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Psalm 23

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Psalm 23

Lunghezza: 28 pagine16 minuti


21 pages will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


"As far as the author's spiritual reflections on life, on reality, death and the universe are concerned "Psalm 23" is a concise summary of his convictions. He takes into account Einstein's conclusions about the reality of the world, his own research and conclusions and—and this is what really fascinates me—he compares them with his understanding of the often misunderstood messages contained in the biblical Psalm 23."

Excerpt from Fred Shaefer's 5-Star review on Amazon.


There comes a time when the wisdom of the Old becomes vindicated by the latest science. Thus the sentiments of David's euphoric Psalm are confirmed by Albert Einstein and the results of the healing methods of Evelyn Monahan. All three attest to the power within us.


A few 5-star blurbs...


"This should be read barefooted on the shores of Galilee. Just to remember what is already present, and uncover it below the sand of seeming 'reality'. Like a pearl smoothed by tides and what is called time."

From a 5-star review by

Philippa Rees, Author, UK.


"Our highest self is our connection to immortality, as all is Energy that lasts forever...

 Line by line of the Psalm, he substitutes the higher meanings for the earthly artifacts, an audacious assertion that opens our mind and soul to the cosmic infinite."

From a 5-star review by

 Kate Jones, USA.


"I know Stanislaw Kapuscinski's writings, I know that he is a brilliant author who has written around 40 amazing fiction and nonfiction books...

He interprets Psalm 23 in a way I have never come across before. To me, this was a deeply thought-provoking and satisfying experience."

From a 5-star review by

Fred Schaefer, Author, Australia.


To repeat: These 21 pages will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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