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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 5

My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 5

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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 5

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Jun 18, 2020


Zhou Yi downloaded a future trembling app and was pleasantly surprised to find out that this app was actually linked to the myriad heavens the video. He released was praised by countless immortal emperors and god kings and was even rewarded with various treasures.

From then on zhou yi's ordinary life became colorful and colorful the little sister goddess was pleading for a dotcom relationship and the female emperor was also interested in him the devil realm ancestor did not hesitate to use the nine revolutions divine technique to bribe him in order to become popular online my voice booms through all worlds i am so strong that i am afraid of myself.

Jun 18, 2020

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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms - Le TianXiaoZhu



Main quest: Protect Ma Xu. Mission successful. Reward, extra ten days.

Sub mission, protect Zheng Luoyi. Mission successful, reward, five hundred thousand points.

The moment Zhou Yi heard this voice again, he really wanted to scold the Tik Tok system again.

What the hell? The main quest zero reward was five hundred thousand?

However, there was another thing that made Zhou Yi happy, and that was the reward for killing the transcender.

It seemed that the system was more supportive of killing each other in the Ten Thousand Worlds Crossing …

Forget it, I'll just stay for ten more days.

Thank you, Zhou Yi. If it wasn't for you... I'm afraid." Ma Xu slowly stood up and said with a grateful voice.

I no longer have the need to protect you. After killing that guy, my mission will be completed. Zhou Yi's voice was very cold. Obviously, he didn't want to stay here any longer, Ma Xu, I look down on you.

Zhou Yi spoke from the bottom of his heart.

Zhou Yi wasn't an idiot. He could tell that Ma Xu definitely had some sort of plan in mind.

The so-called spell that caused the planet to explode could not be a coincidence.

However, Ma Xu's attitude of not caring at all made Zhou Yi feel disgusted.

Sir, please wait a moment. You are a hero of the human race. Can I ask you to accept our respect? At this moment, the Secretary-General stopped Zhou Yi and said, I look forward to it the most. Please accept our gratitude … If you need anything, just let me know, okay?

Zhou Yi stopped and said lightly, I need a comfortable environment, that's all.

Since he wouldn't be able to stay in this world for long, he might as well enjoy it. That was Zhou Yi's current mentality.

Please wait a moment. The Secretary-General regained his calm and looked at Ma Xu and said, And Mr. Ma, don't forget what you said. I'll be waiting for your blueprint later.

Don't worry, as long as the nuclear warheads are arranged according to the blueprints I gave you, I will build a second home for humans on Mars. Ma Xu had returned to his drunken state.

Seeing Ma Xu like this, Zhou Yi was so angry that he directly slapped him hard on the face. Green veins were popping out of his forehead, and he almost wanted to kill him right now.

Ma Xu, I look down on you.

After leaving this place, the Secretary-General quickly arranged a private villa for Zhou Yi and also promised Zhou Yi. As long as Ma Xu's plan to build a Mars was successful, he would definitely arrange a place for him on Mars in advance.

However, Zhou Yi didn't care about that anymore. After all, in ten days, Zhou Yi would return to the Real World.

There are still five hours until the arrival of the dewdrops from the Black Star world. From the looks of it, the place where they might land is the Hua Country … Please rest assured, the human Fraud Wu Steel has made sufficient warnings, and has carried out a series of plans to build a planet …"

Lying on the deck chair in the mansion, the more Zhou Yi listened to the news reports on the TV, the angrier he felt. He directly smashed the TV into pieces with the remote control.

What lousy Fraud, in my opinion, he's just trash!

Even though Zhou Yi no longer had any relationship with Ma Xu, he still scolded him in this manner.

At this moment, there was a knock on Zhou Yi's door. Zhou Yi walked over to open the door, and the person he saw was Zheng Luoyi.

What is it? Didn't I say that my mission to protect him has been completed? Zhou Yi frowned and said.

Brother Ma told me to come. Zheng Luoyi took a deep breath and said, He said he wants you to leave as soon as possible... The one that was prepared to say, It's this city."

What do you mean?

I think Brother Ma is suffering from his obsession, he feels that the Black Star's dewdrop must be coming for him. Right now, Lu Zhu has about five hours left, after all, you saved his life before, he wants you to escape.

Hearing Zheng Luoyi's words, Zhou Yi vaguely felt that something was wrong. He tried asking, Why does he say that?

I asked, but he wouldn't tell me no matter what. Zheng Luoyi shrugged, Anyway, I've said what I should say. You decide on your own.

Zhou Yi didn't answer immediately but started to ponder.

At this moment, Zheng Luoyi suddenly opened his mouth and said: Although saying this is not good, but I still want to say it. Brother, can you help us again?

Go ahead. Zhou Yi stared at Zheng Luoyi and said.

If... I mean, if that dewdrop was really aimed at him, could you save his life one last time?

Saying that, Zheng Luoyi's expression became serious. He put out his cigarette and said in a serious tone:

You have to know, Ma Xu's situation is the most difficult. After all, he is Fraud, and he still has to fight with the Black Star.

Zhou Yi didn't quite understand Ye Zichen's words.

However, Zhou Yi was already hesitating.

For this world, Ma Xu might be the ultimate savior of this world. After all, the plan to build a planet needed Ma Xu to carry it out.

If Lu Zhu were to really target Ma Xu, then once Ma Xu dies, all the humans in this world would have no other choice but to die.

Alright, I'll help you guys one last time.

Zhou Yi's words were sonorous and forceful.

This night, the sky was very dark, and even the moon could not see the final rays of light.

Zhou Yi walked under the starry sky and had already entered a desolate suburb.

Ma Xu, who was sitting on a hill drunk with a bottle of wine in his arms, stared at the rotating stars in the sky.

The so called meteor, was when the Three Bodies sent to Earth, they destroyed all dewdrops that represented humans' confidence in battleships!

Similarly, the arrival of the dewdrops announced the collapse of humanity.

You're still here … Choose to face death with me? "

Ma Xu said slowly. As he said this, he drank the liquor in the bottle in one gulp. His voice sounded very drunk.

I'm just here to protect you one last time. Zhou Yi's voice was very cold, I also want to see, with people like you, why would Black Star kill you.

Do you really want to know why the Black Star wanted to kill me time and time again? Ma Xu said drunkenly, and laughed, You know, I have the life and death gate of the Black Star.

Bro, stop boasting … At this time, even Zheng Luoyi couldn't stand watching this any longer, so he spoke with a hint of ridicule.


Anyway, there are only two minutes left. Everything will be proven. Ma Xu's voice was very bleak. He looked at the watch in his hand and despair was left on his face, When the time comes, I will die with them.

Zhou Yi didn't know why, but he felt a chill in his heart when he heard this last sentence.

Two minutes passed very slowly, as if it had been two centuries.

The meteor fell down faster and faster, finally landing about a few hundred miles away from them. From the distant horizon came a boom sound. Clearly, the scientific research facility at that location had been bombed first.

Bro, I've already said it. You're overthinking it. Zheng Luoyi patted Ma Xu's chest and said.

Don't think too highly of yourself. Since there's no more danger, I have to leave now.

At this time, Zhou Yi couldn't stand watching this arrogant guy any longer, so he stood up and was about to leave.

It was at this moment that Ma Xu suddenly said: Don't you want to know why I dare to say that?

Zhou Yi stopped and turned around to look at Ma Xu.

At this moment, Ma Xu stood up drunkenly. He took out a lighter and a cigarette from Zheng Luoyi's pocket, walked to a distance far enough from Zheng Luoyi and Zhou Yi, and said in a faint, drunken voice:

When it is … Just listen to what this arrogant fellow wants to say in the end, okay?"

Zhou Yi and Zheng Luoyi looked at each other and sighed, signaling Ma Xu to continue.

Now, suppose we are in the universe. I don't know about you, and you don't know about me either, do you? At this moment, Ma Xu's voice suddenly became serious as if he wasn't that drunk anymore.

What do you mean? Zhou Yi frowned.

Listen to me. Then, there are two things that can be confirmed … One, survival is always the first need of every civilization. Two, no matter how civilization develops within the universe, the overall quality of the universe will not change … Ma Xu's voice became heavy as he sat cross-legged on the ground.

And then? Zheng Luoyi seemed to be interested and continued.

In your current state, if you can't see me, I won't be able to see you either … What does that mean? Ma Xu said sarcastically, It means that we can't determine who is kind and who is evil. Between us, there will always be a chain of suspicion.

Hearing this, Zhou Yi's head exploded, as if Zhou Yi thought of the first time he went to the Black Star world.

At that time, Zhou Yi was on the ship, facing his own crew, facing a final decision … They couldn't be sure of each other's thoughts.

Introduce a new concept... The explosion of technology, human technology, from the industrial era to the information age, only took two hundred years. In other words, under certain circumstances, even the weakest of civilizations can develop at a high speed!

At this point, Ma Xu's voice became colder and colder. He turned on the lighter and lit up the cigarette in his hand, Zhou Yi, Zheng Luoyi, what would you do if I exposed my existence?

Zhou Yi pondered. Indeed, just as Ma Xu said, if someone exposed himself in a dark abyss, then...

The other party definitely didn't know whether this person meant well or not, and furthermore, he didn't even know the purpose of the other party revealing his intentions.

I will communicate with you? No, no, I don't know if you mean it... Who knows if you'll lie to me …"

Zheng Luoyi replied, but quickly shook his head: I won't care about you, that's the best choice …

No, that's not right. If I ignore that civilization, there's a high chance that the technology will explode. If I were to be discovered by him now, he might destroy me … Zhou Yi immediately rejected this answer.

Then, you only have one choice left.

At this moment, Ma Xu stood up. In the light of the cigarette, one could vaguely see the murderous look in his eyes.

I'll kill you … Zhou Yi suddenly felt a chill on his back. Is that the truth of the universe?

This scene... Wasn't that what Zhou Yi experienced on the spaceship?

Or it could be said that Zhou Yi's spaceship had become a small universe!

Black, he's really black! Zheng Luoyi immediately cursed. Other than a curse, he didn't know how to express his feelings.

In a universe like the dark abyss, revealing the existence of a poor civilization will only result in the killing of other hidden civilizations. Sometimes, attacking is easier than probing.

Ma Xu calmly spat out the horrifying truth.

Wait a minute. So, the incantation you used was to expose the asteroid's location in the universe? Zhou Yi suddenly thought of the incantation Ma Xu had given him and asked.

Ma Xu nodded and said in despair, Yes, but the incantation is useless now. The sun has been blocked off by the dewdrops, and the place where they bombed is the base where I used to cast the incantation.

Then why didn't you send the Black Star over? Zhou Yi continued to ask.

He's too close to the solar system. If... If the location of the Black Star was sent to Earth, it would also be exposed. This is a way of suicide. Ma Xu shook his head and said bitterly, You guys go, let me calm down a bit.

Zheng Luoyi went silent. Perhaps he understood Ma Xu's inner difficulties. He just stood up, sighed, and patted Zhou Yi's shoulder. Brother, let's go.

Zhou Yi stood up silently and left step by step with Zheng Luoyi.

However, Zhou Yi was still thinking about what Ma Xu had said while he was leaving. He had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

What Zhou Yi cared the most was what Ma Xu said before the dew drop was about to hit him, he thought it was going to attack him.

At that time, I will perish together with them.

Why did they perish together?

Zhou Yi stopped and said to Zheng Luoyi, You go first, I still have things to do.

After parting with Zheng Luoyi, Zhou Yi lit a cigarette, his brows tightly locked together. What he was considering now was still why Ma Xu would say the words to kill him.

Could it be that Ma Xu had a secret weapon that allowed him to perish together with the Black Star world?

At this moment, Zhou Yi suddenly recalled his conversation with Ma Xu a minute ago!

Then why didn't you send the Black Star over?

He's too close to the solar system. If... If we send the Black Star's location, Earth's location will also be exposed, this is a method of mutual destruction.


In other words...

Zhou Yi's pupils suddenly shrank. Thunder Martial God was driven like a madman by his feet and ran towards the location where Ma Xu was originally at.

However, when Zhou Yi rushed to the hill, there was no one there.

Where is he?

Where is he?!

Zhou Yi gritted his teeth as he continued to search for Ma Xu's figure as if he was crazy.

He definitely hasn't gone far!

Zhou Yi completely understood. All along, he had misunderstood Ma Xu!

At this moment, Zhou Yi suddenly found Ma Xu's figure in a mausoleum garden. At this moment, he was holding a shovel, as if digging out a grave for himself in the middle of the earth.

The next second, Ma Xu took out his gun and pointed it at his temple.

Zhou Yi's eyes widened. He instantly wanted to pounce on Ma Xu, but at this moment, he heard Ma Xu speak into the air:

I am the human Fraud Ma Xu, I want to talk to the Black Star world!

The moment he said that, Zhou Yi's heart immediately tensed up and his body fell heavily onto the ground.

Zhou Yi... He understood what Ma Xu was trying to do.

So it turned out that all along, Ma Xu had to bear more pressure than anyone else. That's right … He is Fraud …

Everyone knew that he was Fraud. They only gave him Fraud's pressure, but they couldn't understand his identity as Fraud.

What did Fraud need to do? It was to deceive! Deceiving the Black Star world so that the Black Star world had no idea what he was trying to do. Under these circumstances, he could find a way to save Earth …

Ma Xu had succeeded, not only had he deceived the Black Star, but he had also deceived all the humans on Earth, including Zhou Yi …

Right now, the watch I'm wearing is a vital signs detector. Once I die, he will send a signal to Mars, and all of the Martian nuclear bombs will detonate …

The location of the nuclear warheads has been meticulously designed. Once they explode, the pattern they constructed will instantly be marked out in the entire universe — That's right, that is the coordinates of the universe in your Black Star world!

Yes... This was what Ma Xu really wanted.

Hearing Ma Xu's decisive words, Zhou Yi fell heavily onto the ground.

At this moment, Zhou Yi only had admiration for Ma Xu.

Ma Xu said just now, in the dark abyss like universe, revealing the existence of a poor civilization will only attract the attention of other hidden civilizations. Sometimes, attacking is easier than probing.

At this moment, what Ma Xu wanted to do was to fight against the enemy … Even if he had to die together with them!

Heh … Indeed, this method will similarly expose the coordinates of our solar system, and I will become the greatest sinner of the human race and Black Star for thousands of years … "

At this moment, Ma Xu's voice had turned pale and weak, as if he was laughing at himself. However, his voice became colder:

Wordless is the greatest disdain and contempt. Humans have already endured this contempt for two centuries. If I don't do everything, the history of Humans will be completely destroyed by you!

At this moment, Zhou Yi was clearly able to see two streams of tears flowing down Ma Xu's face. Ma Xu was silent for a moment, and then finally shouted out the last sentence with a roar that was almost like a roar:

I'll only give you ten seconds!

Ma Xu's hand was on the trigger.

At this moment, the life and death of the two civilizations had already been decided in these ten seconds.

In this extremely slow ten seconds, everything around him was silent and dark, as if … The terrible truth of the universe.

Zhou Yi's hands were covered in sweat. He was waiting, waiting for the Black Star's result.

Time ticked by. At this moment, it was the last second of ten seconds.

Ma Xu opened his eyes and clenched his teeth. He knew that it was time for him to make his choice.

Just like what he had said himself, being speechless was his greatest contempt. Now, the Black Star World had given him this contempt.

He put his hand on the trigger and made up his mind. Together with these two civilizations, he would end his own life …

Right at that moment, countless huge blood-red words suddenly floated in the air. What those blood-red words wrote were only the two repeated words:


This is... A compromise from the Black Star world!

In the next moment, all the red characters changed to another font, as if they were afraid that Ma Xu wouldn't understand, and they started writing the new blood-red characters in English and Chinese at the same time.

Put the gun down, we can negotiate!

This is not a negotiation! This is what we need to survive! Green veins constantly popped out on his forehead as Ma Xu roared. His words were sonorous and forceful, like a thunderbolt that struck the sky.

Without any hesitation, blood-red words appeared in the air once more.

Tell me what you want.

Even though the other party had already compromised, Ma Xu still gritted his teeth. His voice was very clear and he knew that even if he hesitated at this moment, he would destroy the entire human world:

All dewdrops leave Earth! Stop preventing the sun's rays from radiating onto the earth! Help humans build a complete deterrent system! All of the Black Star's galactic fleets are not allowed to enter the solar system!

In less than half a minute, the red character changed once again.

The first two requirements have been met, but the fleet doesn't have enough fuel to return.

I don't care what methods you use, you don't have the ability to negotiate right now! These words came out of Ma Xu's mouth like a sharp knife.

The air once again became silent for a full minute before the red character gradually started floating.

We've already done as you said. I hope that the human fleet can help us find the lost Black Star fleet in the sky in the future. Please put down your handguns.


With a sound, the gun fell from Ma Xu's hand onto the ground. His other hand was only holding the watch with the vital signs, and he finally said in a weak voice:

Thank you … I will transfer this vital signs system to the United Nations. You can discuss the details later, my mission is over …

Zhou Yi stood up slowly. Step by step, he walked towards Ma Xu and picked up the extremely weak Ma Xu.

So it turned out that he was the true savior of that human being.

He had carried with him all the infamy, and he had done all of this, the real Fraud …

So this was the true meaning of these ten days …

Zhou Yi raised his head and looked at the dark sky.

In fact, thinking about it, didn't Ma Xu's universe truths also apply to the people in the Tik Tok system, as well as to the people in the parallel universes?


In the end, we still lost in a scheme.

This line of words gradually floated in the air once more.

This already meant that the Black Star World had given Ma Xu enough respect. At least, they had begun to admit their failure.

Actually, look, if we changed our way of thinking, wouldn't we all be able to survive? Ma Xu laughed bitterly and said that.

At this moment, Ma Xu no longer had the strength to think about it anymore. After all, just the fight against the Black Star world just now had consumed all of his energy …

For the next eight to nine days, Zhou Yi stayed by Ma Xu's side, quietly accompanying him.

Zhou Yi completely changed his view of Ma Xu, at least, in Zhou Yi's heart, he respected Ma Xu.

Zhou Yi finally understood the true meaning of these ten days. Witnessing the confrontation between Ma Xu and the Black Star world with his own eyes was far more useful than hundreds of thousands of points.

After all, it could be said that Zhou Yi's current situation was no different from the abyss of the universe.

Zhou Yi didn't know how many people in the parallel universe owned this Tik Tok system.

Then, what would happen if they met in the future during the Ten Thousand Worlds Passage?

Who knew that the other party was acting out of goodwill?

Who knows, in the other party's heart, do you mean kindness?

What's more, if this situation was the same as before, then the other side would be the target of your assassination …


The moment Zhou Yi thought of this, he stood up abruptly. His eyes became serious.

The fact that the other party attacked him without a word completely fit the theory of the Dark Abyss, but... Why did they want to kill Ma Xu?

Could it be … Was it because his mission was to kill Ma Xu?

The moment he thought of this possibility, Zhou Yi's pupils constricted.

In other words... The missions of the people they met in the Ten Thousand Worlds Passage were to oppose each other, and killing each other would give them a large amount of points. The true purpose of the Ten Thousand Worlds Crossing was … It was to make them kill each other!

At this moment, a white light flashed slowly and Zhou Yi's consciousness gradually became blurry.

When Zhou Yi woke up, he had already returned to his room.

It was time to travel through ten thousand worlds.

Zhou Yi frowned even more. After this teleportation, Zhou Yi benefited a lot. At least, he understood a lot of things.

As expected … Strength was the most important thing.

Zhou Yi took out his phone and checked it. Immediately, he was overjoyed.

He now had nearly 800,000 points!

Alright! This time, we're going to be rich! "

Zhou Yi was beyond excited. He immediately opened the Merchant Shop and looked at the various points exchanged items inside.

When he saw Iron Man's armor, which cost 400,000 points, a thought suddenly popped into Zhou Yi's mind — didn't he see a video of a future version of Tik Tok that was produced by Iron Man's armor before?

As he thought about it, Zhou Yi immediately opened the video, only to find that the blogger had already released a new, simpler version of Iron Man's battle uniform making video.

The next thing I'm letting everyone see is the latest and simplest video of Iron Man's armor!

The man was dressed in a superhuman uniform. His pants and outer coat were all over him, and he looked like he was extremely arrogant.

First of all, we need a strong enough factory. Second of all, we need the components – Soul Refining Stone, High Refinement Steel, and the technology chip …

As long as these materials are put into a high-tech factory, controlled by a technician with high-tech intelligence, according to this sketch, a complete set of Iron Man's armor can be made in a day!

Zhou Yi immediately cut him off the moment he saw the sketch.

As for those parts, most of them should have been created during the high-tech era. That was too simple.

It had to be known, the Black Star world that Zhou Yi had crossed over to was an absolute high-tech world! As long as he exchanged enough gold from here, he would be able to exchange it for those raw materials from the Black Star world.

In this way, Zhou Yi could even produce Iron Man's armor in a steady stream within the Real World!

In the end, Zhou Yi only needed one key thing — a high-tech factory!

Zhou Yi thought for a moment and quickly started to search through the Merchant Shop. As Zhou Yi expected, a high-tech factory appeared and an introduction line appeared below it:

High-tech factories, as long as they have enough raw materials and smart technicians, can produce all kinds of high-tech products, including and not limited to the following: Iron Man's armor, Terminator, galactic battleship … Requirement: 400,000 Points.

Good heavens, this price was simply worth it!

Zhou Yi immediately became interested and directly exchanged it.

For Zhou Yi, he would definitely be able to travel through the myriad worlds in the future, thus collecting the raw materials would be much more convenient.

In fact, Iron Man's battle gear wasn't the main thing. The most important thing was that he was actually able to craft all kinds of weapons from the fantasy world!

Thinking about this, Zhou Yi couldn't help but feel a little excited. If he could collect dozens, or even hundreds of such suits of armor, plus some people who would listen to him, wouldn't he directly own a purely technological army?!

The more he thought about this, the more excited Zhou Yi became. Zhou Yi immediately started to think about where he could start this factory.

If... If there was a place that was absolutely stable...

That's right!

Zhou Yi suddenly thought of a place in his mind. This place could be said to be absolutely safe and no one would come disturb it — — Norse Mythology!

Zhou Yi immediately made up his mind. However, he quickly calmed down — — What about Xiang Yu?

High-tech plants require a highly intelligent technician to handle them. Liu thinks he can't do it...

However, Xiang Yu's words... How to bring Xiang Yu over, this is a problem...

At that moment, Zhou Yi suddenly saw a line of small characters at the bottom of the point market:

Online customer service.

F * ck, why didn't laozi notice this earlier!

Zhou Yi was so angry that he wanted to curse, so he clicked on it and typed:

How can I bring my own items into the ten thousand worlds with me?

The system quickly gave Zhou Yi an answer that almost made him ecstatic.

"Before you enter the Ten Thousand Worlds, you can bring the other party along with you if you are sure that you have physical contact with the exchange item or people you want to enter.

Please take note: The formation of a team will likely bring about a new transformation to the Ten Thousand Worlds.


The moment Zhou Yi saw this message, he almost went wild with joy.

F * ck, why didn't laozi see this customer service online back then!

If Zhou Yi could bring Xiang Yu to the Ten Thousand Worlds as soon as possible, then Zhou Yi would have at least been able to face who knows how much less danger!

Then, Zhou Yi saw another comment:

Please take note: Many people will need to pay double the amount of points to enter …

This was not a problem. As long as Xiang Yu could enter, Zhou Yi would be able to carry out the factory's plan.

However, at this time, Zhou Yi thought of another problem — —

That also meant that Xiang Yu couldn't go back to his real life …

Zhou Yi frowned, Xiang Yu also had a lot of uses in Real World, how about changing it to another robot?

Thinking about this, Zhou Yi immediately started searching in the Merchant Shop.

He doesn't need someone as powerful as Xiang Yu. He just needs a normal person.

Intelligent robots, in charge of the factories... require 20,000 points.

Zhou Yi immediately exchanged the materials. It was the same as the technology factory, the robot was also a small box, it was enough for him to inject Genuine Qi into it when he wants to use it.

Zhou Yi took a deep breath. He went to find Xiang Yu and explained the situation to him. Then, he held Xiang Yu's arm with one hand and used the other to exchange the three days of the Norse Mythology's interface on his phone.

Beginning of Ten Thousand Worlds Crossing. Due to the increase in staff by one, it will cost 20,000 Points.

After that paragraph appeared, Zhou Yi's meaning once again entered a semi-conscious and semi-conscious state.

"Note, because you successfully completed the main mission last time, from today onwards, you will bring all the items that you have into the Norse Mythology plane.

Be careful, as your current identity is Loki, you will not be able to recover your original strength and cultivation technique …

After Zhou Yi came to his senses, he opened his eyes again and found himself in a forest.

The surrounding area was filled with wild mountains.

At this moment, Xiang Yu was beside him!

Zhou Yi was immediately excited. He checked and although he was still wearing the red robe, he was actually still carrying the robot and the factory.

After checking the surroundings, Zhou Yi immediately determined that they were near his own temple.

The relationship between Odin and Loki was nothing more than a hypocritical brotherhood. Therefore, no matter what, Zhou Yi had to find a place that Odin didn't know to avoid moving again. Chaos.

After spending almost a day's time, Zhou Yi finally found a remote snowy plain.

This was the place where Giant Clan was originally located, and because it was too desolate, it transferred the Giant Clan out of here.

It was precisely because this place was deserted that it was the best place to build a factory.

Thinking about this, Zhou Yi immediately put down the factory. A dazzling white light flashed and what appeared in front of Zhou Yi was a large mechanized factory that was almost 1000 square meters wide!

In fact, this place was completely humanized, with air conditioners, various heating facilities, etc. As for the consumption of resources, it only consumed a small amount of Sky Sun energy and a small amount of water energy.

As for water energy, the glaciers here were limitless, so there was no need to worry. Even if it was 10,000 years, it would still be insufficient.

As for the robot that Zhou Yi exchanged for, it was just a mini mechanical tool.

Sure enough, using 30,000 points to exchange for something, it was impossible for it to be that outstanding.

Then what I need next … It's just the raw materials needed to make it …

Zhou Yi sighed and looked towards the distant horizon. He let Xiang Yu stay with him and flew directly to the Olympic Divine Hall.

When he asked Odin about the raw materials for Iron Man's armor, Odin frowned and asked him what he wanted to do.

Of course, Zhou Yi was just passing it over casually.

Perhaps due to Loki's current strength and pressure, Odin still gave these materials to Zhou Yi even though they were very precious.

In the current Norse Mythology plane, he could only gather a portion of Iron Man's armor's raw materials.

When he returned to the factory, Zhou Yi found out that he would need at least two months to successfully make the armor …

This gave Zhou Yi a headache. He had used up almost all of his time, so he could only leave this plane with Xiang Yu.

Zhou Yi went into a semi-conscious state and returned to his room. Zhou Yi only had less than 400,000 points left and that gave him a headache.

Looks like these points really aren't good enough to be used …

Zhou Yi sighed. He was already exhausted, and adding the time he had spent in the Black Star plane and the time he had spent in the Norse Mythology, he had not slept for a whole two days.

Even though the Real World was only noon of the day, Zhou Yi was extremely tired and directly fell asleep in one night.

After waking up, Zhou Yi was also cultivating everyday. It wasn't until the last three days before Martial Dao Conference that Zhou Yi used 10,000 points to exchange for another three days of the Norse Mythology interface.

When he returned to the factory he set up in the snowy plains, Zhou Yi immediately found that Iron Man had successfully made the first set of armor and the second set was still in progress.

Zhou Yi was so excited that he immediately got Xiang Yu to take out Iron Man's armor for him.

However, when Zhou Yi truly saw Iron Man's battle uniform, he suddenly felt as if he had eaten 10,000 dunes.

He saw that there was an iron box the size of a wardrobe standing in front of Zhou Yi!

Zhou Yi's head was filled with black lines. He looked at the AI robot beside him and said,

Tell me, how do I wear this?

As long as you give the start command, it will quickly wear on your body.

The robotic mechanical voice sounded in Zhou Yi's ears.

Zhou Yi still looked at the super big metal box in confusion. He nodded and said, Alright, then, 'start'!

Successfully entered the command to start Iron Man's beginner battle uniform mode.

The robotic voice came from the silver metal box. It sounded just like the storyline that could only appear in movies. The metal box began to break down unceasingly …

Following that, these broken pieces of the shell turned into a steel armor. It covered Zhou Yi's body in turn and sealed his body tightly.

Bring me a mirror! Zhou Yi was extremely excited and wanted to see what the appearance of Iron Man's armor looked like.


As the robot said this, it quickly pushed a mirror over.

Through the mirror, Zhou Yi could clearly see that he was completely wrapped in black steel and looked extremely handsome.


Not only that, Zhou Yi could clearly see green circles in his vision.

This is... It was a field map that only Iron Man had!

Zhou Yi was completely shocked. Compared to the Iron Man armor that Xiang Yu had changed into, this armor was even more shocking.

It was simply … It was exactly the same as Iron Man's armor that only existed in movies.

Let's fly up and take a look!

Zhou Yi took a deep breath. He controlled the armor and was about to start flying.

In a split-second, air currents gushed out from Iron Man's armors and feet. Zhou Yi's entire body crashed into the ceiling above the factory!

This hit made Zhou Yi dizzy. He rested for a long time before he finally recovered completely.

Heavens, why is this thing so powerful …

As Zhou Yi muttered this, he came to his senses and decided to regain complete control of Iron Man's battle uniform.

After falling who knows how many times, Zhou Yi finally managed to successfully fly.


Wearing this Iron Man armor, Zhou Yi directly flew out into the snowy sky. This kind of flying speed was much faster than Loki's flying speed!

Come on, next, laser cannon!

Zhou Yi continued to think like this. He raised his left hand and aimed at a hard glacier.

The laser beam condensed in the palm of his hand and in less than half a second, a powerful and terrifying laser beam was shot out from the palm of his hand!


The iceberg that had been frozen for who knows how many years was now being blown away by the laser cannon, creating a huge hole.

Zhou Yi was completely shocked. One must know that the attack power of Iron Man's battle uniform set could reach the terrifying level of Middle Period of Martial Master.

If it was the Zhou Yi from a month ago, then even an ordinary person would not have such terrifying strength after donning Iron Man's battle uniform!

It could even be said that compared to the Iron Man armor that Xiang Yu could become, this suit of armor was much lighter and lighter.

Heavens, this is simply a heavenly gift for me …

Zhou Yi shook his head as he mumbled. He was completely shocked and didn't know what to say anymore.

In that case, let's start to enjoy this scene …

Zhou Yi suddenly laughed. Gunfire suddenly appeared on the shoulder of the armor. Da Da Da Da sounds were constantly heard. It was as if a terrifying bullet hole was left in the surrounding glacier!

Last one... A rocket launcher!"

Zhou Yi took a deep breath and suddenly flew to the opposite side of the glacier. With the mechanical sound, a super level rocket launcher with a length of approximately one meter rose up from Zhou Yi's back.


An earth-shattering sound reverberated through the

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