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Summary of The Plant Paradox:The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain

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Summary of The Plant Paradox:The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain

Lunghezza: 91 pagine54 minuti


What is the book about?


The Plant Paradox exposes the hidden dangers in plants and animal meat, that are making people fat and sick. The book goes beyond textbook explanations of key substances and ingredients in foods recommended in the standard American diet.


It introduces the highly toxic plant-based protein called lectin, and how it destroys the equilibrium in the gut flora. The bacteria and other organisms live inside the intestines; thereby paving the way for bad bacteria to infiltrate the body.


The aim of the book is to educate people about foods that are commonly regarded as healthy but are actually designed by nature and evolution to harm people that consume them.


What's alarming is that foods that fall under this category are included in several dietary regimens whose goal is to achieve optimum health and wellness.


This is a book written for people to understand why they're not losing weight, despite their best efforts. It's also for patients who are diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases; so that they can better understand the diseases that plague them and find the right solution to reverse their effects.


It's not written to favor one diet regimen over another, but to illuminate the dangers that lurk in seemingly healthy foods. It's not a miracle cure that immediately takes effect but a gradual progression that involves learning about one's body and how it reacts to certain foods. It's a journey and not a race to the finish line.


Through the plant paradox program, Author hopes to debunk myths, explain the true nature of plants and expose the agricultural and industrial practices that are causing more harm than good. It offers a solution by providing substitute ingredients, teaching detox processes, developing lectin-free recipes and showing how to enjoy plant-based meals.

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