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Plant Based Cookbook: The Complete Plant Based Diet for Beginners Book with 21 Days Meal Plan

Plant Based Cookbook: The Complete Plant Based Diet for Beginners Book with 21 Days Meal Plan

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Plant Based Cookbook: The Complete Plant Based Diet for Beginners Book with 21 Days Meal Plan

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Aug 5, 2020


The purpose of this book is to introduce everyone to plant-based diets. The aim of plant-based diets is to emphasize on fresh and whole ingredients and limit the consumption of processed foods. With a plant-based diet, it is easier for you to take the path of holistic wholeness, and in the process, you will stimulate weight loss.


The book is divided into different sections to include breakfast, soups and salads, snacks, meals, sides, and sweet dish recipes based on the plant-based diet. Obesity is one problem that has plugged this generation in epic proportions. However, it has been proven that lifestyle and dietary changes can help you with weight loss and have a lasting impact on your health. The plant-based diets have been known to be extremely helpful in losing weight and make some holistic changes to your life.


When you adopt the plant-based diet, you are not only eating healthy or losing weight, but this change in diet will also ensure that you keep weight off in the long run. The switch to this diet is a lifestyle change that you should be making today itself as it can also reduce the varied symptoms of many chronic diseases.

Almost all the recipes in this book are meant for people who have just begun their journey on weight loss. They are not only easy to make, but there is a lot of diversity which ensures that you are not bored with one kind of food. As we are always pressed for time, it is always a boon to include meals and recipes that are hassle-free and can be cooked without much difficulty. You will have a good number of recipes that will make mealtime a fun activity. And to top it all, you lose weight in the process.


You will be glad to know that when you switch to the plant-based recipe, you tend to have smaller environmental footprints. This diet not only keeps you healthy but also protects the environment. And when you resort to sustainable eating habits, it reduces water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfills, which will lessen the effects of global warming.


What are you waiting for? Here is a book that will completely revolutionize the way you look food. Here's to happy reading and happy eating!

Aug 5, 2020

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Plant Based Cookbook - AMZ Publishing

Plant Based


The Complete Plant Based Diet for Beginners Book with 21 Days Meal Plan

AMZ Publishing

Table of Contents


The Basics of the Plant-Based Diet

Benefits of the Plant-Based Diet

Tips for a Successful Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Basic Shopping List

Frequently Asked Questions

Chocolate chip coconut pancake

Orange French toast

Chickpea omelet

Fruit and nut oatmeal

Apple lemon breakfast bowl

Breakfast scramble

Brown rice breakfast pudding

Chocolate buttermilk pancake

Polenta with pears and cranberries

Breakfast oatmeal recipe

Spinach soup with dill and basil

Greek lentil soup

Quick vegan pho

Tomato artichoke and white bean stew

Mexican bean soup

Moroccan stew

Beet apple soup

Butternut squash black bean corn stew

Vegan sniffle soup

Curried chickpea potato stew

Black bean and sweet potato hash

Sweet and salty pineapple fried rice

Rice and veggie bowl

Spaghetti squash black bean bowl

Red beans and rice

Zucchini noodles with white beans and tomato

Vibrant mango salad with peanut dressing

Sweet potato avocado green salad

Black bean taco salad

Crunchy salad with firecracker chickpea and peanut sauce

Jicama and spinach salad recipe

High-protein salad

Vegan wrap with apples and spicy hummus

Kale and quinoa spring rolls

Grilled asparagus toast

Quinoa broccoli tots

High-protein vegan burritos

Healthy protein bars


Health enthusiasts in various walks of life are queuing up to make the plant-based diet part of their lifestyle. The plant-based food diet focuses solely on plant produce and removes heavily processed food from your kitchen. Keeping up with the diet can be a little challenging and confusing for beginners. Clarity about what you can and can’t eat is crucial to success with this diet.

What you will be eating?

The diet focuses on consuming whole foods instead of processed and unhealthy foods. Here is a list of foods that should be included in the diet:

Vegetables – Spinach, kale, tomatoes, cauliflower, squash etc.

Whole grains – Oats, rice, barley, corn, quinoa, millet etc.

Legumes – Chickpeas, peas, peanuts, lentils, and beans.

Tubers – Sweet potatoes, potatoes, and yams.

Nuts and seeds – Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, pecans, chia seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds etc.

Fruits – All fruits.

Plant-based proteins – Tempeh and tofu.

Beverages (unsweetened) – Tea, coffee, fruit water, sparkling water etc.

Eat these sparingly

Various foods should be avoided by people following the diet. The best thing to do is to avoid stocking them in your pantry or refrigerator. Some of these include:

High-sugar foods – Soda, packaged juices, frozen and flavored yogurt, ice cream, etc.

Artificial sweeteners – All available on the market.

Processed grains – All-purpose flour, white rice, all-purpose flour tortillas and bread, white pasta, etc.

Packaged foods – Cookies, chips, pizza, cereals, frozen foods, etc.

Processed meat – Sausages, bacon, salami, beef jerky, etc.

Processed cheese – Dairy cheese and vegan cheese

Processed plant-based products – Frozen burger patties, frozen vegetable products, faux meats, etc.

The Basics of the Plant-Based Diet

Some of the basic principles of a plant-based diet that can make your life easier include:

Opt for unprocessed plant-based foods.

Avoid or limit consumption of animal products.

Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts in your diet.

Avoid processed foods, sugary foods, and processed oil.

Read labels and opt for locally sourced products.

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