Hungry for More: 10 Smart Steps to Radiant Health and Beauty

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Hungry for More: 10 Smart Steps to Radiant Health and Beauty

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Would you like to look stunning and feel absolutely vibrant…At any age? Would you like others to notice your brightness that radiates from a healthy glow? Would you like to maintain your healthy weight without killing yourself at the gym? Well now you can! Author Mary Phillips presents her incredible smart steps to expose your authentic and radiant self.

With these steps you will learn:

How to break the negative connections with emotions & food. How to transform your health & happiness with smart goal setting. How to balance your blood sugar & achieve weight loss without hunger. How to eliminate toxins & cleanse your system for a healthy glow. How to look AMAZING after eating a high nutrient dense diet.

You’ll feel abundant joy when you free yourself from toxic foods and relationships. Hungry for More will help you create healing from the inside-out, giving you the ultimate gift of beauty & self-love. Mary Phillips is a Holistic Health Coach, certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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