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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Beer

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Beer

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Beer

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Jun 21, 2020


Do you enjoy a cold beer once in a while? Or maybe you like to think of yourself as something of an amateur beer aficionado? Whatever your interest in beer, this book is a must have for you!


"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Beer" is full of everything you ever thought about when it comes to beer. Want to know how beer is canned? The difference between casking and kegging? Or maybe you just want to know more about how to assess different beer qualities so that you can impress your friends? Well, never fear because all of your answers are between the covers of this easy to read guide.


From the history of brewing beer, to the different beer types, to the actual process of brewing beer, this book has the answers to it all. Go from beer fan to beer expert in one easy to read, comprehensive guide!

Jun 21, 2020

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Beer - Jack Frisks



From as long ago as 9500 BC to current times, this beer has been bringing people together over the battlefield and over the local bar top. One of the oldest drinks in the history of the world, this cereal based beverage has long played a significant role in forming, protecting, and joining civilizations.

In ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Beer’ you will learn how beer has had such an incredible impact on the human race. Plus, you will also learn everything else you have ever wanted to know about this tasty and intoxicating drink! Whether you are interested in the history of beer or the brewing process that goes in to making it, you will find it all inside the chapters that follow. From pale ale to lager, prepare to become a beer-savant.

Chapter 1: The History Of Beer

Have you ever wondered about the history of beer? Well, this chapter will cover the history of beer from its role in mythology to its birth and growth in popularity throughout the ages. If you have ever had a question about the history of beer, then this is the place to begin!

In this chapter, you will learn the following about the history of beer:

Beer in mythology

The ‘invention’ of beer

Beer in medieval times

The migration of beer

The Industrial revolution and beer

Modern Beer

Beer in Mythology

Throughout history, beer has not only played a significant direct role in civilization, but it has also played a role through mythology. A great many cultural groups had beliefs about the role of beer in their own mythological figures. Most recognized of these stories is the story of the Viking Valhalla. The Vikings believed that in Valhalla they would be given access to unlimited beer. They also believed that beer would bestow them with courage and strength that they needed when they ran headlong in to battle. It is not surprising that many of these drunken warriors were slain!

Speaking of Norse culture, it was also believed in Norse mythology that Aegir, the god of the sea was responsible for brewing beer with his family to provide to the other Norse gods. It was said that the beer was brewed in a large kettle that was brought to parties hosted by Aegir, by Thor. Aegir served this beer with the help of two servants known as Eldir and Fimafeng. The beer was served to the gods whose cups would never be empty because they refilled themselves every time they were reaching empty.

It wasn’t only the Norse gods who were said to have an interest in beer, in fact the Flemish and the Czech people both credited cultural icons with the creation of beer. The Flemish believes it was their king, King Gambrinus who invented beer, where the Czechs believed that it was their god of hospitality, Radegast who was responsible for the drink’s invention!

It isn’t only the invention of beer that features in cultural mythology however, many cultures also accredit mythological figures actions with beer consumption, name patron gods and goddesses in the name of beer brewing and dedicated much of their oral cultural tradition to the statement of the origin of beer!

The ‘Invention’ of Beer

With so many mythological appearances of beer, it is obvious that beer has been around for quite some time...but where did it all begin? Where was beer invented and how did it come about?

The truth is, is that there is no date for the invention of beer that we know of. What we do know, though, is that beer appears in

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