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The Happiness That Needs Nothing

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The Happiness That Needs Nothing

Lunghezza: 216 pagine2 ore


This book is about the innate happiness and joy that can be discovered on awakening by becoming 'Aware of' and 'identifying with' Awareness. This is to be achieved by direct investigation of moment-to-moment experience which readily reveals the Pure Awareness that underlies our existence. This leads to discovering the happiness that needs nothing external to ourselves to manifest.

Here are some reviews by my readers:

Years of searching and mental suffering melted away in one evening. With great ease and clarity you have done for me what no else would do. I am no longer on the outside looking in. You have my whole heart. Robert Carter

Outstanding Colin. Thank you! Blessings, Elizabeth

If the world of nondual spirituality ever seems muddy to you, take a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Colin Drake. I love Colin's work. -Jerry Katz, Owner of nonduality website.

It’s wonderful how questions from your readers can inspire in you a response – like a feedback synergy loop.
Best wishes, Garry
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