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Zoom Meetings: A Guide for the Non-Techie

Zoom Meetings: A Guide for the Non-Techie

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Zoom Meetings: A Guide for the Non-Techie

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Apr 20, 2020


Whether you are looking to use Zoom to attend a work meeting, deliver a presentation online, lead a meeting or webinar, or join family and friends online, this book offers step by step illustrated instructions to help you learn the platform and enjoy using it.


Zoom Meetings - A Guide for the Non-Techie is designed for everyone, even the non-techie, to learn to use Zoom. Each section is illustrated with many screenshots to help you follow along at your own pace. It is like watching over the shoulder as an experienced Zoom user shows you the ropes.

 Learn how to:

•    Attend an online meeting
•    Give an online presentation
•    Set up a virtual meeting or webinar
•    Work remotely with your team
•    Network with people online
•    Connect with friends and family online    
•    And more...


This easy to read guide is created for everyone, no matter what your level of experience with technology is. Once you master Zoom Meeting basics, you'll learn some of the ninja tips we share that will make you look comfortable and professional online. The book includes an Expert Tips section, as well as a Resource section.


Author Jane Tabachnick has introduced thousands of people to new technologies. She was named one of the Top 100 People Online by Fast Company, and her colleagues call her the 'tech tool guru'.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support the following charities: World Central Kitchen and Project Cure.

Apr 20, 2020

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Zoom Meetings - Jane Tabachnick




Zoom is a useful platform that’s used by people around the world to host video conferences, webinars, and online presentations. Using it, employers can easily connect with employees, professors and teachers can provide lectures to students, entrepreneurs can even host paid webinars that teach others about specific topics, and friends and family can connect online. Although Zoom meetings are attended live or virtually in person, they can be recorded for future reference. Those who couldn’t attend in person can also view the replay to learn what they missed.

Why Is Zoom Important?

Zoom connects coworkers and colleagues together online. In a world where people are becoming frequently interconnected no matter where they live and work, it’s important to know how to use the platform successfully. Look at it this way – a company may have its headquarters in Seattle with a satellite office in Chicago. How are those workers going to team up on projects and interface with each other? The short answer here is Zoom.

The creators of the Zoom platform developed a useful and easy way to communicate using the cloud. If you work for a company that has remote employees or own a business that requires the use of virtual presentations and webinars, then this is the tool that you should be using.

While it was designed for business use, Zoom can be a great platform for connecting with friends and family online.

Why You Need to Know How to Use Zoom

As the popularity of Zoom rises, the likelihood that you’ll need to join a meeting or use the platform to attend a webinar goes up as well. To come across as professional while doing so, you need to know the ins and outs of attending these scheduled events.

Also, you may find yourself on the other side, as the person hosting the meeting or webinar. Once again, you’ll want to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is handled professionally. Knowing as much as possible about Zoom is the first step towards ensuring that your first meetings – as well as all the others afterward – go well.

What We’ll Cover Here

As the title implies, we’ll cover a lot of the main features of Zoom, from attending events to hosting them. Things like how to set up an account, hosting a webinar, recording your meetings, and even how to dress and how to behave professionally on Zoom are covered. You’ll learn everything that you need to know to get started, as well as some of the more advanced features.

Part 1

Zoom Basics and



The Basics

Zoom is an online, cloud-based platform that helps businesses connect with clients, employees, and potential partners, no matter where they’re located in the world. Zoom is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for these meetings because it’s easy to use and includes many different features.

What Zoom Does

When someone sets up a Zoom call and other people join in, Zoom creates what’s called a Zoom room. This is a type of virtual conference room that contains all the other attendees. Within the Zoom room, screens can be shared with the group, making it easy to follow along with what’s being communicated.

There are different types of Zoom users. As a participant, you don’t need your own Zoom account. You can attend for free unless it is a paid event. A free account will allow you to host meetings, though there are attendee and time limits on the

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