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How To Grow Chili Peppers In Pots: (Make Your Hottest Dreams Come True!)

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How To Grow Chili Peppers In Pots: (Make Your Hottest Dreams Come True!)

Lunghezza: 106 pagine48 minuti


The hot pepper is a beautiful plant, with an elegant bearing and fruits that are attractive and colorful. They are also easy to grow, even in a pot. Low maintenance yields high satisfaction. You can easily grow even the hottest peppers in the world in small outdoor spaces in your home and use them in your kitchen. This short manual provides an essential guide to growing chilies on a balcony or terrace with great success. Here you won’t find the usual tips that you can find on the web. In this book chilies are examined from every point of view: botanical, biochemical, and genetic. While strictly scientific, the book you are about to purchase covers the extremely practical aspects of growing chili peppers. It provides you with all the tips and tricks needed to cultivate lush plants that will be your pride and joy. Here you’ll learn everything — from sowing to transplanting, from fertilizing to storing seeds. And we haven't forgotten the culinary aspects, so you’ll also find instructions for preserving chilies in order to enjoy their wonderful flavor during the winter. The book concludes with some classic recipes where chilies play a leading role. This is a book that is easy to read and remember. Always keep it with you and you’ll never go wrong with your chilies.
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