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Codice batticuore (eLit): eLit
Codice batticuore (eLit): eLit
Codice batticuore (eLit): eLit
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Codice batticuore (eLit): eLit

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Edison Lone è in grado di interpretare ogni tipo di codice messo a punto dalla spia più pericola e geniale. Ma ha dei seri problemi a leggere il diario pieno di sogni proibiti di Selena Silverwood.
Lei, in apparenza una timida e tranquilla segretaria, è in realtà sospettata di fare il doppio gioco, per questo Edison deve starle alle costole.
Solo che, dopo aver letto qualcuna delle torride fantasie di Selena, non è sicuro di riuscirci senza perdere la testa.
Data di uscita31 mag 2018
Codice batticuore (eLit): eLit
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Jule McBride

When native West Virginian Jule McBride was a preschooler, she kept her books inside her grandmother's carved oak cabinet, to which only she had the key. Everyday, at reading time, she'd unlock the cabinet-and the magical worlds contained in the books inside. Only later did she realize the characters she'd come to love weren't real, and that's when she knew she'd one day be a writer herself. When asked why she usually writes comedy, Jule had this to say, "I've written romantic suspense novels and love them, but I probably love to write humor because laughter truly is the best medicine. Besides, ever since I can remember, funny things happen to me. Once, in first grade, I bundled up in my coat for recess-only to discover the hem hit my ankles, my arms were swallowed and my belt dragged the ground. Doing the logical thing, I fled home, convinced I was shrinking. (Mom's sleuthing-she was a great solver of conundrums-uncovered that I'd donned a sixth grader's identical coat.) Nevertheless to this day, I, like everybody, feel sometimes confused by life's little mysteries. Because of that, I love to create heroines who are in some kind of humorous jam when they meet their prince." A lover of books, Jule graduated from West Virginia State College with honors, then from the University of Pittsburgh where she also taught English. She's worked in libraries and as a book editor in New York City, but in 1993, her own dream to write finally came true with the publication of Wild Card Wedding. It received the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best First Series Romance, and ever since, the author has continued to pen heartwarming love stories that have repeatedly won awards and made appearances on romance bestseller lists. Today, after publishing nearly 30 Harlequin titles, Jule writes full-time, and often finds the inspiration for her stories while on the road, traveling between Pennsylvania, where she makes her home, and her family's farm in West Virginia.

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