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The Journey

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The Journey

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Much is known about the genocide of millions in the Holocaust during World War II, how torture and murder in the Nazi concentration camps in Europe kept their ovens going 24/7. But not all murders took place in those camps. For years Romani "gypsies" felt the wrath of the twisted Nazis, gunned down in their camps, their bodies left to the animals.
In 1945, as the Allied forces advanced on Berlin, a Nazi captain who was responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Romani flees his native Germany, lighting out for a new life in Argentina.
Years later, a chance meeting brings three strangers - a Romani woman, a German Jew, and an American teenager - together, and they soon realize that not only the events of the Holocaust had an effect on their lives, but that one of the murderers had escaped capture. The three form an alliance, and begin the journey to find the Nazi criminal and bring him to justice.

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