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Mystery Seekers Club: The Three Ring Mystery

Mystery Seekers Club: The Three Ring Mystery

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Mystery Seekers Club: The Three Ring Mystery

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May 15, 2017


There is something weird going on under the big top. Join the Mystery Seekers Club to try and figure out what is going on. Where will this mystery take them? How will they get anyone to believe what they find out?

May 15, 2017

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Mystery Seekers Club - ST Ellis

Mystery Seekers Club: The Three Ring Mystery

ST Ellis

Copyright © 2017 ST Ellis

All rights reserved

First Edition


New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc. 2017

ISBN 978-1-63568-229-8 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-63568-230-4 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Chapter 1

"It’s time for

us to start our meeting," said Mario to two of the three club members of the Mystery Seekers Club, or as we call ourselves MSC.

Janet, our club secretary, (the one that writes down all of our best ideas, and she also has the best handwriting) is a bit of a tomboy. Janet has brown curly hair that goes to her shoulder. Janet has this one curl that always falls down over her left eye for some strange reason that she has to blow out of her eye constantly. Janet always wears sneakers with all of her clothes, even with her school uniform and one shoe is always untied.

I think that we need to start bringing snacks to these meetings, said Alex.

Alex is always coming up with all of our odd ideas. Alex is short and on the tubby side, he wears square-shaped glasses and has black hair that he keeps cut short and always under a hat. Alex is a bit of a scared cat that tries to talk us out of doing our best ideas.

Jake walks in. Sorry, I’m late. Practice ran a little over.

Jake plays baseball for our school team. He pitches for the team, The Eagles Elementary School. Jake is the tallest among all of us and is on the thin side. With his curly red hair and freckles, he tends to stand out quite a bit when we go out places.

All you missed is Alex making a suggestion that we need to start having snacks at the meeting, says Mario.

"I’m Mario, I kind of started MSC. I moved here to Virginia with my family last year. It’s only me my mom and dad. I don’t have any brothers or sisters and my dad does not think that I am ready to care for a pet. I started school here at the Eagles Elementary school and I was in the third grade. My teacher was Ms. Thurgood and we had to share a class with another class due to them remodeling some of the older classrooms. That is where I met my three best friends. ‘Hey new kid, come sit over here and have lunch with us.’ We became inseparable from that day forward and we started hanging out in my clubhouse. I came up with idea for the clubhouse because I love a good mystery.

My dad and I built the clubhouse in our backyard when we first moved here. My dad thought that it would help me adjust with our big move from Washington. We moved to Virginia because my dad was offered a great new job here in Richmond. We put in a bookshelf, some bean bag chairs, a few other chairs, and a table. We had the perfect place to hang out when we weren’t in school and where we can solve our mysteries. Yes, you heard correctly we like to solve mysteries. When we first started solving mysteries, we were only doing little cases like finding misplaced items around our houses that our families and friends thought they lost. We would put together a scenario that we would see being a juicy mystery like what they could have been doing when they lost the item, where they were, and if it was just lost or had someone taken it. We would search for clues; go back to our headquarters (the clubhouse) and place the clues that we had found on to our clue board, which is a corkboard that my dad brought home from his job for us. Once our mystery is solved, we file it in our solved cases file, which is a cardboard file box that my dad had also brought us from work that we decorated.

Mario started the meeting, While in gym class today, I overheard some kids talking about that circus that is in town for the weekend.

I don’t like the circus, Alex said, the food is bad there and clowns have always crept me out since my fourth birthday party, but that is a long scary story.

So what did you hear about the circus? asked Janet.

Well, kids are saying they are hearing and seeing some weird things after the show ends at night.

Please tell me that we are not going to go snooping around there, gasped Alex.

Quiet down, Alex! So what types of weird things are going on? asked Jake.

Suddenly very interested in the meeting, Mario continued, They said that there are weird lights flashing from the tent into the sky and there are people in they’re making weird sounds.

What kind of weird sounds? asked Alex.

They didn’t say, so that is where we come in. We’re going to find out what is going on there at night when everyone leaves after the show.

How are we going to get in there? asked Alex, nervously.

That’s what I was going to ask you guys. I got a great idea! shouted Jake.

Well, what’s your idea? asked Janet, waiting eagerly to hear it.

Well, I think that we should get a ticket to the show tomorrow night, and when the show is over, we find a place to hide and wait for everyone to leave, so that we can see for ourselves what everyone is talking about.

That is a terrible idea. Alex interrupted.

Why is that a bad idea? Janet asked.

Do you have a better idea, Alex? Just continue with your plan Jake.

Okay, so we can look around and gather some clues.

How do we get out of there afterwards? asked Mario.

We should go over there now before it gets dark, so that we can figure that out.

That’s a really great idea! exclaimed Janet.

Mario also agreed. Well Janet, put this in the meeting notes.

I don’t think this a good idea at all, said Alex.

Okay, noted. said Janet.

Well, I think we should get going, then meeting adjourned. said Mario.

Chapter 2

"You know it’s

not too late to turn around and forget this whole plan." said Alex.

Stop being a chicken! exclaimed Mario.

Well, you know what they say you are what you eat!

Janet and Mario started to laugh.

Ha! Ha! Very funny! Alex said to Jake.

Okay, were here. Janet, you and Alex go search for a way that we can get out after we are done collecting the clues tomorrow.

Well, what are you and Mario going to be doing while we are risking our lives?

Don’t be so dramatic, Alex. I and Mario are going to look around the tent to see if we see anything weird, unless you and Janet want to look around closer.

No, that’s okay. We will look around out here. I thought you might like that idea better.

Okay, we will meet back here in about fifteen minutes. That’s when the last show ends so we don’t have much time to waste.

Jake, come take a look at this. It was a shiny metal contraption that looked like a flame thrower. What do you think that they use that for?

I don’t know, said Jake.

Just take a picture of it, Mario, but don’t touch anything. whispered Jake.

Come on, let’s keep looking around. We don’t have much time left.

Mario, look at this cage over here.

The cage was kind of run down and shabby and the door seemed like it was hanging on barely by the large bolt at the top of the door and there was a padlock hanging from the bottom latch that looked like it had to be replaced several times. In the cage was a huge chain attached to a metal plate in the floor of the cage. There was also a large bucket with smelly fish in it.

The floor was made of a thick piece of reinforced steel. What do you think they keep in this cage? asked Mario.

Here is a better question, where is it now? Take a picture and let’s get out of here. said Jake.

That’s the best idea that you had today.

Alex and Janet were already standing in the front of the gate. What took you guys so long? We have been waiting for ten minutes. We thought something had happened to you guys.

No, but we found some very strange things in there, said Mario.

So did we, says Janet. We need to hurry back to headquarters so that we can discuss everything we found.

So first things first, did you guys find a way for us to get out of there?

"We found a spot in the fence where it didn’t connect all of

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