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Spy Cake? It's Only Fondant: Simply Entertainment Collection [SEC], #11

Spy Cake? It's Only Fondant: Simply Entertainment Collection [SEC], #11

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Spy Cake? It's Only Fondant: Simply Entertainment Collection [SEC], #11

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Jun 1, 2020


**Everybody knows boys don't bake.**


Do you have an innocuous job or pastime?

Do you have charisma, flair and do others have a generally good opinion of you?

Do you crave recognition, popularity, or notoriety?

Are you fearless?

Do you also have a patriotic need to serve regardless of personal sacrifice? *wait, wha-?*


One out of those five is all we need, welcome to the exciting world of spies!

It's every man for himself but your country forever thanks you. *WAIT! Where are you taking me?! I never said yes!!*


A standalone story about a décorateur who was thrown tempered chocolate first into espionage, without so much as a marzipan knife!


But if there's someone out there who knows how to make something work out of the strangest of ingredients, it's King — the one and only man anywhere that makes wondrous part cake, part machine creations.

Who makes lemonade when you can make lemon meringue with a twist? And if sometimes you're out of out choices as how to hide a bomb so you just scoop up the random chunks of what-the-color-suggests-was-fondant-but-judging-by-its-hardness-you're-not-completely-sure-is-even-edible-anymore and you sprinkle them around as artful camouflage, then that's just what you do!

It's brutal out there, so check your doubts at the door — everything you do *is on purpose* and **magnificent.**


Baking sorts out the men from the boys.

3...2...1...Piping bags at the ready?!

Jun 1, 2020

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Spy Cake? It's Only Fondant - E Darkwood

Spy Cake? It's Only Fondant

Part of The Simply Entertainment Collection


E Darkwood

What is [SEC]?


[SEC] stands for the Simply Entertainment Collection.

These are a collection of standalone Young Adult books that are published as the name so foretells; they are simply entertainment. Their main objective is to take you on a diverting journey but that doesn't mean they are always without a 'moral to the story'.

This set of books is published as Young Adult because they use age appropriate language, story length and themes. That said, parents and guardians are invited to review the material for themselves.

The subcategory(s) of each book will help determine the likelihood of your enjoyment.

For example, this book is fiction within the genre of steampunk as well as action/adventure. In this book, you will join an entrepreneur with a flair for show business who inexplicably finds himself caught in the fast paced world of spies, much to his objection.

If that sounds interesting to you, then this is the book for you. If not, then you may consider looking into another title in this collection or if you are looking for a book to dive into that deals with less light hearted themes, you might consider one in the Mature Content Collection.

Thank you for reading.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Coming soon

Spy Cake? It's Only Fondant takes place
on an alternate version of Earth
in which steam powered technology is prevalent.

Chapter 1

One, Crack.

two, three. Crack crack!

You'll know your eggs are well-cooked when they start to groan. I tell the crowd with a wink that is met with boisterous laughter as well as a few more handkerchiefs meeting the corner of their owner's eyes.

I smirk yet there's no room to dawdle, the eggs I've slid into the bowels of my machine may groan but that's mostly for the terrifying effect designed to align with my current customer's advertising.

Not for the first time I give my own groan at the questionable Poliva's Fantastically Creepy Chocolate Eggs, they groan when you open them.

As if that catchphrase could possibly serve to make something as innocuous as chocolate eggs more in the holiday spirit — if he'd consulted with me I would have gladly offered him a few less groan worthy alternatives.

I chuckle to myself at so many consecutive puns but then I have to focus on the task at hand. Three, two, one. Ding. The crowd gasps in wonder as the decorative eggs on each tier begin their intricate dance — or so I prefer to flatter myself by calling as such the swirling, twirling and dipping they undergo on the small stands they are fastened to. Yes their dance is fanciful yet keeps with the theme, as well as it is apt at retaining their attention.

Thus with dozens of pairs of eyes on the cake my taking hold of the cauldron — the same one I'd previously made a point of showing as completely empty — goes unnoticed. So too is my next action were it not that my thrust is done in syncopation, thus though they see the haunted egg on the top tier go sailing into the air — causing more than a few concerned sounds to ripple through the audience —they can't but clap wildly at the unimaginable catch I perform to perfection. Who knows, perhaps if they knew how much work went it making it look so easy they might also applaud.

I spare the thought an inward shrug then continue with the show. With a quick practiced motion I remove the seemingly uncracked sugar creation and before those watching can guess or misjudge, I toss the contents of the deceptively small looking cauldron in their direction — they cheer even more loudly at the miraculous chocolate and confetti mix they find themselves bathed in.

Some are quick enough to have caught some of the miniature creepy chocolate eggs but those who weren't take to the task of inspecting their garments or the floor in search of a tasty morsel. I allow them time to scavenge knowing the thrill of the chase adds to the experience though in my mind I chide they needn't act with desperation — there

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