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Japanese Philosophy Collection: 2 books in 1. Ikigai and Wabi Sabi

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Japanese Philosophy Collection: 2 books in 1. Ikigai and Wabi Sabi

Lunghezza: 253 pagine3 ore


You Are About To Discover Some Of The Most Insightful, Useful And Life-Changing Japanese Philosophies That Are, Regrettably Still Unknown To Many!


The Japanese culture, thinking and philosophy of life have always fed inquisitive and exploratory minds with some of the most reflective and useful ideas. These conceptions have shaped attitudes, and improved the minds and lives of many people around the world for decades.


Two of the most powerful concepts adopted from the Japanese philosophy and way of life are "Ikigai" and "Wabi-Sabi" which, even though divergent in meaning have always had a similar objective:


To get us to be truly happy, peaceful, contented, appreciative of what we have within and around us, and help us live longer.


If you've been having a desire to change your outlook towards life, and have a better and increased sense of contentment, self-awareness, find your passion, be happy and live longer (like the Japanese), then the concepts of Ikigai and Wabi-Sabi are worth looking into.


And you know what?


This 2 in 1 book is here to help you with that; it will take you through everything you need to know about Ikigai and Wabi-Sabi, and finally achieve that change your life has been yearning for. Beyond that, you'll also get to have a deep understanding of the Japanese philosophy from some of the most interesting standpoints, and open your eyes to another expansive world of unknown relatable realities that will astound you.


So if questions like…

How exactly will these philosophies help you live longer?

What do they entail beyond their meaning?

What mindset change do you need to have to make these concepts part of your everyday life?

What steps should you take to practice them?

And many others are going through your mind, this 2 in 1 book is for you so keep reading!


More precisely, the book will teach you:


The basics of Wabi-Sabi including what it is, what it entails, how it came about, how it has evolved over the years and its place in modern life How Wabi-Sabi is the art of imperfection Culture of Wabi-Sabi during the past and today, including why it is an art in transition How to introduce Wabi-Sabi in art, poetry, ceramics, flower arranging, love, photography, personal development, business, product development, and more The design basics of Wabi-Sabi Physical and metaphysical properties of Wabi-Sabi The universal spirit of Wabi-Sabi How to build the ultimate Wabi-Sabi environment The basics of Ikigai, including what it is, how it works, its place in modern life and more How the Ikigai can prolong your life How to find your own Ikigai through self-reflection The health benefits of Ikigai How to apply Ikigai in your life, including your diet The significance of finding your true Ikigai as a leader

…And so much more!


Even if these concepts seem completely new to you, this book's approach will ensure you know everything you need to know to incorporate these concepts into your life!


Don't wait…


Scroll up and click Buy Now with 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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