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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 6

My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 6

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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 6

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Jun 22, 2020


Zhou Yi downloaded a future trembling app and was pleasantly surprised to find out that this app was actually linked to the myriad heavens the video. He released was praised by countless immortal emperors and god kings and was even rewarded with various treasures.

From then on zhou yi's ordinary life became colorful and colorful the little sister goddess was pleading for a dotcom relationship and the female emperor was also interested in him the devil realm ancestor did not hesitate to use the nine revolutions divine technique to bribe him in order to become popular online my voice booms through all worlds i am so strong that i am afraid of myself.

Jun 22, 2020

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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms - Le TianXiaoZhu



He saw a slender figure standing on top of the metal spike on the courtyard wall. She was wearing a black muslin robe that was partially covered by the moonlight, emitting a kind of hazy beauty.

The woman's body moved and she rushed into the villa without concealing anything.

So that's how it is. Using a woman as bait to lure me out, and then a man makes a fatal strike behind my back? Zhou Yi touched his chin and smiled faintly.

Kathy Flynn, Alba Hughes's companion. The two of them could be said to be an enviable couple, or a pair of perilous lovebirds that roamed the world. Both of them had the strength of the early stage of Martial Sovereign, and since they were familiar with each other, even if they were in the middle stage of Martial Sovereign, they would still not fear each other when the time came.

Unfortunately, they met Zhou Yi, a monster that could not be judged by common sense.

When Casey rushed to the villa, Zhou Yi was' shocked 'as they thought. Alba, who was hiding in a shadow, stared at them without blinking. He was waiting for Casey to entangle Zhou Yi and expose the chance for Alba to kill him.

Casey's speed was very fast, her legs were long and powerful, full of explosive feeling, and she kicked fiercely at Zhou Yi's head that just came out of the villa. She was confident that no one would dare to take this hit, and Zhou Yi would definitely avoid her and get entangled in the fight.

However, Zhou Yi only reached out his hand and grabbed onto Kathy's ankle. Kathy suddenly felt as if her foot was being held down by a large engineering machine. She couldn't move at all even if she tried with all her strength.

Zhou Yi grabbed onto Kathy's ankle and fell onto the ground expressionlessly.


Casey's hot body came into close contact with the ground. Zhou Yi had used quite a bit of strength, so the fierce impact created a huge crater on the ground. Soil and gravel flew everywhere, revealing the metal layer underneath and even leaving a clear human-shaped mark on the thick metal.

Kathy! Alba cried out in fear. He couldn't care about hiding anymore as he pulled out a dark dagger from his waist and was about to rush out. However, just as he raised his breath, he felt his feet go soft and he couldn't catch a breath.

Poisonous gas? When … This thought flashed through Alba's mind like lightning and was immediately thrown to the back of his mind. The form didn't allow him to think about it. He knew that the two of them had been ambushed, and escaping was now his priority.

Unfortunately, he realized that it was already too late. The room he was in was already completely sealed. First, the entire six walls in the room emitted a dazzling light, driving away all the darkness and shadows in the room, making Alba unable to hide.

Then the room was sealed. Poisonous gas, sound waves, tear gas, discharge... In an instant, Alba had suffered from dozens of vicious and insidious attacks. He lasted less than a minute before he completely lost consciousness.

When he woke up again, he was lying on a bed, dizzy from the headless light, and everything around him was pale and lifeless.

Turning around, he saw that Kathy was lying beside him on the bed, still unconscious.

Kathy … Alba struggled painfully for a while, then weakly shouted out.

At this moment, Alba heard the door open slightly, and the crisp sound of footsteps came closer. Alba turned his head and saw Zhou Yi strolling in front of him, looking down at him with a trace of a joyful smile on his face.

You … How did you find us? Alba knew they were screwed. Although he didn't know what would happen to him next, since the other side didn't kill him right away, there was still a use in keeping him alive.

Moreover, Alba was also a very curious person. Even if he was going to die in the next second, he wanted to solve the doubts in his heart.

Unfortunately, Zhou Yi was destined to disappoint him.

It seems that you haven't realized what happened while you were in a coma, Zhou Yi said expectantly, I think it's necessary for you to feel it.

He snapped his fingers.

In an instant, a strong pain spread throughout Alba's body like electricity. This pain was as if thousands of sharp needles drilled into his body, piercing through his bones.

Even though Alba didn't have much strength left, the pain still made him shout out loud.


The terrifying scream woke Kathy, who was lying on the other bed. Although she had just woken up, she could immediately tell that the scream came from Alba.

Casey's face instantly changed. He struggled to find Alba, but because he was exhausted, he fell to the ground after a roll.

The screams came to an abrupt end.


Casey was struggling to get up from the ground. She heard Alba's heavy breathing, and it even sounded like he was crying.

At this moment, a calm and powerful hand reached into her armpit and helped her up. She finally saw Alba, who was always worried.

Alba's face was pale and he was covered in sweat as if he had just been fished out of water. His expression was twisted in pain and he looked at her with eyes full of terror and pleading.

Looking at her?

Casey reacted, Alba wasn't looking at her, but at the person who helped her up just now!

Just as she was about to resist, the person turned around and placed her on the bed. Then, she finally saw Zhou Yi's whole appearance.

"Just now, while you were unconscious, I performed a small operation on both of you. I injected a large number of nanobots into your body, and these nanobots will follow the flow of your blood and spread throughout your body, into your bone marrow and brain. As long as I give the command, you will experience the pleasure of wanting to live and not dying.

Alba, how does it feel?

Zhou Yi asked with a smile.

This nanobot was not the kind that Lee Tai and the others ate, but it was manufactured here. The scientific and technological content was much lower, so it would take close to an hour of surgery before it could be implanted into the body. Furthermore, the people who underwent surgery would also suffer a lot.

Demons … You demon … Alba's voice was like that of a girl who had been trampled by ten men for three days and three nights. It was painful, confused, pitiful and helpless.

As assassins, the two of you should be aware that you can't be captured after accepting the mission. I don't think you two have any complaints, right?

Zhou Yi spread his hands with a smile.

And as a gentleman, I will only let you experience yourself. Alba, why don't you let your beloved Kathy try as well? I have no objections.


No! Please... Don't...

Alba had already experienced that kind of horrifying pain, which was something he would rather kill himself than face again. Now that Zhou Yi said he would let Kathy try, he immediately let go of his dignity and begged Zhou Yi.

Alba, it seems that you really do love her. Alright, I have always been a very merciful person, so as long as you agree to work for me and promise not to betray me, I will promise you that you will never experience such pain again, how about that?

You … Good... We agree …" Alba said in an intermittent manner.

Alba! Casey suddenly shouted. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Don't, don't do it for me...

You talk too much! Zhou Yi's face turned cold. Under Alba's crazed gaze, Kathy's painful scream resounded through the entire basement...

Zhou Yi didn't let Kathy experience that kind of pain for a long time, it was enough for her to feel the same pain as Alba.

A minute later, both of them gave in.

Very good. Zhou Yi smiled as he injected some nourishment into the two of them, who quickly recovered some of their energy.


Yes, sir. Immediately, the calm voice of the butler rang out.

Wash the two of them properly. I want to see them in the living room in half an hour.

No problem, sir.

Zhou Yi nodded in satisfaction and walked out of the secret basement.

Half an hour later, Zhou Yi was able to see the two of them sitting in the living room and avoiding each other like little quail.

The robot came up with three cups of coffee. Zhou Yi took a sip, smiled and said, You don't have to be too nervous. Since you've promised to do something for me, I won't punish you for no reason. I've always been very protective of my subordinates.

Both of their faces kept changing, not saying a word.

I know that you won't believe me even if I say it now, so I won't waste my breath and directly assign you with a mission. Zhou Yi put down his coffee and said.

I know there are a lot of people who took on the task of assassinating me. What I want you to do is to disguise yourself as me, stay here, and bring all the free hard laborers who came to my door, oh no, the assassins all took them and then do it according to what I did to you.

Zhou Yi had too many things to do, so he didn't have time to wait for the killers to take the bait one by one.

With two early stage Martial Sovereign and the power of this villa, it should be enough to catch all the killers in one fell swoop. Moreover, the power here would become more and more powerful like snowballs following the arrival of the killers.

As for disguising himself as Zhou Yi, it was very simple. Alba could use the Liu Steel Mask, but during this period of time, he would send Shangguan Mei to the Tianqi Base and secretly act. He first had to deal with the transportation of materials and the cooperation of the Ark system.

After introducing some of the functions of this villa to Alba and the other two and giving them some authority, Zhou Yi secretly left with Shangguan Mei, leaving the two of them trembling in this creepy and creepy villa while hugging each other.

Zhou Yi, where are you taking me? Shangguan Mei, who was carried in the air by Zhou Yi, had experienced this kind of flying for the first time and shouted excitedly.

Take you to a good place. I'll give you a surprise. Zhou Yi gave Shangguan Mei an opening. After the Astral Energy strengthened her defense, her speed increased by another level.

Very quickly, they arrived at the Tianqi Base.

The current Tianqi Base's surface has been modified by many robots, catalyzing a large amount of trees, changing the topography. After digging the river channel, it's more lively than before, and looks like it's more like a vacation island.

Wa, Zhou Yi, you, did you buy an island? Shangguan Mei's face was flushed, and she was overwhelmed with excitement.

Not only that. Come, let me show you around. Zhou Yi held Shangguan Mei's hand as he introduced them and walked around the entire base.

At this time, Shangguan Mei's mood had already changed from pleasant surprise, astonishment, disbelief, to numbness, calmness, and indifference.

All right, darling. Zhou Yi grabbed Shangguan Mei's hand and smiled as he stood by the beach, It might be a little dangerous for you to stay at home during this period of time, so I'll have to trouble you to stay here for a while. I'll come back to pick you up after things over there are settled, okay?

Shangguan Mei also knew about Zhou Yi's assassination. However, she couldn't help, the only thing she could do was not to implicate him, so she could only nod in a worried and sour manner.

You can treat this Heaven's Enlightenment as your family's housekeeper. If you need anything, just tell it to him. Zhou Yi said a few more words to Shangguan Mei before leaving.

Actually, there was nothing to be sad about leaving. Lee Zhao's side had already found a factory and the gate would be established soon. By then, it would be much easier for them to get back and forth than going to the toilet.

Returning to Shanghai City, Zhou Yi first received Luo Yiming's contact. Huaxing company only wanted to be their sole partner, and letting Tianyi only serve one side was obviously not something that Zhou Yi could agree to.

Luo Yiming refused to let go. He only agreed to both sides become partners, with Tianyi providing customized services and long-term maintenance for Huaxing, and Huaxing protecting and protecting the business operations of Tianyi.

This kind of request was actually not a loss to Huaxing, because Huaxing himself also knew that it was impossible to take Tianyi into their own pockets. Adding on to that, there were several other large enterprises that were eyeing Tianyi covetously and had already raised the price several times, the request was only for business cooperation with Tianyi, so Huaxing ultimately agreed to Luo Yiming's proposal.

Luo Yiming had contacted Zhou Yi to report his results, as well as to have Zhou Yi and Huaxing officially sign the cooperation agreement.

Mr Zhou, I'm very happy to cooperate with you. A man in his forties wearing gold-rimmed glasses shook hands with Zhou Yi.

This man was the current vice president of Huaxing, Ren Yuanzhou. He was extremely famous in the industry, and was a person that Zhou Yi and Luo Yiming looked up to in front of them.

However, this big shot personally came out to negotiate with Luo Yiming, and in the end, he did not take Luo Yiming down, but chose to cooperate with Tianyi. This negotiation, also made Luo Yiming thoroughly famous in this circle.

Of course, I am also honored to cooperate with you. Zhou Yi reached out his hand to shake his hand.

The way that Huaxing and Tianyi worked together was that Tianyi promised not to open its source code for the next year, and would provide a customized version of the service for Huaxing. As for the next new phone that Huaxing would release, it would carry a Ark system.

In other words, other enterprises can provide Ark system, but only authorized use, not special service.

To that end, Huaxing paid the sum of one billion for cooperation.


Honestly speaking, this price was rather high, but Huaxing was only interested in the potential of Tianyi. Currently, besides providing funds to make profits, it was also a type of investment.

Furthermore, what Zhou Yi valued more was the fact that Huaxing was a signboard that could block too many open and covert shots, allowing the development of Tianyi to be at ease.

Very quickly, the news of the deep cooperation between Tianyi and spread. The Huaxing even specially held a press conference to publicize the news, Luo Yiming was still present as the representative of Tianyi and Zhou Yi was still hiding behind the scenes.

At the press conference, Huaxing also announced a heavyweight piece of news: Huaxing was a new type of mobile phone, which carried the Ark system and the high-performance Watcher series. It would be released in half a month, and this news had already spread across the entire web, becoming a hot topic of discussion.

Huaxing's mobile phone had yet to even go on the market, and countless people were already eagerly awaiting it. This terrifying effect had even caused Huaxing's share price to rise slightly, and just this point alone was enough to make Huaxing profitable.

And after obtaining the funds from the Huaxing, the Tianyi had once again embarked on a path of rapid development.

As the person who contributed greatly to this collaboration — Luo Yiming — he didn't even have time to catch his breath before he was sent out by Zhou Yi to rush to the Amarikan on the other side of the strait without stopping.

Zhou Yi wanted to develop his Tianqi Technology there, so he couldn't let this overseas company continue to exist as a name.

First of all, the company's goal is the pharmaceutical industry.

So the reason Zhou Yi sent Luo Yiming to Amarikan was to buy a bankrupt medical company. The matter was progressing smoothly and should be settled within half a month.

As for the purchase of land in the factory area outside the city, it was a complete mess.

The address was currently set in the outskirts of Luocheng. The land there was originally not worth much, and due to the ongoing economic crisis, very few companies were willing to invest and build factories there.

Tianqi Technology Corporation would definitely recruit the local youth to work when they purchase land and build factories. This solved many of the major problems of unemployed youths.

Furthermore, not only did the Tianqi Technology not receive the down payment for the loan, they had to pay for it in full.

There are even some policy preferences.

It's not easy for the Chinese to buy land factories in Amarikan, but before that, Zhou Yi chose to register the location of the company Tian Qi at Viking, hired a group of professionals there, and ruthlessly threw money at their faces. Then, it's not a problem at all!

Seeing that the development of the Tianqi Technology was going smoothly, Zhou Yi was overjoyed, and he had to think about when he should rush over.

After all, he had to personally plan how the factory should be built and where the office building should be located.

As for the killers, Alba was the best. He had captured four people, and all of them were modified. After experiencing that pain, no matter how rebellious they used to be, they were all obedient now and became Zhou Yi's guards.

This number was already the limit, because the killers were not idiots, and the abnormality in the mansion could not be hidden from them forever.

The remaining killers either saw so many people dying here and felt the task was too difficult to give up, or they became more careful and tried to find the slightest chance to assassinate Zhou Yi.

For Zhou Yi, the people he had subdued now were enough for him to start his next plan. If he let that one hundred million bounty be hung there, it would only waste his time.

He was going to find a time to talk with Xue Wenxing and ask him to withdraw the bounty obediently.

The moment he walked out of the company building, a sense of crisis suddenly rushed into Zhou Yi's heart.

The next moment, Zhou Yi noticed that his vision turned dark. His vision was no longer able to see anything, and there was only darkness in his eyes.

Almost at the same time, on the top of a tall building two kilometers away, a handsome blond youth pulled the trigger.

The Gauss sniper rifle in his hand vibrated slightly. With the help of the magnetic field, the electromagnetic bomb instantly crossed a distance of two thousand meters and arrived in front of Zhou Yi's forehead.

However, it was only in front of his forehead.

He had already set up Zhou Yi's electromagnetic shield to trigger mode. By fusing it with the Astral Energy, it could open up in 0.01 seconds. As long as Zhou Yi's strength did not surpass his, no metal substance would be able to harm him.

How is this possible? The blond youth looked at Zhou Yi through the scope in disbelief. He didn't expect the bullet to kill Zhou Yi, but at least it could injure him.

He clearly knew that the modified sniper rifle and bullets, regardless of its power or speed, were more than three times faster than the original electromagnetic bullets. But even so, it still couldn't hurt Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi looked at the bullet that was spinning in front of his forehead and slowly grabbed it with one hand.

However, a trace of astonishment flashed across Zhou Yi's eyes. An electromagnetic arc appeared in his hand and the bullet was fired in the same way as the Gaussian electromagnetic gun. Regardless of speed or strength, it was much faster than before and instantly disappeared into the clouds.

In the next moment, a muffled rumbling sound could be heard as several beams of light pierced through the clouds. Due to the distance between the ground and the sky, almost no one noticed the difference in the sky.

It turned out that the bullet was actually a high explosive bomb. The power of that bullet was almost equivalent to a standardized grenade. It was definitely a costly special weapon.

If Zhou Yi's reaction was a bit slower, then he might have already been blown up. At such a close distance, he might not have died, but the hand that caught the bullet definitely would not have been able to protect him.

Ring after ring, what an exquisite killing move! A hint of excitement flashed across Zhou Yi's eyes. He raised his head and looked towards the place where the bullets were shot. Then, he moved his feet and chased after them at full speed.

His speed was too fast, to the point where the surrounding people couldn't even react. All they saw was a blur before their eyes, and they thought it was a gust of wind blowing past them.

When Zhou Yi arrived at the roof of the building, it was already empty. Zhou Yi was about to distinguish the smell in the air, but his face suddenly changed and he leaped up.

Boom! The entire roof of the building was covered in explosions and flames.

A large amount of incendiary bomb can not only kill me, but also remove all traces of himself. This guy …

One of Zhou Yi's hand was pointed downwards. Suddenly, the raging flames below him seemed to be attracted by something and gathered into Zhou Yi's palm and were absorbed by him.

Very quickly, only a patch of charred black remained of the entire Roof-deck.

His thoughts are meticulous, cunning as a fox, exceptionally decisive, he immediately fled the moment his attack missed, and does not care at all about harming the innocent. This guy, could he be the 'Death Light' who is ranked seventh on the Ranking of Assassins?

A cold glint flashed across Zhou Yi's eyes. He became more interested in this person.


In such a short period of time, it's impossible for the 'death light' to travel too far, that is to say …

Zhou Yi's body slowly rose. He opened his arms, raised his head and closed his eyes.

Countless electromagnetic waves emanated from his body in all directions, as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake, causing circular ripples. When the ripples from the stone collided with other objects, it would cause interference and counteraction.

In this huge magnetic field environment where the entire universe was everywhere, every person, every living thing, and every object was emitting magnetic field fluctuations. The magnetic field fluctuation of every existence was also different, and Zhou Yi could rely on this observation fluctuation to identify and search for any existence.

Of course, Zhou Yi didn't have the ability to cover the entire world with his perception right now, nor did he have the brains to distinguish the information of so many electromagnetic segments. The limit he could cover right now was a spherical radius of one kilometer.

Found you!

Zhou Yi suddenly opened his eyes and jumped into an apartment on the ground.

In one of the rooms in the apartment, right after putting the Gauss sniper rifle into the box 'Death Light', his face suddenly changed. Without thinking, he broke through the window of the apartment and ran towards the crowded street.

Above his head, Zhou Yi's figure was like a god of death, quietly descending.

'Death Light', you have nowhere to run.

Zhou Yi stepped on the ground with his soles, allowing 'Death Light' to escape into the bustling crowd, trying to confuse Zhou Yi's vision with such a ridiculous method, thus successfully escaping as if he was looking at a childish child.

When his voice entered into the ears of Death Light, it was as clear as the whisper of a lover.

Death Light stopped because Zhou Yi had already appeared in front of them.

'Death Light', Ken James, right? Zhou Yi looked at him lazily. Since you've chosen to be an assassin, I'm sure you've long accepted the consequences of failure.

Facing the overwhelming pressure that came from Zhou Yi, 'Death Ray' James suddenly laughed.

What makes you think that my assassination has failed?

As the sound of his voice faded, the windows of the shops on both sides were suddenly broken. Several rocket launchers came out from the windows, and the black cannons were pointed at him.

The pedestrians on all sides suddenly became gunmen, pulling the triggers and firing bullets.

In the distant high-rise building, there were countless people lying in ambush. One after another, Gaussian sniper rifles fired their attacks at the same time.

In the sky, a few helicopters flew over them. Even though they looked like ordinary civilian helicopters, they were also preparing for a terrifying attack.

If the entire scene stopped, everyone could look at Zhou Yi with a sinister look on their faces. The bullets flew, the air burned and a boundless killing intent enveloped Zhou Yi.

Something seemed to be moving restlessly in the air. At the next moment, endless lightning bolts shot out from Zhou Yi's body. The power of the magnetic field covered a radius of thousands of meters in an instant.

Bullets, shells rolled back, rockets went out in the air, vehicles went out, helicopters in the air produced a series of electric sparks, diagonally falling towards the ground.

In that instant, all the electronic equipment around him was paralyzed. Bullets and artillery shells were being shot at the gunmen around him.

The only one who wasn't affected was James.

'Magnetic Field... Electromagnetic pulses. Thinking about this, James's eyes were filled with despair. This was the power of Zhou Yi. The effect of modern weapons on him had been reduced to the lowest. Most conventional weapons were not as effective as fists in front of him.

Even though his evaluation of his battle prowess was constantly increasing, James eventually discovered that they had still underestimated Zhou Yi's strength.

However, the moment all their weapons and equipment became paralyzed, four people came running out from four different directions. Each of them carried a box on their back. At this moment, the box had already been opened.

All of them had the strength of a Martial Master, and their speed was also very fast. After Zhou Yi was distracted by the attacks from all directions and was knocked down, the four of them coincidentally ran to Zhou Yi's side.

Zhou Yi saw the things in their box.

It was the latest version of the fourth-generation fission bomb, also known as the miniature nuclear bomb.

Due to the special material barrier in the box, Zhou Yi's electromagnetic pulse didn't work on the miniature nuclear bomb. Now, it was too late for Zhou Yi to stop it because the miniature nuclear bomb had already exploded.

This kind of fighting style was very familiar to Zhou Yi.


In the next moment, an endless amount of light and heat suddenly exploded.

When Zhou Yi woke up from his daze, he was already standing on another street.

There was no nuclear explosion, no assassination attempt, just peaceful and quiet.

The moment the miniature nuclear bomb exploded, Zhou Yi didn't have time to do anything. He only had time to think.

Exchange for The Black Star world!

He believed that the Tik Tok System would definitely be able to hear his thoughts.

After traversing through ten thousand worlds, he could save his life for the time being. However, traversing through ten thousand worlds still allowed time. Three days later, he would still have to face a nuclear explosion.

That was why he chose to come to the Black Star plane. He hoped to find a way to escape this plane with a high level of technological development.

But what time is it?

Zhou Yi looked around in confusion. There were rows upon rows of buildings that were like science fictional winds. From time to time, spaceships could be seen flying in the sky. People around wore all kinds of strange clothes, looking serene, peaceful, blissful and happy.

According to the time of our last return, Ma Xu had deterred the Black Star world, so humans will then enter the era of deterrence. Judging from the surrounding environment, it should be the era of deterrence now, but I wonder what year it will be exactly?

The last time Zhou Yi returned from The Black Star, he took the time to read the original Black Star once through, and he was able to understand the following plot like the back of his hand, so he was able to estimate the approximate time.

Honestly speaking, if there was a choice, Zhou Yi would not choose the Black Star world because the future of this world is too tragic. The universe was destroyed from the beginning till the end, Zhou Yi thought that this world was just like an old star living with arsenic.

Before Zhou Yi could ask the passerby about the time, several police cars flew over and surrounded him.

This era's technology was too advanced. Zhou Yi had only appeared for such a short period of time, yet he was already identified as an unidentified person by the security system, then he was' arrested '.

The scientific and technological strength in this world was far from being the same. Only five minutes later, Zhou Yi's ten-odd days of experience in protecting Ma Xu in the《 Black Star》 world were also investigated.


The people of the intimidating era were full of curiosity. They were very curious about Zhou Yi, a person who had only recorded for a few days in history, as if he had come from another world.

However, in the era of crisis, it was Zhou Yi who accompanied Ma Xu at the last moment to protect Ma Xu's life time and time again in exchange for the peaceful coexistence of the human race and the Black Star world.

Thus, a few hours later, the result of Zhou Yi's treatment came down: First, there was a person who wanted to see him, the Destroyer — Ma Xu.

After the establishment of the dark abyss deterrence, people thought deeply about deterrence itself, which gave birth to a discipline: deterrence game theory.

The main elements of deterrence are: the deterrent and the deterred, in the dark abyss deterrence, are the human being and the world of the Black Star; deterrence operation, launching the world coordinates of the Black Star caused the destruction of two worlds; deterrence controller, the person or organization who grasped the firing switch; deterrence target, the world of the Black Star gave up aggression and transferred technology to the human world.

Deterrence, which results in the mutual destruction of the deterrent and the deterrent, is called the ultimate deterrent.

Compared to other types of deterrence, the ultimate deterrent is characterized by the fact that, once deterrence fails, further deterrence is meaningless to the deterrent.

The key to the success of the ultimate deterrence lies in convincing the person under deterrence that, if it does not accept the deterrent target, there is a great possibility of triggering deterrence. What describes this factor is an important indicator of deterrence in game theory: deterrence.

The ultimate deterrence is only possible if the deterrence is greater than 80 per cent.

It was quickly discovered that if the control of the Dark Abyss deterrence was in the hands of a large group of humans, the deterrence level would be almost zero.

It is extremely difficult to make a collective decision to destroy two worlds, because this decision goes far beyond the moral and value bottom line of human society, and the possibility of such a decision is further reduced by the dark abyss deterrence itself:

If deterrence failed, humanity would have at least a generation to live, and in a sense that was all; if deterrence failed, and the coordinates of two worlds were broadcast to the universe, then destruction could happen at any time, and that would be far worse than abandoning deterrence.

Therefore, when deterrence fails, the response of the human community is entirely predictable.

But the individual's reaction is unpredictable.

The success of the dark abyss deterrence was built on Ma Xu's individual unpredictability. When deterrence failed, his personality and psychological factors determined his behavior, even if it was based on reason, his personal interests and the interests of mankind as a whole were not necessarily compatible.

Thus, the two worlds carried out a very detailed study on Ma Xu's personality traits and established a corresponding mathematical model. Humans and the game scholars of deterrence for Black Star came to the same conclusion: Ma Xu's deterrence level varied from 91.9% to 98.4% depending on his mental state when the deterrence failed, so the Black Star world would not dare to take such a risk.

A short time after the establishment of deterrence, even though there was no time to carry out the above-mentioned in-depth study, people quickly realized the fact. The United Nations and the solar system fleet immediately handed over deterrence control back to Ma Xu, like throwing a hot piece of iron.

From the recovery to the return of control, there were only eighteen hours of time. However, this period of time was enough for dewdrops to destroy the nuclear bomb chain surrounding the sun in order to prevent humans from broadcasting by coordinates, and the enemy did not act. This was considered the biggest mistake of the Black Star world in this war, while the humans were sweating profusely.

Thus, Ma Xu had always controlled the dark abyss's deterrence.

In his hand, he held the detonation switch of the solar nuclear weapon chain, and then the launch switch of the gravitational wave — the strategic balance of the two worlds, like an inverted pyramid, bracing itself on his pinprick of a origin.

Darkness Abyss Deterrence is the sword of Damocles that hangs above the two worlds. Ma Xu is the hair of the Suspended Sword and is known as the Destroyer.

Fraud's plan did not become history, so humans were unable to get rid of Fraud's ghost.

Three days later, Zhou Yi met with Ma Xu.

The high-speed elevator descended, and the increasingly thick ground above seemed to be pressing down on Zhou Yi's heart.

This made Zhou Yi feel extremely depressed.

This was the Deterrence Control Center, the deepest building ever built by humans. It was located 45 kilometers underground and had already penetrated through the earth's crust and deep into the mantle beneath Moho's discontinuous surface. The pressure and temperature here are much higher than in the earth's crust, and the main component of the formation is solid peridotite.

Accompanied by the President of the Planetary Defense Council and the Chief of Staff of the Human Fleet, the elevator took almost twenty minutes to reach its destination. Zhou Yi walked out of the elevator and saw a black steel door.

The ultra-deep building was complex, with an isolated air circulation system rather than a direct connection to the surface atmosphere. Otherwise, the high pressure generated at a depth of 45 kilometers would have caused severe discomfort, as well as a powerful cooling system to withstand the high temperature of the mantle at nearly 500 ℃.

But Zhou Yi only saw emptiness.

The white walls of the foyer were obviously all display, but now they were all empty white, with nothing else, as if the place had just been built and had not yet been officially used.

Half a century ago, when he was designing the control center, he asked Ma Xu for his opinion.

Simple as a grave.

A series of deep rumbling sounds could be heard as the meter-thick steel door slowly moved away. Zhou Yi and the other two walked into the heart of the Dark Forest's deterrence system.

What greeted Zhou Yi was an even wider emptiness.

It was a semicircular hall, with a curved white wall in front of it. The surface was translucent, like ice, and the floor and ceiling were clean white.

Zhou Yi looked like he was facing an empty eyeball without eyes, revealing a desolate and lost feeling.

Then, Zhou Yi saw Ma Xu.

Ma Xu sat cross-legged in the middle of the white hall, facing the curved white wall. His hair and beard were long, but not messy. He was very neatly combed and they were also pure white, almost blending into the white wall.

He sat there in a steady inverted shape, like a lonely anchor on a beach, waiting with incredible firmness for a ship that would never return, the waves of time roaring before him as the wind of time blew from his head.

In his right hand he held a red strip, the hilt of the Destroyer's sword, the starter switch for the Gravity Wave Broadcasting.


Ma Xu's existence caused the empty eyeball to have eyes. Although it was only a black dot compared to the hall, it caused the desolation and blankness to disappear, and the eyes to have a spirit.

Ma Xu's own eyes could not see anything from that direction. He did not react at all to the newcomer, and only stared at the white wall in front of him.

If a wall could be broken through in ten years, then this white wall had already been broken five times.

Ma Xu had a good time when he was reunited with his wife and children, reliving the happiness of two centuries ago.

However, this period of time was very short. In less than two years, Zhuang Yan had left Ma Xu with her child. There were many reasons for this. It was popular to say that while Ma Xu was still a savior in front of the public, his image had changed in the eyes of his closest friends.

Her wife gradually realized that she was living with a man who had destroyed one world and held the fate of the other two in his hands. He had become a strange monster that frightened her and the child, and they had left.

Another theory was that Ma Xu took the initiative to tell them to leave so that they could have a normal life. They were probably still alive, living a peaceful life as normal people in some place.

When his wife and children left, it was also when Earth's gravitational wave launcher replaced the nuclear weapon that surrounded the sun as a deterrent weapon. From then on, Ma Xu began his long life as a swordsman.

Ma Xu was using this kind of gaze to stare at the white wall, staring at the world four light years away. This gaze carried the chilliness of hell and the heaviness of huge rocks. It carried the decisiveness of sacrificing everything, making the enemy's heart palpitate.

Just like that, Ma Xu had been looking into the eyes of the Black Star world for fifty-four years. From a playful and disrespectful person, he had turned into an old man with fifty-four years of history.

For the past fifty-four years, Ma Xu had persisted in his silence without saying a single word.

In fact, if a person did not speak for ten to fifteen years, he would lose the ability to speak. He would be able to understand but not be able to speak.

Ma Xu definitely couldn't speak anymore. Everything he wanted to say was under the shining eyes of the wall. He had turned himself into a deterrent machine, a mine that could explode every second for half a century, maintaining the terrifying balance between the two worlds.

Mr. Zhou Yi is here. The Chairman of the Planetary Defense Council broke the silence.

Ma Xu remained in his original position. The Chief of Staff walked over to help him up, but he raised his left hand to refuse. The way he raised his hand was vigorous and forceful. It did not have the sluggishness of a centenarian at all. Then, Ma Xu stood up steadily. He went from sitting cross-legged to standing upright, but his hands did not touch the ground. It was very difficult for a young person to do this.

Ma Xu stood up straight and stared at the white wall for a few seconds before turning his gaze towards Zhou Yi.

It had been fifty-four years, and when he saw them again, the world had changed.

The two of them faced each other in silence. Their eyes met for just a split-second, and at that moment, Zhou Yi felt a sharp light sweep across his soul. Zhou Yi didn't know what the old man comprehended from the fifty-four years of face wall, his thoughts may have settled down to be as thick as the earth above their heads, or they may have been as ethereal as the blue sky above the earth.

Perhaps there was no other person in the world who could understand his gaze.

Zhou Yi walked forward and put his hand on Ma Xu's shoulder.

Let me help you regain your ability to speak. Zhou Yi said.

Threads of electric current flowed from his hand to Ma Xu's body. That weak electric current quickly stimulated Ma Xu's cells, causing a new change to his body.

The research level on science in the Black Star world was high to the point that Zhou Yi was afraid, but they did not walk the path of developing their potential. In Zhou Yi's world, martial arts did not exist.

Therefore, Zhou Yi was able to do what the world relied on technology to do.

When Zhou Yi's hand left Ma Xu's shoulder, Ma Xu opened his mouth and let out a sound again after dozens of years: Zhou Yi …

... I haven't seen you in fifty-four years, and you still surprise me this much …

Zhou Yi smiled, To you, it's fifty-four years, but to me, it hasn't even been half a year.

This was almost like revealing his identity. Although Ma Xu said it in surprise, his face didn't show any shocked expression. In his fifty-four years as a 'Destroyer' career, he had already forgotten how to express his emotions in his expression.

Do you have anything you want to ask me? Ask away. " Zhou Yi said. Towards this old friend of his, Zhou Yi still had an unspeakable emotion in his heart. He didn't want to hide it from him.

Another reason was that the Tik Tok had just issued a quest:

Main Mission: Change the World!

Use your ways to change the world, whether it's destruction or rebirth, whether it's going forward or down another path.

The reward will be evaluated when the mission returns.

This was Zhou Yi's first time receiving such a strange mission, and his response was already taking shape in his mind.

Ma Xu stared at Zhou Yi for a few seconds, then said: Although we are 45 kilometers underground, but every word we say will appear in front of the entire human race and Black Star.

It doesn't matter. Zhou Yi continued to smile.

Well, if you insist. Ma Xu said, I have a question. I have been holding it in in my heart for fifty-four years.

Where are you from?

You can think of it as another universe, or a higher dimension. Zhou Yi said unhurriedly. At this moment, he did not hold back anything and decided to tell the truth to everyone in the world.

"In my world, the level of technology has already reached the extent that it can cover the entire universe, but there is still a huge gap between civilizations. Not only is there the development of technology, there is also a person's great power, we call it 'Martial Arts'.

There are a few existences that have reached the pinnacle of this path. They are able to use their own power to travel along time lines, traverse different parallel spaces, and tour the many universes. They are able to create worlds with a single thought, and also destroy worlds with a single thought. "

Zhou Yi's words were short, but these short sentences were no less than a nuclear explosion. It caused a huge uproar in the world, and countless people — people from Earth, people from the Black Star, their views of the world, were all shaken at this moment.

Incredible. Ma Xu said.


You may need some time to accept it. Zhou Yi smiled. His words were not only for Ma Xu, but for everyone in the world.

Let's talk about you, they … Zhou Yi pointed at the door, indicating the humans outside, You want to change to a Destroyer, right?

Zhou Yi, who has read the original, knows what the world is like now.

Time flowed by in a strange balance. Deterrence had been established for sixty years, and Ma Xu, who was over a hundred years old, was still in charge of deterrence. His image in people's eyes was also slowly changing.

The hawks who advocated a strong policy towards the Black Star world did not like him. As early as when Deterrence was first established, the hardliners advocated for even more harsh conditions for the Black Star world, attempting to completely disarm the Black Star world. Some schemes, such as the Naked Immigration Project, proposed dehydration of the entire group of the Black Star, transport them by cargo ship to the Oort Nebula, and transport them by human ship to the Solar System, where they would be stored in dry storage on the Moon or Mars, and thaw them out in small batches under certain conditions.

The gentle pigeon sect didn't like Ma Xu either. Their focus was on the existence of life and civilization in the galaxy where Ma Xu had leaked his coordinates. The astronomers of both worlds could not give a positive answer to this, could not prove that there was, and could not prove that there was. But Ma Xu was definitely suspected of having committed the crime of destroying the world. They believed that if humanity and the Black Star were to build a world of peaceful coexistence, it must be based on a pan-universal human rights system, which recognized that all civilized organisms in the universe had full and equal human rights. And to make such a pan-universal human rights system a reality, Ma Xu must be tried.

Ma Xu ignored both of them. He just held on to the trigger of the gravitational wave, silently holding on to the destroyer's position for half a century.

People discovered, that any human policy towards the Black Star world was unable to bypass the Destroyer. Without the Destroyer's recognition, human policies would have no effect in the Black Star world. In this way, the Destroyer becomes a dictator of great power like Fraud.

As time passed, Ma Xu's image changed day by day from a savior to an unreasonable monster and a tyrant who could destroy the world.

Humanity knows that it is not yet time to stop deterring. With the input of the knowledge from the Black Star world, the human science had developed at a rapid pace, but compared to the Black Star world, it was still two to three technological eras; only when the scientific and technological strengths of the two worlds were of equal strength could one consider stopping the deterrence.

The compromise is to replace the destroyer. Even without considering the above factors, Ma Xu was already a centenarian, and his mind and mentality could fluctuate abnormally at any time. It would be hard to be at ease if the fate of the two worlds were placed in his hands.

Therefore, the selection of the new Destroyer candidate had already begun, and the day of the candidate's replacement was just around the corner.

Currently, the person who had shouted the loudest was a woman named Zheng Tong.

Zhou Yi also knew that Zheng Tong was successfully chosen as the new Destroyer in the original book, but her Destroyer career only lasted for ten minutes. Because the Black Star was sure that she wouldn't press the Signal Transmitter button, she brazenly attacked and destroyed all the Signal Transmitter Towers.

And just as the Black Star person had expected, she really did not press the launch button. Ma Xu had guarded the end of the deterrence era for fifty-four years and now, humans had become the Black Star person's slaves.

This was the plot that was going to happen in the original novel.

This is a human's choice, Ma Xu said after a moment of silence, I respect human choice.

Even if this choice will ultimately lead to the extinction of humanity? Zhou Yi stared into Ma Xu's eyes.

Even if this choice will ultimately lead to the extinction of humanity. Ma Xu also stared into Zhou Yi's eyes and answered affirmatively.

But humans have other choices. They just don't know what the future holds for this world, but I do! Zhou Yi's voice suddenly rose.

I have given them a new choice! The choice of everyone to become a god!

Zhou Yi stretched out his hands. Lightning flashed on one of his hands and a flame ignited on the other.

Did you see that? The corner of Zhou Yi's mouth slowly raised into a smile. His voice was filled with a peculiar temptation, I will bring humanity a new path. I will use my individual strength to face the martial arts of this universe! As for accepting it or not, I will also give them the right to choose.

This was a change. A great change that no one could predict the future. At the same time, it was also a crisis. A personal crisis for Zhou Yi.

The martial arts Zhou Yi brought to this world were limited to humans, and their physical structure separated them from martial arts. This was another evolution path that came from another universe, and there was no way of knowing how far it would allow a human to progress. All of this made the Black Star feel a deep fear.

The Black Star people were definitely not willing to see this scene.

However, Zhou Yi was not afraid.

Even if it was the strongest weapon of the Black Star, the dew drop made from strong interaction power, it would still take a long time to reach here and kill Zhou Yi, and during this time, it was enough for Ma Xu to press the signal transmitter.

At this time, Ma Xu, the human Fraud, the destroyer once again showed the courage that no one in this era had. He linked the fate of the entire human world and the Black Star world with Zhou Yi's life, intimidating all the humans and Black Star people.

Yes, it was not just the Black

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