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Return of the Ancient Ones

Return of the Ancient Ones

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Return of the Ancient Ones

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Nov 13, 2020


Return of the Ancient Ones is about 144,000 people that have been downloaded by extraterrestrials with ancient information of who they really are from ancient times. Secret information is hidden in your brain, spirit, and blood. Extraterrestrials will be landing in two years in Israel and Jerusalem. The people who have been downloaded will be activated with ancient information to help other people. I have also had many spiritual experiences with the spirit world. You think you are alone on this

Nov 13, 2020

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Return of the Ancient Ones - Gail Duprey

Return of the Ancient Ones

Gail Duprey

Copyright © 2018 Gail Duprey

All rights reserved

First Edition


New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc. 2018

ISBN 978-1-64462-381-7 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-64462-383-1 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

My Vision Quest

The Legend of the Dogwood

Sacred and Special Prayers


It is almost time. In twenty-six thousand years (26,000) the Earth will go through a roller coaster. The ancient ones are here to help. You are the ancient ones. Extraterrestrials are our connection to our information to help us and protect us at this time. I believe each and every one of us are the ancient ones that have come back to help the people now.

There are one hundred forty-four thousand (144,000) chosen ones. Spiritual people and Native Americans. I am a chosen one. We have all been downloaded by Extraterrestrials (ETs) with ancient information. The Extraterrestrials will be coming back in a couple of years to reactivate people who have been downloaded with information for the future. The Extraterrestrials will be landing in Israel and Jerusalem in a couple of years. The ancient ones are our ancestors. The information is still with us, but buried inside of us. The information will be coming to light when the time is right. We are imprinted, each and every one of us, in different ways. We all signed a contract to be here at this time before you were born. Spiritually charged energies and vibrations are being transmuted to a higher frequency with Christ Consciousness.

I have made a huge discovery reading and understanding the Island of Mu—Lamara. The ancient ones are connected to the Native American Indians. As I was sleeping, my brain woke up. It was about two thirty in the morning. I saw two ghostly white Extraterrestrial aliens, and I saw a ticker tape eight inches high with symbols on it going across my forehead. The Extraterrestrials were downloading ancient symbols in my brain. I was told by spirit I was not supposed to see the downloading.

Spirit said my downloading was Ancient Native American healing symbols for the future to heal the Native Americans. The symbols were thousands of years old. I am an ancient healer for the Native Americans for the future. I was told the Extraterrestrials will be coming back to download more symbols and activate me. Only Extraterrestrials or a shaman can activate me.

A shaman goes in the spirit of a body. As I was reading the Mu book, I remember seeing some of the same symbols in my dream of the ticker tape. So I believe the Native American Indians did have the information of symbols of Mu and understood the symbols. The only true life on Earth is man’s soul. Hieroglyphics and ancient sacred symbols Ma is Moo, our motherland known as mother. Earth and land.

I am going to take you on a journey and adventure with the spirit world to give you hope. You are not alone. I can hear my angel; she protects me. Angels, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Saints, Sai Baba, Lady Fatima, and Extraterrestrials are with you. I have had many, many spiritual experiences with angel healings, miracle healings, Holy Spirit healings, mystic experiences, channeling the other side, my soul-spirit taken out of my body twice, helping me and protecting me. The Holy Spirit can do anything for you. The Holy Spirit can heal the body, give you a job, give you a place to live, anything. Blessings with Lady Fatima and the spirit world.

Some of us are from Atlantis, some of us are from Orion, some of us are from Sirius, some of us are from Pleiades. Some of us are Extraterrestrials (ETs). Some of us are from MU, Lamara. The lost continents of MU and the others there are secrets and hidden knowledge. The ancient information is in our brain cells, and the body in spirit and the soul.

The star Sirius is a training station for those who are going on to other planets or returning to their own planets for special projects. We sacrifice ourselves for the good of humanity.

The hieroglyph name for Sirius is a triangle.

The planet Sirius is 8.6 light-years away from planet Earth. The planet Orion is 23.8 light-years away from planet Earth.

I will be going on a vision quest with the Bear Tribe in my meditation. I use a small gold bear pin for my special rituals as my power animal. The lynx is my power animal.

My very first vision, I was inside a mountain. The mountain wall slid open, and an Indian with a feather in his hair came out. He had a large long drum. A curtain opened, and I saw vision of a green pasture with a white picket fence. About twenty cars had crashed into each other, doors

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