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The Distance: A Runaways Journey to Salvation

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The Distance: A Runaways Journey to Salvation

Lunghezza: 144 pagine2 ore


All Sarah wants is a place to belong and for someone to care enough to love her. Running from her father and the tormenting thoughts that tell her she will never be enough; Sarah must take on different identities to survive.

Then she meets an older couple who open their home to her. They speak of their God as if He is real, but Sarah has a hard time believing in a God that allows terrible things to happen. She questions if there is a God like they believe in, and if He is real...could He want a girl like her? Their home is everything that her home is not, but Sarah is afraid to tell them the truth about herself. Her fear of rejection causes her to run again.

Through her running she keeps meeting people who redirect her steps home. In her fear and pain, Sarah must make a choice that will alter the rest of her life. Will she be willing to accept the unconditional love of her Father? Will she be able to lay aside her self-preservation to find her true identity?

Join Sarah in her journey to salvation as she begins to trust and hope again.

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