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When A Loser Becomes A Magic Doctor: Volume 4

When A Loser Becomes A Magic Doctor: Volume 4

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When A Loser Becomes A Magic Doctor: Volume 4

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12 ore
Oct 25, 2020


He got lucky in science, got a miraculous medical skill, cured diseases and saved people, a wonderful little nurse, a strong female doctor, a gentle and pretty teacher, a noble white-collar lady, all kinds of beauties, regardless of whether he was sick or not, he could hook up with them and conquer them. [Beautiful lady, you are sick. Do you want to be cured?] Take off your clothes first, this is the rule.

Oct 25, 2020

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When A Loser Becomes A Magic Doctor - Can Shangjue



Tao Yunfaan doesn't even know where he is now? His mind was in a mess. He felt like something was being replaced quickly. An important person was slowly disappearing from his memory and then disappearing.

Tao Yunfaan tried his best to hold on to that white figure, but no matter how hard he chased, he couldn't catch it.

At that instant, Tao Yunfaan felt a deep sense of powerlessness. It was as if something engraved in his bones was being forcibly pulled away and replaced, and he, who didn't even have the strength to resist, was forced to accept everything.

It was as if everything had returned to ten years ago. The cold and clear palm of the white-dressed woman in the herbarium of the Yan Shan Medical University, the encounter with the girl in the white dress on the train when they returned home during the summer vacation, the figure of the girl in the sea of peanuts surrounding their hometown, the girl with her black hair fluttering in the night breeze leaving …

The night that Maguan Hotel's Tao Yunfaan fell out of love, that delicate but comforting shoulder, that beautiful figure in a white wedding dress, walking across the red carpet hand in hand with him …

The Wenshan, the white figure that desperately stood in front of the Draconic Extinction Bomb that was sent out by the Longzhanyuye, revealed a firm and decisive look.

When he returned to Shuyayuan, he was ecstatic to see the white figure again. When he found himself in bed with Shi Yi and the white figure standing in front of him, he panicked as well as the sharp pain in his heart when the white figure resolutely signed the divorce agreement. Finally, he resolutely opened his mouth and cut off all ties with the white figure.

It turned out that, unknowingly, so many things had happened between him and the white figure …

However, no matter how Tao Yunfaan opened his eyes, he couldn't see the face of the white figure clearly. That face gradually became blurry and blurry, causing Tao Yunfaan to be unable to see clearly. What made Tao Yunfaan even more terrified was that even if he closed his eyes, he couldn't remember what that face looked like …

Don't go... Don't go... I beg you, don't leave …" Tao Yunfaan chased after the white figure, but the mist-like figure couldn't be caught … The dejected Tao Yunfaan stopped in his tracks, but his eyes still had a clear liquid flowing down them. No matter how hard Tao Yunfaan tried, he couldn't stop it …

The past scenes appeared one by one in Tao Yunfaan's mind. It was like a movie being shown in his mind again. Tao Yunfaan couldn't help but tear up as he watched the big boy of the past grow into a cold and strong man step by step, and the days when he was accompanied by the white figure …

Tao Yunfaan really felt sad. He couldn't see the appearance of the white figure and didn't even know what her name was. He only remembered that she liked to call him Hooligan Tao and Tao Yunfaan called her a pervert.

Just like that, Tao Yunfaan immersed himself in those memories, reading through them again and again. Sometimes he would laugh softly, sometimes he would laugh out loud, sometimes he would reveal a painful expression, and sometimes he would cry with broken heart …

Tao Yunfaan clearly knew that it was a memory, but he refused to leave the memories. Tao Yunfaan had a feeling that once he got out of the memories, he would never see them again …

Although the situation was critical and he needed to return to the real world to deal with it, all of Tao Yunfaan's principles were instantly broken. He did not want to care about the life and death of the outside world.

Tao Yunfaan felt like he had gone mad. He abandoned everything and stubbornly stayed in his memories.

After an unknown amount of time, a voice suddenly called out to him: Hooligan Tao … Hooligan Tao, wake up … Hurry up and wake up …"

It was the white figure calling him. Tao Yunfaan immediately became excited. The white figure in the real world was calling him …

Tao Yunfaan struggled to open his eyes. What was imprinted in front of him was a somewhat familiar face. However, no matter what, Tao Yunfaan couldn't remember this person's name.

However, Tao Yunfaan looked at the familiar face in front of him. He wore a white dress and his black hair flowed down like a waterfall. From the looks of it, it should be the face of the person in his memories.

Hooligan Tao, you're finally awake … You scared me to death. When I fell unconscious, you were crying and laughing at the same time … The white figure pounced on Tao Yunfaan and hugged him tightly.

Did he cry? Tao Yunfaan raised his hand to wipe the corner of his eyes. The corner of his eyes were stained with water; it was salty and bitter.

Pervert … What's your name? Why can't I remember? " Tao Yunfaan asked this question in a daze.

I'm Shi Yi, don't you remember? Shi Yi, who wore a long white dress and had a head of flowing black hair, said after her eyes flashed for a moment. We've experienced so many things together. Have you forgotten? " Lili then told him everything that had happened in the past.

Tao Yunfaan frowned slightly. Although what this Shi Yi said was exactly the same as Tao Yunfaan's memories, Tao Yunfaan just felt that something was off …

Just when Tao Yunfaan was in a dilemma, a group of people suddenly rushed into the room. At this moment, Tao Yunfaan noticed that he was in the hospital and was wearing a hospital gown.

Tao Yunfaan recognized these people. Even Shi Yi and Tao Yunfaan, who were standing in front of him, felt that something was wrong. Tao Yunfaan could not say anything that Tao Yunfaan wanted to say.

After asking about everyone's injuries, Tao Yunfaan turned to Shi Yi, who was still hugging him, and said, Shi Yi, go make a pot of tea for everyone. I'll discuss the plan for the next step in detail with everyone else …

When Tao Yunfaan said this, he didn't consider whether there was a place for making tea in the hospital. He just wanted to drive Shi Yi away.

When Shi Yi walked out of the door, Tao Yunfaan asked the group of friends that came to visit him, Who is this woman?

Hearing this, everyone looked at each other with disbelief. In the end, Lee Mingxiu was the first to speak: This is Shi Yi, the person you love so much that you want to live, don't tell me you forgot … Young miss Lin Family, we had a wedding at Maguan before … "


Wait, you said Maguan just now … Lin Family... Since it is the Lin Family, why should it be called Shi Yi? " When Tao Yunfaan heard about Maguan, his heart suddenly trembled intensely.

Miss Lin Family is not the biological daughter of Lin Family, but an adopted child. Later found the biological father, it turned out to be the Western Pediatric Dean Shi's daughter. That's why I'm called Shi Yi. My name used to be Lin Yi. Nie Hee gave a simple explanation. Although in his memories, this Shi Yi was indeed the Miss Lin Family, who was in love with Tao Yunfaan, there was something wrong with her.

Alright, alright. You don't have to worry about that. This woman is indeed someone who has been in love with you and experienced many things. Now that the two of them are finally together, don't let your thoughts run wild and cherish her! Gao Xinjiao obviously couldn't bear Tao Yunfaan's hesitation at the moment and said so.

Has Shi Yi really experienced so many people with me? Tao Yunfaan asked one last time.

Definitely, definitely! Everyone immediately said in unison.

Hearing this, Pann Ke, who was on Tao Yunfaan's finger, let out a sigh of relief. In other words, Lin Shuya's previous work had succeeded, and her existence had completely disappeared. Shi Yi, on the other hand, had successfully replaced Lin Shuya, becoming Tao Yunfaan's most beloved person.

At the time, the situation was critical, the transfer formation was at a critical juncture, and Tao Yunfaan had asked Pann Ke to take Lin Shuya out of here safely. Although it seemed to be for Lin Shuya's safety, Tao Yunfaan had actually wanted Pann Ke, who was already seriously injured, to leave safely. Tao Yunfaan understood Pann Ke's personality. It was not something special, and he would never leave Tao Yunfaan behind.

Pann Ke would only leave when Pann Ke was in charge of Lin Shuya's safety.

It was this decision that gave Pann Ke the opportunity to meet Lin Shuya and also the opportunity to explain to her that the reason Tao Yunfaan said those hurtful words was because Tao Yunfaan was about to sacrifice himself to complete a huge formation.

Sacrificing himself wasn't just about death, it was about disappearing. Along with Tao Yunfaan's existence, they disappeared. This meant that Tao Yunfaan was no longer in this world. Everything that had happened in the past would disappear.

Such a disappearance is different from death, where as long as you have his cells, you can grow them and clone them in vitro. Such a disappearance could not be created using cloning.

Wu admitted that he was selfish at the time and didn't want Tao Yunfaan to die. Ten years ago, when he came out of the cemetery, Tao Yunfaan said he would give him a home. In these ten years, countless battles have made the two of them become an inseparable whole, so Pann Ke really didn't want Tao Yunfaan to sacrifice himself.

The other point was that Tao Yunfaan was Lin Tianhao's son. Pann Ke had followed Lin Tianhao for a lifetime, so he naturally didn't want Lin Tianhao's son to die prematurely.

Therefore, Pann Ke did a very selfish thing, which is to find Lin Shuya and let Lin Shuya disappear in place of Tao Yunfaan. Lin Shuya had a natural ability to control space and time, which was why Lin Tianhao had adopted her. That was the reason why Lin Shuya could control the special spatial Zero Boundary so perfectly.

It was because of Lin Shuya's ability to control time and space that she was able to stay in that moment of death for a decade.

Lin Shuya's ability to control time and space could not bring Tao Yunfaan back from where he disappeared, but it could help him disappear.

When Pann Ke found Lin Shuya and explained the purpose of his visit, Pann Ke thought that he would need some time to convince Lin Shuya.

In the end, when Tao Yunfaan had already started to disappear, Lin Shuya used her time and space ability to bring Tao Yunfaan back and disappear for him.

It was because Lin Shuya had disappeared that everything about her had changed. No one remembered Lin Shuya now, no one knew her. Lin Shuya had completely disappeared into the currents of time and space as a person who had never existed.

However, Pann Ke found it strange that if Lin Shuya had simply disappeared, then everything that had been related to her just didn't exist. Why did Lin Shuya's existence become Shi Yi? This puzzled Pann Ke. Now that Tao Yunfaan was safe and sound, Pann Ke didn't need to think about these details anymore.

Although it wasn't Lin Shuya, but Shi Yi in her place, accompanied by Tao Yunfaan, this could be a happy ending.

Pann Ke had already secretly made up his mind. Lin Shuya's existence would become a secret that would forever remain in his heart, and he would never tell anyone about it.

Pann Ke glanced at Tao Yunfaan and slowly thought in his heart, Sorry, Wu Dingzi, I was selfish once. I know that if you were conscious back then, you would never let Lin Shuya disappear in your place. You would rather sacrifice yourself. However, forgive my selfishness, there are still many people who need you, whether it be western medicine reform or the rise of Chinese medicine, they cannot leave you.

But don't worry, I'll never let you know. Everything would be buried right at the moment Lin Shuya disappeared.

Tao Yunfaan could tell that Pann Ke was not feeling well and his expression was abnormal. However, since time was running out, Tao Yunfaan was not in the mood to pay attention to this. Everything should wait until the danger posed by the Variant Virus was solved.

Since all of you are so sure, there's nothing left for me to doubt. Everyone, tell me what the situation is like now. Tao Yunfaan's eyes quickly became cold again. The calmness he should have returned to those eyes in an instant.

This time, the loss of Chinese medicine is serious. Of the thousand Chinese medical cultivators that came, more than four hundred have already died. The remaining five hundred are also severely injured. I never thought that the numbers and fighting strength of these clones were so strong, especially the Black Dragon guards, which are extremely terrifying. Nie Hee reported in a simple manner, his eyes full of worry.

There are already many people suffering from the systemic organ failure syndrome caused by Variant Virus in various places. Although they are currently being closely monitored in the hospital, there are still too many patients, and the national hospital's rescue equipment is limited. Furthermore, every province is different, making it very difficult to rescue. Lee Mingxiu also frowned.


Although Tao Yunfaan had already expected this, he still fell into deep thought.

After a long while, Tao Yunfaan finally opened his mouth and asked: Are there any deaths now?

Hearing this question, everyone fell into silence.

How many died? Seeing everyone's reaction, Tao Yunfaan's pupils slightly constricted and his expression became even more gloomy.

A total of 52 people died in the Wenshan. In the other six provinces, only more than ten people died. Adding them all together, there's a total of 122 people who died … In the end, Shi Yi, who had brought the tea in, said.

122 people! Death! Tao Yunfaan coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood on the white blanket in front of him. A burning hot tear fell from Tao Yunfaan's eyes. Mixed with the blood he coughed out, it revealed a few traces of desolation.

122 people... These are innocent civilians... If I didn't release the virus previously, the virus wouldn't have mutated and wouldn't have reached a point that I can't control right now. It was I who killed them, I who killed them, I the murderer! Tao Yunfaan looked at his hand. He was holding the scalpel to save people, not to kill them!

Yun Faan... Seeing Tao Yunfaan coughing up blood, everyone immediately shouted out in unison, but they didn't know how to comfort him.

Yun Faan, this isn't your fault. The virus we released can't mutate at all. Furthermore, we have already put the vaccine into Yunlei's sister's body, and … Zhao Xiaolan quickly comforted her, but when she talked about Shi Yi, Zhao Xiaolan always felt it was strange, and the memory of her was indeed of this person. Zhao Xiaolan paused before continuing, Shi Yi also extracted the vaccine and distributed it to everyone. The virus we released has been eliminated. The current Variant Virus is actually a newly released virus. Yun Faan, it has nothing to do with you, don't blame yourself.

Yeah, you should take care of your body. There are still a lot of battles coming. You can't fall down! Wang Jing also stood up and consoled. Huang Chenbo sacrificed himself in order to stop the spread of the Variant Virus, so he must succeed.

Tao Yunfaan quickly calmed himself down, then looked around at his friends. He suddenly felt that something was wrong, it seemed like a few people were not here. By the way, where are the others? Are you busy? "

Hearing this, Wang Jing's body first shook, then he opened his mouth and said with a trembling voice, Huang … Huang Chenbo went to his dad's place right after he came back. He said that he's worried, so he went to take a look … Wang Jing lowered his head and finished telling his lie. He immediately left the ward, afraid that Tao Yunfaan would see through his lie. I'm going to my orphanage too, see if those kids are infected with the virus. Now that things were messy enough, Liu did not want this grievous news to burden Wu's heart.

Shi Ren and Ann Cai went to meet Uncle An. This kid said he's going to propose marriage, but I don't know if Uncle An wants him or not. Zhen Jiannan smiled and explained.

I didn't expect that Little Lee and Zhang Yao would come, and you and Shi Ren would be here as well. I heard that you guys have helped me a lot this time. Tao Yunfaan forced a smile and said weakly. Although he felt guilty towards this death, he couldn't let everyone worry like this, so he had to force himself to smile.

That's right, Yun Faan, so don't worry. This time, we have so many brothers that came to help you. I'm afraid that we won't be able to defeat Lin Xiangbinn! Nie Hee purposely showed a little excitement. Right now, the atmosphere was too stifling, so they needed to improve it a little. I have already carried out the plan that you gave me earlier. Now, Yun Faan, you will be the commander and we will all follow your orders. "

That's right, Yun Faan. If there's anything you need, just tell us. We're duty-bound to go through fire and water. Shi Yi spoke up at this moment with a hint of urgency in her eyes, Yun Faan, let's talk about your plan now.

Tao Yunfaan looked at Shi Yi meaningfully. Then, a light flashed in his eyes as he said, We can talk about the plan after the incident. We should go to the registration hall first. I can feel a large group of people approaching the hospital. I'm afraid they're here to cause trouble. Let's go take a look first.

Hearing Tao Yunfaan's words, a hint of disappointment flashed across Shi Yi's eyes. She then retracted the disappointment in her eyes and revealed an understanding smile. Yun Faan, I will listen to anything you say. Shi Yi went to help Tao Yunfaan.

Unexpectedly, Tao Yunfaan gently pushed her away and instructed, Shi Yi, go and notify every part of the guards. I will go with them to check on those people. Tao Yunfaan struggled to stand up. For some reason, Tao Yunfaan always felt an inexplicable resistance towards this woman that everyone said was in love with him.

Yun Faan, let me accompany you … Shi Yi took Tao Yunfaan's hand again.

Tao Yunfaan looked at the woman in a white dress with black hair that flowed down like a waterfall. He remembered the shadow of the face he could not see in his memory, and the resistance in his heart was instantly put down by a lot. This woman should be the one who had gone through so many things with him. She really shouldn't reject her so much. Thinking about this, Tao Yunfaan's expression softened a little and nodded: Ok.

At this moment, outside the First People's Hospital of Wenshan, there were already many people gathered there. From the looks of it, they should be the patients' family members.

Tao Yunfaan walked out and felt around first. These people were not doctors, they were just ordinary people. Then, Tao Yunfaan looked through them again. Everyone had a watermelon knife underneath the lining of their clothes.

Tao Yunfaan's gaze instantly turned cold. It seems like these people are here to cause trouble.

You quack doctors, you killed my wife, now I want you to pay with your lives! One of the middle-aged men stood up and pointed at the people inside the clinic as he yelled.

Tao Yunfaan looked at the middle-aged man. His eyes were filled with anger. In addition to anger, there was also a hint of greed. Who are these people? Tao Yunfaan looked at the nurse beside him and asked.

These people are the family members of the 52 patients who died in the hospital this time. However, I never thought that they would gather so many people. With this kind of force, I'm afraid many people will have to die! A nurse beside him replied timidly and then quickly left the registration hall.


Seeing that no one had come out, the middle-aged man suddenly pulled out the watermelon knife that he had hidden in his clothes and shouted, Hack these quack doctors to death and avenge our family!

After this leading middle-aged man shouted, the other four to five hundred men immediately took out a watermelon knife from their clothes and prepared to attack.

Seeing this situation, Nie Hee, who was behind Tao Yunfaan, took out his pistol and was ready to subdue these people who were causing trouble. The other friends behind Tao Yunfaan were also ready to attack, hoping to subdue them before they could harm Tao Yunfaan.

However, he didn't expect Tao Yunfaan to raise his hand and stop the people behind him from moving.

During this time, those people had already started hacking and killing. Soon, the patients, families, doctors, and nurses were attacked. Their screams echoed throughout the registration hall.

Seeing this scene, Tao Yunfaan and his friends all got anxious. Watching the slaughter and not doing anything was really out of character for them.

However, although Tao Yunfaan witnessed the bloody and tragic scene in front of him, there was no trace of panic in his eyes. There was even a confident smile on his face.

Seeing how confident Tao Yunfaan was, Tao Yunfaan's friends naturally knew that Tao Yunfaan had always been cautious. There shouldn't be any problems.

A minute later, almost everyone in the registration hall had been cut down. After killing everyone in the registration hall, the family members of the patients wanted to move on to the inpatient department and other departments. However, unexpectedly, there seemed to be an invisible barrier surrounding the registration hall, preventing them from leaving.

At this moment, a voice resounded out of nowhere in the entire registration hall, Everyone, it must have been chopped very well. Now, everyone, please take a look at the person lying in a pool of blood. Who is it?

Hearing this, the group looked at the ground, which was initially unconscious, and was startled when they saw that the people lying in the pool of blood were their family and friends. They were all lying in the pool of blood.

Wife, Wife, how could it be you? Why are you here? Weren't you dead? First, the middle-aged man threw away the bloody watermelon knife in his hand and kneeled in front of his wife, who was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The other perpetrators had also found their own relatives and friends, but without exception, they had all died under the blade of their swords.

The perpetrators, whose eyes had turned red and had lost all of their humanity, looked at the scene in front of them with disbelief. They couldn't believe what they had just done.

At this moment, the voice from before sounded out once again, Everyone, how does it feel to be able to cut the hands of one's family and friends?

Just as he finished his sentence, all the people who had fallen to the ground in the waiting room suddenly disappeared. The blood that had been spilled all over the floor disappeared as well, leaving nothing in the room but a group of kneeling assailants. Right now, everyone was looking at the scene in front of them with astonishment. Just what had happened just now? The feeling of killing, the unforgettable pain, there was actually nothing right in front of them.

Tao Yunfaan slowly walked into the waiting room and spoke plainly: "I would like to ask, if you really killed those innocent doctors, nurses, patients, and family members, how do you want them to face the pain of losing their loved ones? They hadn't done anything wrong, so why did they suffer death?

If all the doctors and nurses were killed by you guys, then if someone else was sent to the hospital and someone came to rescue them, could it be that your hands were covered in blood? " Tao Yunfaan's voice suddenly became stern, but what followed was a weak and violent cough.

Then, who will be responsible for the death of our loved ones? Are they going to die for nothing? The middle-aged man immediately stood up and asked with a stern expression.

The deaths of your loved ones are all the fault of that person who spread the virus … Tao Yunfaan took a deep breath and then sighed: I'm the one spreading the virus. If you guys want revenge, then come at me. If you want to fight or kill me, I accept all of it and will not fight back.

Tao Yunfaan's eyes were filled with pity. Although just now he could instantly move all the people in the registration hall to other places and use the control of brain waves to create illusions, letting these people feel the pain of killing their family members by mistake, awakening their respect and conscience towards life. However, the hatred in these people's hearts must be quelled.

This person was him, Tao Yunfaan!

Seeing this, Shi Yi suddenly became anxious. Tao Yunfaan's injuries were not yet fully healed. If she allowed these crazy people to randomly chop at him, his body might not be able to take it. Thinking about this, Shi Yi suddenly walked in front of Tao Yunfaan, and then anxiously said, Yun Faan, this is not your fault, you don't have to take responsibility for it. You can go first, I'll immediately take care of these people.

Unexpectedly, Tao Yunfaan revealed a mocking smile, If it was the previous female pervert, she would definitely say, 'Hooligan Tao, go. If you are beaten to death, then I will save you. If it was the previous female pervert, she would definitely support me in understanding my actions. If it was the old female pervert, she would only call me Hooligan Tao instead of Yun Faan. "You've changed …

After saying that, Tao Yunfaan didn't linger any longer. He went around Shi Yi and directly arrived in front of those people. He then said lightly, Come on. If you want to fight or kill, just vent on me.

Tao Yunfaan's gaze was too calm. Such a calm gaze made most of the people not dare to go forward. Seeing the timidity in everyone's eyes, the middle-aged man who led the group grabbed the watermelon knife on the ground and rushed in front of Tao Yunfaan. He stabbed the knife forcefully and the watermelon knife all sank into Tao Yunfaan's body.

The leading middle-aged man didn't seem satisfied. He drew out his watermelon knife again and stabbed it into Tao Yunfaan.

As if they were provoked by the scene in front of them, the people who originally didn't dare to step forward now crowded around Tao Yunfaan like wasps, punching and kicking him. Because there were too many people, they couldn't all go up. These people would go up once every ten people, and when they were tired, they would move on to the next group, constantly punching and kicking Tao Yunfaan.


When the watermelon knife entered Tao Yunfaan's body, it was ice-cold and the intense pain that came as if he was electrocuted made Tao Yunfaan take a deep breath. The second and third cut that went into his body stimulated Tao Yunfaan's nerves even more.

Then, countless punches and kicks swarmed over, some even purposely kicked his wounded abdomen. No matter what kind of attack it was, it made Tao Yunfaan have the urge to kill himself in an instant. The pain almost paralyzed his nerves.

However, in this kind of intense pain, Tao Yunfaan felt an inexplicable sense of relief. This way, being beaten by the victims' families in this way should at least help vent some of the anger in their hearts. This way, he wouldn't feel that painful anymore.

This pain can ease the self-blame in my heart. Pervert, if you were here, you would definitely support my actions. Forgive me, but only in such a stupid way as to ease the remorse in my heart.

The beatings lasted for half an hour. Only when everyone was out of strength did everyone retreat and sit on the ground, panting heavily.

When everyone dispersed, Shi Yi looked at where Tao Yunfaan was and was shocked. Tao Yunfaan was bruised all over and his skin was almost all broken. The place where he had been stabbed by the watermelon knife had even ripped out his internal organs. The originally handsome and cold face had now been flattened to the point where his facial features could no longer be recognized.

Seeing Tao Yunfaan's current state, Shi Yi's tears fell like rain. How can this be? How could he insult himself like this?

Tao Yunfaan slowly stood up using his hands to support the ground. He grabbed his damaged throat and said hoarsely, Now you guys have vented the hatred in your hearts. Since that's the case, please go back. I will do my best to develop a vaccine against the virus. I will definitely not let anyone else die! "

The middle-aged man who was the leader of the group was sitting on the ground, panting. After stabbing Tao Yunfaan a few times, he was able to vent a lot of the anger in his heart. Honestly, he also admired Tao Yunfaan. He could actually let others beat him up in such a way without retaliating at all. However, Tao Yunfaan was still alive. However, their deceased family members would never be able to come back. This was unfair.

Our loved ones have died, yet you are still alive. Don't you know how to repay a debt of death with your life? The leader of the group, a middle-aged man, had once again revealed an unwilling expression after hearing what the middle-aged man said. The leader saw the change in everyone's expression and grinned, I know you are a mysterious person. You were already beaten to such a state, yet you still haven't died, so we can't kill you. However, just because we can't kill you doesn't mean that you don't have the ability to kill yourself. As long as you are willing to commit suicide to apologize, we will immediately forgive you!

Suicide! Suicide! Suicide!" When everyone heard the leader's words, the unwillingness on their faces turned into excitement, and they all shouted crazily.

Now, it wasn't just Shi Yi who was panicking. Even Nie Hee and the others were panicking as well. Although these people weren't enough to kill Tao Yunfaan, if Tao Yunfaan committed suicide, it would be a different story. He hoped that Tao Yunfaan wouldn't be so impulsive and would choose to persuade them with his mouth instead of death.

Unexpectedly, Tao Yunfaan smiled. The green dragon pattern on the middle finger of his left hand suddenly came to life. After the finger came out, it turned into a meter long green dragon. At this moment, Pann Ke's eyes were clearly filled with panic, because he knew what Tao Yunfaan was going to do next. Pann Ke's eyes were filled with anxiety, and the first thought that came to his mind was to quickly flee, but Tao Yunfaan moved as fast as lightning and instantly grabbed Pann Ke's neck. Next, an icy-blue medical source overflowed from Tao Yunfaan's fingertips and covered the surface of Pann Ke. Before Pann Ke could even struggle, he was already unable to move.

In almost an instant, Pann Ke's azure dragon body became a cold and hard blade. The head bent down to the bottom of the neck, forming a hilt. As for the body, it formed a blade that reflected the cold and sharp light.

This was Pann Ke's other appearance, the Azure Dragon Battle Blade. In these ten years in the Medico-evil world, Tao Yunfaan relied on this blade to fight his way from the outermost layer all the way to the sixth.

However, it had another use now.

Tao Yunfaan raised his hand and handed the Azure Dragon Battle Blade to the middle-aged man in front of him. Then he said lightly, You can kill me with this. If you want to kill me, just use this blade.

Looking at this scene, Zhao Xiaolan's face revealed a hint of panic. Perhaps the people in Wenshan had never seen the power of the green dragon blade, but Zhao Xiaolan had. If he really used the Azure Dragon Battle Blade, even Tao Yunfaan's main body might not be able to handle it.

At this moment, Pann Ke was also extremely anxious. How could this be? Lin Shuya sacrificed herself in exchange for Tao Yunfaan. Now Tao Yunfaan was willing to die under the Green Dragon Saber. What was this?

Pann Ke shouted for Tao Yunfaan desperately, but Tao Yunfaan did not respond. Pann Ke had also thought of changing the appearance of his saber to a dragon form, but this time, the restriction that Tao Yunfaan placed on his body was too powerful that Pann Ke was unable to break out of it.

You … Don't think that I don't dare! When the leading middle-aged man saw the terrifying saber in front of him, fear surged out from his heart. This kind of saber strike gave people a great sense of pressure, and no one dared to touch it. However, such a terrifying killing intent and saber should be able to kill this terrifying man in front of him!

The leading middle-aged man gathered up his courage and took the sword. Then, he raised both of his hands and viciously chopped at Tao Yunfaan's head.

At this time, the group of friends behind Tao Yunfaan had already gathered their medical resources into their palms. They were going to stop the middle-aged man from doing anything before the Green Dragon Saber landed on Tao Yunfaan's head, and at the same time knock Tao Yunfaan out, so that he wouldn't do anything out of line.

However, what no one expected was that the barrier not only prevented those people from rushing out, but it also prevented them from going in. Even the doctors could not get in!

Tao Yunfaan, you bastard, did you already think of this? He had actually set up the barrier in advance. Everyone became anxious and were unable to make a move. They could only watch as the leading middle-aged man hacked the Azure Dragon Battle Blade towards Tao Yunfaan's head.


After a while, the basement door opened and a few figures quickly walked in. They were the ten Black Dragon guards who were battling on the Great Herb Mountain today.

Other than Long Er, Long Er, Long San and Long Si, the other seven people were in a very sorry state. Especially the ones who fought with Tao Yunfaan, they were all on the verge of death.

Looking at the miserable appearances of the ten people, the anger in Lin Xiangbinn's heart became even more intense. In the end, it was Lin Xiangbinn who spoke coldly: Why did you come back alive after failing the mission? You can't even beat a few useless friends like Tao Yunfaan, and you still have the face to come back alive?

The entire room was silent. The ten people were silent. Everyone had a very gloomy expression, and Loong Shi's face was devoid of any color. Previously, Loong Shi had already made up his mind to die in front of Zhao Xiaolan. He just didn't expect that he would come back alive.

He had clearly already fallen into the sea of fire, but at the last moment, at the most crucial moment, a pair of big hands pulled him out from the sea of fire and brought him here.

All the Black Dragon guards had a gloomy face and didn't dare to say anything. They had seen Lin Xiangbinn's methods before. If they failed the mission, they would be tortured to death.

Just when Lin Xiangbinn was about to continue his anger, an old voice came from the sky without any emotion. Bin'er, these ten children are not easy to deal with. They've already done their best, so don't blame them anymore.

Yes, Father. Hearing this voice, the anger on Lin Xiangbinn's face was quickly suppressed, and a hint of joy appeared on his face. His father almost didn't appear, but actually showed up today. Thinking of this, a large portion of Lin Xiangbinn's hatred from before disappeared.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the room changed. If the entire room was like a cemetery due to Lin Xiangbinn's anger, then now, the entire room was like hell. The person who walked in slowly was like an evil ghost: cold, gloomy, and suffocating.

Master! The ten Black Dragon guards all knelt down at once, and all of them lowered their heads deeply, not daring to even breathe.

The person who was called Master walked in front of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox, stopped, and spoke in a bland voice: You took my thing, so please return it to me now. However, at that moment, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox broke out in a cold sweat and did not even have the strength to speak.

Finally, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox opened its mouth and stammered, I don't know what this subordinate took from Master … This subordinate will return it immediately …"

The man in the black coat did not say anything, he only moved as fast as lightning. A hand passed through the Nine-tailed Demon Fox's abdomen, and then he pulled it out as fast as lightning.

The Nine-tailed Demon Fox first felt a sharp pain, then its originally dry and hot body suddenly became cool. Only then did the Nine-tailed Demon Fox look at its master's hand, only to see a stomach burning with eight types of light.

The gratitude in the Nine-tailed Demon Fox's heart immediately increased. She never thought that her stomach, which was in danger of her life, would actually be taken out. Previously, that madman Huang Chenbo had actually used his body to ignite the eight types of flames within the Nine-tailed Demon Fox, and then entered the Nine-tailed Demon Fox's stomach, attempting to perish together with the Nine-tailed Demon Fox. Fortunately, someone had brought out the Nine-tailed Demon Fox and suppressed the flames in its stomach, so it was able to survive until now.

However, the fire in his stomach was a hidden danger after all. He did not know when the suppression would stop and the Nine-tailed Demon Fox would still be burned by his own fire. Now that the hidden danger had been eliminated, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox would naturally be grateful.

The black robed man looked tenderly at the burning stomach in his hand, and immediately after, a black medical essence overflowed from his withered and frail palm, and in an instant, the burning stomach turned into a cloud of black smoke. Immediately after, a person whose stomach had been burnt black came out from his stomach and landed on the ground.

Looking at the charred and unrecognizable person on the ground, a trace of fluctuation flashed past the eyes of the man in the black windbreaker. Then, the black doctor's medicine once again overflowed from his palm, covering the body of the unrecognizable person on the ground. Very quickly, the skin of the previously unrecognizable person recovered its luster and elasticity.

Huang Chenbo, who had changed beyond recognition, returned to his uninjured appearance once again. At this moment, the man in the black coat revealed a faint hint of joy in his calm eyes. Although it was very faint, it helped to quickly relieve the hellish atmosphere in the room.

The black robed man seemed to be in a good mood. He glanced at the heavily injured people and then spoke indifferently, with the same sorrowful and unhappy attitude, You guys don't need to kneel anymore. Get up and go to the recovery room to rest. That's right, you all don't have much life left, so use it wisely. After using it, I won't be able to help you all. The man in the black coat looked at Loong Shi, who looked miserable, and continued, As long as he is alive, there is nothing that cannot be solved. Being alive is already the best."

Hearing this, everyone felt relieved, especially the injured Black Dragon guards. Normally, they wouldn't even have the chance to enter the sanatorium without some punishment.

It seemed that Master was in a good mood today. He would normally not speak so much for a whole year.

Loong Shi, I'll leave Bo in your care. Please …" The man in the black trench coat continued to speak, his tone surprisingly filled with a rare sense of modesty.

Yes, Master. Although Loong Shi felt the subtle changes in his master, he did not have any reaction. This was because he had already felt the ice-cold aura radiating from Lin Xiangbinn's body.

Although in the end, the Black Dragon's guards still obeyed the master's orders, but the young master's orders were actually more numerous. In comparison, the young master's punishments were also more numerous. Although every Black Dragon guard has ten lives and can go to the recovery room nine times to undergo body replacement, if you anger the young master, he might be able to destroy your entire recovery room body.

Everyone was well aware of the young lord's fondness for jealousy, so no matter if it was Tao Yunfaan or Huang Chenbo's two sons, everyone tactfully never brought it up in front of Lin Xiangbinn. However, today, everyone could not avoid it. In order to avoid being punished, he could only try his best to remain expressionless.


In that instant, all the air in the surroundings froze, and the surroundings became terrifyingly quiet.

Tao Yunfaan slowly closed his eyes. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It was peaceful and calm.

After a long while, Tao Yunfaan opened his eyes and saw the middle-aged man in front of him trembling. Tears were flowing out of his eyes and his face was flushed red. As for the Azure Dragon Blade, it stopped five centimeters away from Tao Yunfaan's head, as if it was stuck there.

The leading middle-aged man's hands unceasingly trembled. In the end, he gritted his teeth, fiercely threw the Azure Dragon Battle Blade to the side, and then coldly said, If I knew that another person would die, I would definitely kill you! The leading middle-aged man just raised his knife and slashed at Tao Yunfaan for a second, as if it was a long time. For him to face a person who was already full of wounds and was unarmed, and was willing to die, even though he really hated this person, he couldn't kill him.

Perhaps it was the most essential kindness in human nature.

I will! Tao Yunfaan nodded. His eyes were determined and persistent.

Let's go! After the leading middle-aged man finished speaking, he turned around and called out to the group of people that had come with him, about to leave.

After the others beat Tao Yunfaan up, they vented out everything they needed to vent, and the resentment in their hearts lessened by quite a bit. Besides, this had nothing to do with Tao Yunfaan, so everyone left obediently.

If in the future, someone else comes to the hospital to cause trouble because of the death of the Variant Virus, I will settle it for you. However, you must remember this, there must not be any more deaths, otherwise, I will not let you go! The middle-aged man leading the way coldly said as he walked towards the exit of the registration hall.

Brother, what's your name? Only then did Tao Yunfaan realize that this person was no ordinary person. He quickly asked.

However, the person didn't answer and quickly disappeared in front of the hospital with those people without looking back. Furthermore, Tao Yunfaan was surprised to discover that he still hadn't removed the barrier he set up earlier. However, this group of people had already left the range of the barrier. More importantly, if the Azure Dragon Battle Blade didn't have a considerably strong strength, it would be impossible to hold it.

All of these things showed that the middle-aged man who had just come to make trouble was no ordinary person. However, that person really hated Tao Yunfaan. Tao Yunfaan clearly felt that kind of hatred. What kind of people were these?

Tao Yunfaan quickly chased after them, but those people were already gone.

While Tao Yunfaan was deep in thought, Shi Yi rushed over and threw herself into Tao Yunfaan's arms, tears already rolling down her cheeks.

As for the rest of the group, they all let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, the middle-aged man didn't do anything in the end. Otherwise, they really didn't know what would have happened.

Shi Yi, I'm fine … Seeing such a crying girl in his arms, Tao Yunfaan felt that this woman didn't seem like the person in his memories, but she also cared a lot about him. Thinking about that, Tao Yunfaan hugged her and said gently: Don't worry, I'm fine.

Shi Yi shuddered slightly. This was the first time Tao Yunfaan had ever spoken to her in such a gentle tone, pampering and loving her. Shi Yi felt that this moment of incomparable happiness, no matter what the cost, in exchange for her present happiness, was worth it.

However, very quickly, Tao Yunfaan violently coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. Immediately after, Tao Yunfaan felt a burst of darkness in front of his eyes, and once again, he lost consciousness. That was no wonder. Tao Yunfaan was already severely injured from the fight with Lin Xiangbinn, but now he was stabbed by these people again and punched and kicked. It was already his limit to endure until now.

The leading middle-aged man quickly led the group away from the hospital. Then, a white mist came out from the top of their heads, and after the mist came out, all of them fell to the ground, unconscious. They could only breath evenly to show that they were still alive.

You guys go back first, and wait for my order. I need to see that man now. The white mist that came from the middle-aged man in the lead spoke to the human figures around him, speaking with the usual commanding tone.

The four hundred figures respectfully saluted and then left.

As for the person who seemed to be the leader, his body was moving quickly in a certain direction.

About a minute later, the four to five hundred people lying on the ground woke up one after another. Each and every one of them was incomparably shocked. They had no idea why they were lying in this place. Very soon, everyone quickly reacted and checked their money and belongings. The money and items weren't lost and their bodies were safe and sound. This was strange, could it be that everyone was sleepwalking over here together?

However, they didn't lose their money and their bodies were safe and sound, so they stopped worrying. After all, too many strange things had happened recently. The more you knew, the faster you would die.

In the outskirts of Wenshan City, there was a mountain peak. On the whole mountain peak, there was only one type of architectural style garden.

At this moment, in the basement of this garden, a figure was coughing violently on an azure metal chair. Under the dim light of the basement, one could vaguely see that the nerves of the person sitting on the azure metal chair were all flashing a strange azure green, as if each of his nerves were sprinkled with azure liquid.

This person was State Chairman, Qiu Shi's true face. His current appearance was the aftermath of forcefully connecting his body to the Longzhanyuye's nervous system.

Although Lin Xiangbinn had gotten the Longzhanyuye back into his body, he couldn't get it back as the driver's seat. Lin Xiangbinn will be sitting on the driver's seat for the rest of his life. Once he leaves this position, Lin Xiangbinn's nervous system will forcefully break and he will become a cripple.

At this moment, Lin Xiangbinn was coughing violently and his eyes were filled with hatred. The reason why he turned into this was all thanks to Tao Yunfaan. Lin Shuya's existence had also been caused by Tao Yunfaan.

Tao Yunfaan, I will definitely make you beg for death! Lin Xiangbinn clenched his fist tightly. The veins on his hand, which was covered with an azure colored neural network, were bulging. It showed that Lin Xiangbinn could not suppress his anger at this moment.


After handing Huang Chenbo over to Loong Shi, the man in the black coat swept his gaze across Lin Xiangbinn's green nervous system. His eyes flashed with a hint of displeasure: To make you tyrannical and competitive, now you should be at a disadvantage. You reap what you sow!

Lin Xiangbinn's gaze turned cold after hearing what the man in the black coat said.

A guest has arrived. I'll go out and receive him first. Take care of yourself. The man in the black trench coat spoke blandly. Before he could finish his words, he had already disappeared.

Looking at the man's leaving figure, the disappointment in Lin Xiangbinn's eyes gradually turned as cold as water. Why would Huang Chenbo be able to get treatment from his father's reversed time while I could only get scoldings for my father's injuries? Is it because he and Tao Yunfaan are related, and I am adopted? Then, what is all that I have done over the years? Lin Xiangbinn clenched his fist tightly, while the veins on his arm were exposed.

Father, one day, I will make your only son by your side, in your eyes.

At this moment, Loong Shi could clearly feel the hostility emanating from Lin Xiangbinn's body. Thus, he tactfully prepared to leave quickly in order to avoid any further problems. However, when Loong Shi was carrying Huang Chenbo as he prepared to leave, the thing he was most worried about happened.

Put Huang Chenbo down, I'll take care of him. Lin Xiangbinn looked at Huang Chenbo, who was still unconscious, and a vicious light flashed across his eyes.

The young lord is unwell, it's best if I take care of him. Loong Shi looked into Lin Xiangbinn's cold eyes and said with an unshakeable firmness, Besides, Master ordered me to take care of Huang Chenbo. I don't dare to disobey Master's orders. Loong Shi was helpless and could only bring out his master to suppress Lin Xiangbinn. From Lin Xiangbinn's eyes, if Huang Chenbo handed Lin Xiangbinn over, although there wouldn't be any danger to his life, but it was hard to guarantee that there wouldn't be any hidden dangers.

You! A hint of anger appeared in Lin Xiangbinn's eyes. Then, he endured it and said lightly: Alright, it's alright now. You can leave.

Loong Shi then let out a sigh of relief, carried Huang Chenbo out of the room. Unexpectedly, Loong Shi walked to the end of the underground corridor, opened the elevator and prepared to go down to the lower level recovery room. When the elevator door opened, the owner of the black coat appeared inside.

Loong Shi immediately reacted. It was the master who had something to talk to them. He went into the elevator and pressed the button on the fifth floor of the basement, waiting for the master to speak.

I want you to work for me. His master's tone was light, but it gave off an irresistible sense of terror, and gave off a strange feeling of wanting to obey orders.

Loong Shi knew that this wasn't meant for him.

Don't worry, even if I die, I will absolutely not help you do such heinous things! When Huang Chenbo heard this, he knew he couldn't continue pretending to be unconscious. Although Huang Chenbo had been awake ever since he was released from his stomach, he was still not familiar with the surrounding environment. Huang Chenbo planned to continue pretending to be unconscious before finding a chance to escape, but he didn't expect to be seen through.

Youngsters are always too impatient, they have to listen to the elder's words. Master gave a rare faint smile, but his words were extremely cold and cruel: If you don't agree, I have countless ways to torture Huang Tao. Don't worry, I won't let him die, but I will make his life worse than death!

Hearing this, Huang Chenbo sucked in a breath of cold air. This master's aura was too strong. Even with such a simple sentence, Huang Chenbo felt his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

Looking at the number of elevator floors -4, the master said, If you don't agree, you won't have time. If you don't say anything, I'll take it as your tacit refusal.

Hearing that, Huang Chenbo subconsciously opened his mouth: I agree. Huang Chenbo had seen this black coat, Lin Tianhao, the methods of Huang Chenbo's biological father. If he said that, he would definitely be able to do it. But Lin Tianhao I tell you, I will never admit that you are my father, my father will always have only Huang Tao! "

Hearing this, Master was not angry. With a faint smile, he quickly walked out of the elevator.

At this time, Loong Shi, who felt cold sweat all over his body, put Huang Chenbo down from his back and pressed the elevator button on the tenth floor again. This underground conference room was on the fifth floor while the rest room was on the tenth floor. The reason why Loong Shi pressed the button on the fifth level was naturally to show his respect to his master.

But then again, Huang Chenbo was too bold. He actually dared to talk to his master like that. Fortunately, the master didn't argue with him, otherwise he probably wouldn't even have the chance to walk out of the elevator.

Hehe, thank you. I've let you carry me for so long. Huang Chenbo smiled and then said apologetically, I'm very sorry about what happened ten years ago. My mistake hurt you and Zhao Xiaolan. If it wasn't for the Japanese blood fluke incident that Huang Chenbo directed ten years ago, Loong Shi probably wouldn't be standing here right now.

Loong Shi's heart suddenly ached as he thought about the unforgettable memory he had when they parted ten years ago. Following that, Loong Shi revealed an extremely aged smile: How should I put it? I can only say that everything is fate.

Loong Shi quickly walked out of the elevator. His back was bleak but strong.

Huang Chenbo obviously didn't expect Loong Shi to say that, so he quickly caught up with him and patted his shoulder. He laughed heartily, Brother, don't worry. As long as you are alive, you will have the chance to reunite with me.

At this moment, on the fifth floor of the living room, a young man wearing a white suit was sitting in front of a rosewood table. He was fiddling with a purple tea set on the table.

The young man in a white suit poured himself a cup of tea and then looked at the man in the black coat who had appeared at the door. He smiled like a spring breeze, Brother Lin, as expected, coming to drink tea with you is never wrong.

Brother Bai, it's been a few decades. You are still the same as before, handsome, elegant, elegant, and elegant. The man in the black trench coat revealed an ancient smile. Unlike me, he's already half dried up, and is only waiting for the loess to bury him.

I've seen him, but you still couldn't kill him! The man in the white suit spoke blandly. As he spoke, the purple tea cup in his hand had already turned into powder.


Hearing this, the black robed man's smile suddenly froze. He put down the teacup in his hand with his shriveled and frail hand and then opened his mouth with the same feeling of guilt, It's me, I've shamed everyone!

The smile on the man in the white suit that was like the spring breeze had also disappeared in an instant. It was replaced with a hint of pain, This is Zero Girl's own choice, you can't be blamed. It's just that I didn't think that a virgin like her wouldn't even let me meet her, and would just banish herself to the flow of time. After a long while, the man in a white suit finally said, Zero Girl, she hasn't changed. Several hundred years have passed, her personality is still so unyielding, and her eyes can't hold a single grain of sand.

Back then when you handed her over to me, I promised to change her personality. But after so many years, I was busy with my own things, so I almost didn't do anything to guide her character. I've failed in my duty. If I had spent more time on Ya Er and Bin'er, their characters wouldn't have reached such extreme levels.

I think it was because Zero knew I was coming to take her back to the wedding that she chose to run away in this way. She doesn't like me, that's a fact. The man in the white suit looked at Tao Yunfaan with sorrow and envy, Sometimes, I really admire your son Tao Yunfaan. He can actually make Zero Girl love him so much, but he doesn't know how to cherish something he did to hurt Zero Girl …

Brother Bai … As the man in the black coat said that, he knelt in front of the man in the white suit and said solemnly: I, Lin Tianhao, have never begged anyone in my life. Brother Bai, I beg you, don't hurt Faan. Xuexian is dead, and the only bondage between Xuexian and me is Faan. So, I beg of you, don't hurt Faan. He's just an ordinary human and is not your match at all.

The man in

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