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Individual Spiritual Growth Be Still and Think About it

Individual Spiritual Growth Be Still and Think About it

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Individual Spiritual Growth Be Still and Think About it

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Apr 21, 2020


We are all on our own individual spiritual quest to know God. I invite you to travel with me along my journey. My journey has come to me through spending time in the still silent place that is between all that is. I invite you to go to that space between the stars, the silent space between our thoughts, and all that is. This is not a religious journey, but it is a spiritual one. I believe you will hear things you have never heard before. I will share with you my most inner thoughts, thoughts that can only come from sitting in that quiet still place that is between all that is. I challenge you to take this journey with me and see what doors it opens for you and the new thoughts it will bring to you. This journey is not so much for me but for you as you grow on your own spiritual path. The path I am on is only a small step in my journey, a journey that will continue until my soul becomes one with God.

Apr 21, 2020

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Individual Spiritual Growth Be Still and Think About it - Dale Froling


The Silence of Life

Stop! Be still! What are we doing? We are running here and there. We are busy, busy, trying to support our human lives. We are chasing all the things we think we need or just want. We think when we get them, our lives will be complete, and we will be happy.

Slow down. Take it easy. Everything will be fine. God is in charge of your life, not you. Just because God gave you choices doesn’t mean that you are in charge.

Regardless of what you are doing or how many things you have or don’t have, you will not be happy until you can live every now moment as an expression of God’s unconditional love. Be still! Be silent!

There are many things we can take with us when we make our transition and leave this world. None of them are the physical things of the world. The only things we can take with us are the lessons our soul learns, the lessons that bring us closer to God.

We think we need to control. We strive to direct everything that is happening in our lives. We let our ego mind tell us what we want and need to make us happy and feel good or important.

We must learn to be still and spend more time in the silence and less time building up our egos. Just slow down, and flow with life enjoying the moment for this moment is all we have.

God is in charge. God will take care of our human needs. We need to let go, and let God, and get out of God’s way.

All the answers to all our problems and the problems of the world can be solved in the silence. You will be amazed at the answers we find when you learn to be still, be silent, and listen to our inner voice.

Most of the thoughts I express in this book are original to me. They have come to me while spending time in the silence; however, some of my thoughts may or may not have been expressed by others. I don’t think for a moment that others have not had some of these thoughts from being in the silence and expressed them in their own way.

The answers I have found may not be the answers you find, but you will not find your answers unless you take time to be still in the silence and listen to your own inner voice.

Hopefully I have encouraged you to spend some time in the silence by quieting your mind. Please take time to be still, and listen to your inner thoughts. Any problem you are having, broken marriage, financial challenges, lack of energy, poor health, depression, or problems with your family or friends, you will not find the answers outside of you. We all must learn to be still and listen to our inner voice. The answers and guidance you need is there. All that remains is to taking action on the answers you receive to manifest the outcome that God is going to provide for you. Be grateful for the outcome and know that even if it’s not the outcome you desire, it is the outcome God wants for you, at this time, to bring you closer to the awareness of God’s presence in your life. God is in charge, and he is leading so that your soul can learn the lessons it is here to learn.

Be Still and Think about It!

Can you silent your mind? How do you silent your mind? What thoughts come to you when you are still and silent?

Enter your thoughts from the silence:

From the Silence

Dumb like a rock!

Sitting in the silence, outdoors in nature, if we silent our minds, we feel very close to God, observing all that God has created.

To feel close to God, we must be still, be silent, and stop our thoughts.

The beautiful maple and the giant oak trees have been silent for years. Perhaps that’s why we feel so close to God when we are in nature.

That dumb rock has been in the silence for even longer. I wonder if the trees and the rocks are even closer to God than we are since they have been still and silent a lot longer than we have.

The Beginning and End of Life

When did life begin? In the beginning, there was nothing. In the beginning, there was God. Life began with God, and God has always been and always will be. God is all there is. God is everything that is; therefore, everything that is will always be in one form or another.

There is nothing in the physical world that can ever be destroyed; it only changes form. If solid materials are turned into energy, that energy becomes a part of something else. It never disappears. It is a part of all that is, even if we can’t see it. What is will always be a part of the whole now and forever. You have always been and always will be.

I also believe, however, that our souls will always be souls. They will never be anything but souls. Our souls will always continue to grow and learn. They will move closer to God or move farther away from God. (The distance between our soul and God will be explained in the chapter on ("Cycles of Our Soul").

We can have a new beginning in every now moment of our lives. The past cannot be changed. The future is not here, and it will be what it should be when it gets here. The now moment is when we make our choices, and the choices we make now create our future now moments. Be aware of the choices you are making in

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