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Moses and Rock

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Moses and Rock

Lunghezza: serie


A kidnapped little girl with no ransom demand.

Her mother, desperate to conceal the crimes that brought this on.

Two detectives – one tasked with saving the girl, the other with jailing the mother.


Recovering from a physically and mentally demanding case, DI Moses Glynn and DC Juliette Rock are pressed back into action almost immediately: wealthy art dealer Annalise Mench's 10-year-old daughter has been kidnapped, and their supervisor demands Division 43's full attention.


Why the urgency?


Because Annalise is not simply a frightened mother, desperate to be reunited with her child. She and her illegal smuggling operation slipped through the chief inspector's fingers once before, but this time no one is holding back.


Moses – tasked with rescuing the girl, but with no ransom demand and no leads, he calls upon dangerous tactics that could lose him his job, land him in jail, or even cost him his life.


Rock – undercover in the Mench household, dodging Annalise's private security, probing family secrets, and trying to decide whether the mother is putting on a brave face, or if she's a stone-cold sociopath, determined to conceal her secrets even if it means losing her daughter.


Persecution of Lunacy is a fast paced kidnapping thriller, featuring a detective partnership split up for the first time, aiming to play to their strengths – a pair who will push themselves to their limits to achieve what must be done.


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Moses and Rock Novels in Order

Fractured Shadows

No New Purpose

Persecution of Lunacy


Reader note: each novel resolves its own story, and while it is more rewarding to read each book in order, you can pick up this series at any point.

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