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An Easy Pedal

An Easy Pedal

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An Easy Pedal

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Mar 13, 2019


The converting of my bicycle to a pedal assist electric started with the idea of putting to use an automotive power window motor I had for many years. I first made a list of my design objectives. Main objectives were: very easy to pedal or no pedaling, very low in cost, parts readily available, simple design to make and assemble. I took this project as a fun engineering challenge. After making many various prototypes, the final design concept made pedaling almost effortless. I thank two of my grandchildren for making suggestions, comments and helped with some road testing. After further testing, I thought why not share this design concept with others and write a book on how to convert a bicycle to a pedal assist electric. Pedal assist electric bicycles are not conserved motorized vehicles, so they can travel on pathways and trails marked "Motorized Vehicles Prohibited" The step by step building instructions, detailed drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams, complete material lists and many pictures should greatly help in building and assembly. Hopefully you can make this a fun project as it was for me.

Mar 13, 2019

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An Easy Pedal - Richard Jakl

An Easy Pedal

Richard Jakl

Copyright © 2018 Richard Jakl

All rights reserved

First Edition


New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc. 2018

ISBN 978-1-64298-890-1 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-64298-891-8 (Hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-64298-892-5 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents

Design Objectives

Schematics and Wiring

Motor Board Assembly and Notes

A Motor Mount for a Rear Bicycle Rack

S1 Switch Assembly

Battery Compartment I

Battery Compartment II

Battery Compartment III

Battery Chargers

The Big Question



This book covers only a small part of what went into the final design. Many different design concepts were tried and tested. What started this project, I noticed more and more companies are making electric and pedal assist electric bicycles that cost $1,200 to well over $4,000. I thought, why not build my own? I already had a motor that I saved from a 1972 Dodge van we owned at that time. The driver side’s power window became inoperative. I replaced the motor, and then only to find a limit switch was the problem. Since electrical parts can’t be returned for a refund, I kept it for about thirty-five years thinking, someday I may find a use for it.

The power seat motors used were purchased from American Science and Industries Surplus as new with a 12-volt 20-amp rating. The cost was about $15.00 each.

A good place to purchase a power window or power seat motor is an automotive salvage or wrecking yard. Just remember to bring your own tools for removal of motors. An automotive fan motor may be worth looking into; at least there wouldn’t be a gear reduction to be removed. Many other motors requiring a different battery voltage could be used, but most likely would cost a lot more. Keep in mind the total performance would be about the same for equal wattage motors.

My first prototype

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