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Meditation Teachings Book 5, Original Stories

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Meditation Teachings Book 5, Original Stories

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In 1972, when Steve & Rosemary first began meditating there weren’t many opportunities to receive instruction and what was available was usually devoted to concentration. To a large degree in those days the words "meditation" and "concentration" were synonymous. Despite more information being available today, many people still have the idea that meditation is just sitting quietly and concentrating on something such as candle flame, the breath, colors or a mantra.
Travelling to the East and meeting with Theravadin Buddhist teachings gave Rosemary & Steve a broader perspective, and deeper understanding that concentration is only a small part of a larger way of living skillfully. In this practice, the words “mind or mental development” are used interchangeably with the word “meditation”.
We are encouraged to become aware, mindful of all aspects of life, both within us and how we relate to the world. Concentration is a tool that can work with compassion and awareness to strengthen our focus. This can help us towards insight and the development of our minds to the fullest potential.
It is possible we can use every waking moment of the day to practice, not just something we do just a little each day. In order to use our daily life in this way, we need more methods to use throughout the day. And we need to understand how to use the appropriate method at the proper time.
"Meditation Teachings Book 5, Original Stories" can give you a glimpse of a broader dimension of the word “meditation”. This little book is a collection of stories that we have interwoven into our teachings.
We use these and other stories to add more "color" and clarity to the basic practice. Some are short, some are long, some are deep, some are soft, some are heavy, some are light, some are humorous, some are sad. They point us toward their deeper meaning and can stimulate a wider perspective. Just as “a picture tells a thousand words”, these little stories have profound meanings.
How many stories like "The Little Engine That Could," "The Tortoise and the Hare," "The Boy who cried 'Wolf'," etc. attempt to teach us something deeper in life?
Here is a little book full of stories, which have something deeper. We hope it will help you develop more peace and happiness in your life.

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