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The Gospel of Lies

The Gospel of Lies

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The Gospel of Lies

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Jul 5, 2020


There have been many things and sayings attributed to him. This Gospel is a testament to his Truth and it will lay bare the lies, deceits and falsehoods attributed to him, and that is why they call it the Gospel of Lies. A Heresy.

Know some say he was an unlettered man, a simple man, a mere carpenter by trade as was then the custom following in his father's footsteps.

Know he never claimed he was the only Son of God, or the Messiah incarnate on this earth. Know he was crucified by the Romans because he refused to worship Caesar as God which to him or any self-respecting Jew was utter blasphemy. He claimed we all were the children of the Goddess and we should do Her will. He claimed he was a mere man and his struggles, trials, and tribulations were those of ordinary women and men, and therein was his power and attraction to the people. Do not believe the lies and deceit of the priests he was the only Son of God and it is only through a belief in his divinity we are to find salvation. This was the greatest lie and falsehood. If he was the Son of the Goddess, then we were all Her Children. This and all the lies regarding miracles and such nonsense as used by the priests to deceive and captivate the people has been the greatest of evils since those days. Do not believe the infernal lie He is the unique and only son of some demon god. There is a transcendent experience which is our birthright, but it is not a physical one as we fantasize it to be or as the bishops of the Church want us to believe.

Jul 5, 2020

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The Gospel of Lies - Bogos Kalemkiar


The Gospel of Lies 

bogos kalemkiar

In the Beginnings

Everywhere on the face of the planet, it is out of a female’s body that a new entity is born in this world without any exception. By definition, the female gives birth. It was only much later in historical times that the role of the male was ascertained in the procreative function, let alone in the role of paternity. The female was to all obvious intents and purposes, the personification of the Goddess as Creator and was thus regarded by all peoples everywhere on the planet from pre-historic times. She was after all the one whose womb and vagina gave birth to offspring in all species.

The switch to patriarchy commenced when men discovered their role in the act of procreation, and later when the notion of paternity dawned on them. Till then it was thought that things like the wind, the eating of beans, locusts, bees and such were the inseminating agents or that women reproduced through parthenogenesis — a state in which the female reproduces by herself without any outside agency. The myth of the Virgin Mary hearkens to this view, and it still is a main tenet of the Roman Catholic Church. The fact that we have millions of people adhering to this belief — an article of faith to this very day is somewhat staggering. Until the shift to Patriarchy from Matriarchy, all that was apparent was a woman’s (the female as the designated sex for childbearing) obvious pregnancy and the issuing of new life through her womb and genitalia. Thus her Apotheosis (God becoming) as Goddess and Creator. The female in her benign aspect became associated with the Fruitful Womb, Nurturing Mother, and the Source of Life. Through the Womb’s association with the Unknown, and the Mysterious, the Goddess also had a fearsome aspect.

As soon as men discovered their role in the act of procreation, especially after the dawning of paternity, control of the woman’s body and her offspring as the sole possession and property of the male became an obsession; the long sought prize after millennia of being peripheral appendages to the body politic of matriarchal societies. Thus began the long saga of the usurpation and revenge for what had been the ascendant position and power of women in the social order for millennia, and by extension the assault on Nature as the embodiment of woman.

In the Garden of Eden myth, we are subjected to the euphemism of Eve created out of Adam’s rib, or as in the Greek Pantheon where Athena issues forth from the brow of Zeus. The newly coined and neutered creation myths give us a de facto male god and progenitor sin sex. The debased Serpent, the archetype of evil is none other than that most ancient male phallic prototype since Neolithic cultures who the Goddess copulated with, with his head pinned under her foot lest he bite her. Also in prehistoric imagery, two snakes were depicted held in her hands, approximately the size of the average phallus; two snakes, symbols of the twining double helix, the Caduceus, that most ancient symbol of transcendence debased into fetishes gracing bank facades and ubiquitous medical symbols to this day. Snakes copulate by entwining themselves into a coiling and uncoiling spiral around each other. This depiction of the Snake as phallus would have heralded the dawning role of men in the procreative process, but not patrimony, as in that epoch, the male was shown as still a subservient adjunct to the woman.

In another revisionist twisting and debasement of the Myth, the newly minted Jealous God banishes the innocent copulating couple from the Garden for an act without which Life would not be possible. The Tree of Knowledge becomes an agent of temptation and further debasement, whereas the Tree of Life becomes a source of unattainable value, property, and power conferring immortality fit only for the gods. Prometheus chained and tortured for bringing fire to humanity.

When Patriarchy took over and the male God usurped that coveted throne, why and who was he jealous of, this Jealous God, if he indeed was the one, and only God? He was jealous of the Goddess, the Great Mother his own mother. The male supplanted the female because he was jealous of her primal godlike power. Her all too obvious ability to give birth, to sustain and propagate life and the species.

The Serpent (the phallus) who had been the subservient consort of the Neolithic Goddess was now portrayed as tempting Eve (sex), thus bringing the Curse upon her to be banished from the Garden Paradise which the jealous God usurped for his own pleasure and domain. She and Adam were banished from Paradise and she was cursed to child bearing, the very thing she had been worshipped for, for thousands of years.

This Jealous God was especially jealous of the sex act itself. Nothing other than He himself was responsible for Creation. This is the cockcrow of Monotheism. Was it not for ‘their eyes being opened to their nakedness and their desire for each other’ that the jealous God invoked his injunction: ‘You shall not partake of the fruit?’ He forbade them, because the female was part of the equation. She had to be obliterated. She ceased to exist as a person as of that moment, and became a virtual slave for the next three thousand years, to this day, despite modernity and feminism.

The poor apple, the forbidden fruit? The ‘forbidden fruit’ is fucking. It is sex. He didn’t want them to fuck. Fucking was bad. Fucking was sinful. Why? Because it involved the female. The Female Goddess that this patriarchy was usurping had to be cast down, cast out, and obliterated. The female, that fornicating Eve became the primal cause of Original Sin itself. The very roots of the pathology of the sex act. All because this male god had to be the all-encompassing Cock, all by himself up in the sky, tyrant, and archenemy of Nature. The monotheistic, anthropomorphic patriarch. The neutered sexless God. We know that was a great Lie, because this god was obviously male and the prototype Patriarch. The inseminating all-powerful male Seed that later came to fructify the empty vessel, the womb and rationalize male dominance in the sex act itself.

One of the very ancient names of the Goddess was Eyahu (meaning exclamation, shock, and wonder), the pre Sumerian Neolithic Goddess, and precursor to Astarte, Ishtar and Innana. The name Eyahu was co-opted by men and by the time of the Hebrew invasion of the land of Canaan, turned into Yahweh, the jealous god of the Old Testament. 

When Patriarchy took over and the male God usurped that coveted throne, the Goddess became the Evil Eve, the temptress who bewitched innocent Adam, cavorted with the Serpent. She, who was originally named Lillith, was turned into a demon and temptress, the fount of all demons and goblins, corruptor and succubus of man’s virility. The usurper of his precious bodily fluids, the origin and cause of our Collective Original Sin for which she was cursed to childbearing and cast out in the wilderness. The very same childbearing which had been the very reason for her precedence as goddess previously and hence the rationale of 3000 and plus years of misogyny, degradation and subjugation of women to male authority; by the very same jealous male god’s injunction.

The Goddess dethroned, was supplanted by the present de facto male God responsible for the institutions of marriage, monogamy, and polygamy where the male is the dominant player — all of what we call Patriarchy, today. Before marriage and the nuclear family, clans, not individuals, would marry each other, mating taking place between consenting partners. All children born were the ward and responsibility of the clans involved. From Goddess worship and polyandry where women could have multiple partners, women turned into chattel and breeder vessels servicing the almighty male seed of patriarchy and polygamy where the man could now have multiple female partners.

As the cast off, the banished, the evil, the worthless vessel, the female (Lilith, Eve and her daughters) became the prey, property personified. Objects to be acted upon, possessed, and exploited. Woman as Goddess had been associated with Nature. When the Goddess was supplanted by the God, Nature was maligned as well. This malignancy towards Nature gave birth to the subsequent institutions of slavery, racism, misogyny, class and sectarian divisions, exploitation, and objectification of persons and their labor. This occurred because of the fragmentation and debasement of Nature

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    The book is written by a man exclaiming how important sex is, which is an utter rubbish because women were brainwashed into having sex, but the core of any woman is they dread sex with any man religion or not.