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The Spaces in Between: A Journeying Into Self Evolution

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The Spaces in Between: A Journeying Into Self Evolution

Lunghezza: 156 pagine2 ore


If your life is in chaos and with a world riddled with contrasts and polarities, the logical thing to start with is to bring structure to it and get things in order. When life is in order, all the boxes are checked with everything exactly as you were told it's suppose to be. Now wonder soon fills the space with what's next. That 'next' is what this book offers you.

The book starts with an introduction as to why we would do any of the things mentioned here when we have the convenient choice to hang out indoors and in front of screens all day.

The next section dives into what some of these suggestions are and help provide a little more insight into the practicum.

Lastly, we will discover how to take action needed to begin the process of journeying into the unknown.

Everything is to be taken with a grain of salt, including this book. This book merely serves as an option for another path to a different way of life.

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