our fortunes. The only people qualified to be their parents are us, their parents. We cannot study a good parenting book that generalizes what a good parent looks and acts like. We, the undersigned in the opportunity, have sanctioned our involvement in parenting, and only we can execute it properly by being the best we can and living as we really are. If we want a blueprint, we have to know the truth of that—who we are, our wisdom, the pitfalls, and the solutions—because it is this person whom they have chosen, as much for our individual struggles as for our mastered solutions. The better we are at being ourselves, the easier it is for our children to prosper and be themselves. An example is the best teacher.

How we are as people at this impressionable time of their lives is the material our children work with as their thesis for living life on planet earth. If we are confident, they will become confident. Similarly, discontent can breed depression, and our insecurity may build instability. Our children may hide the pain of their ignorance if we do too. Pride is the wolf in sheep’s clothing for all of us here on planet earth. We may have had our life’s battle with pride, though the war is probably still to be won. Our children accompany us on this journey, perhaps stimulating it at many curves on the road. A significant part of the contract they have with us is to show up any rips in the fabric of our being by reflecting to others the things we most try to cover up about ourselves. This forces us to address our issues and welcome the freedom that follows. It is fruitless to blame them for doing that which we have commissioned.

Our children have an intellect with a blank canvas, as we did when we first arrived on earth. In their souls, they carry their purity and the tendencies they hope to heal. They will interpret life through what they feel and observe. This will encompass our emotions, our clarity, and how we use our energy. Later, our words usually become their words, and our thoughts become their thoughts. Our reactions can mirror their reactions. Until they reach the age of seven and are able to reason, they will be reading our script instead of their own, particularly if there is a protective or abusive environment.

Those experiences we as parents had in our first seven years, interpreted correctly, can be the most fruitful study of our lives at this time—a

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