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Secret to Operating in Christ’s Class

Secret to Operating in Christ’s Class

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Secret to Operating in Christ’s Class

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May 17, 2020


Nothing works until you know what makes it work. To every outstanding thing working is a Secret. To discover the Secret behind anything that is working is to be empowered to reproduce the same thing.
Sickness, poverty, joblessness, failure, fear, hatred, jealousy, oppression and wars are few challenges that all the learning of man have not been able to deal with. Government of nations, people of all walks of life, families, individuals - rich and poor, educated and illiterates, old and young are carrying heavy burdens. And they do not know how to handle them. It is sad and pathetic that today billions of people all over the world have problems but are struggling so very hard to secure a solution without any real progress. It’s all a wild goose chase! But I have Goodnews for you! There’s a way out!
Jesus Christ’s life was God’s solved problem given to mankind to show all how to solve any and every problem. If you can have all Jesus was given, you can do all He did today. And All Jesus Christ has now is available for all. God reveals His Secret to us so that we can have what we need to do what we must!
This Book Secret to Operating in Christ’s Class presents to you the Secret to all Jesus Christ has that you need to live and operate in His Class, if you so desire! Read, Apply and Reign. Peace!

May 17, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Ambassador Promise Ogbonna is the President & Senior Pastor of Christ’s Ambassadors Living Mission Int’l Inc (Jesus Mission Headquarters). His Mission is to Bring the Goodnews to all, Stop anything after man’s destruction; Raise, Build and Plant all as Christ’s Ambassadors everywhere and Restore All things to the Heavenly pattern!He has written over 80 books to set mankind free from all evils, Bring Healing and God’s Wisdom solutions to all, Enforce wealth transfer to God’s people and Restoration of all things. His Books are simple and easy to read. They show you how to live and reign over all evils and enjoy the heavenly life of unending bliss, delight and peace now.He also hosts the ‘Ambassadors Heaven-Now’ Podcast.He loves meeting the needs of the poor and solving problems for all in practical ways!

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Secret to Operating in Christ’s Class - Amb Promise Ogbonna

Secret To Operating In Christ’s Class

Amb. Promise Ogbonna

Secret to Operating in Christ’s Class

Copyright © May 2020 by Amb Promise Ogbonna

Published by Amb Promise Ogbonna

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scriptural quotations are from the New King James Version

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Author and Publisher:

Ontop Life Publishers Company

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Tel: +234 8060638053, +234 8053995257, +234 8027829586


Why I Wrote This Book!

The Heavenly Mandate

First Words

Chapter 1

Jesus is all He is now because The Holy Spirit lives in Him

Chapter 2

Christ’s Ambassadors Have the same Spirit on Jesus

Chapter 3

Enforcing a Fresh Release of The Holy Spirit

Chapter 4

Why We Need the Holy Spirit

Chapter 5

The Holy Spirit is God’s Best to Us

Chapter 6

You Need the Best Coach to Emerge the Best

Chapter 7

Christ Ambassadors are Christ’s Successors

Chapter 8

Baptism in The Holy Spirit Turns You into a Living Wonder

Become an Ambassador of Heaven Today

About the Author-Amb Promise Ogbonna

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Why I Wrote This Book!

The Lord Jesus Christ sent me to Publish His Words of Life and Wisdom-Solutions for all of man’s needs. He sent me to Publish His Life, Works and Heavenly Kingdom Secrets for the Making and Restoration of mankind and all things on earth as it is in Heaven!

This Book is God’s Heavenly Wisdom. It is His Light sent to impart Wisdom, Power and Grace to you, to build you up, set your faith on fire and transform your life! It is written and published in fulfilment of a Divine Mandate from The Lord Jesus Christ to meet man’s needs in every area of life with Heaven’s provisions! This Book, therefore, is published in obedience to the Command of the Lord to make His Words of Life, Wisdom Solutions and Creative Power available to address every aspect of human need!

This Book’s message is not in the persuasive language of Philosophy and human motivation, but in demonstration of the Spirit and Resurrection Power of Christ in order that your faith should rest, not on human Philosophy, but on the power of God. For the Kingdom of God is based, not on words, but on power.

The Life Publishing Mandate

The Lord Jesus Christ commissioned, commanded and sent me to Teach, Preach and Publish the Everlasting Gospel and All the Words of His Heavenly Kingdom Life with proofs to all them that dwell on the earth, and to all nations, and race, and language and people.

In the Book of Esther, Haman wrote and spread the words of death worldwide to destroy God’s people. But at the command of the king, a new decree or words of life was written and spread everywhere the words of death had reached. [Read Esther chapters 3 and 8].

This is our task! We have been given the Heavenly Kingdom, New Covenant Words of Life to publish and spread to every creature everywhere the words of death hold them bound. The Goodnews is that no one needs to die again! The old decree has been changed. Everyone can now live and enjoy peace and prosperity. That is why Ontop Mission Life Publishers Company. We are Publishing, Spreading and Bringing the Gospel of Christ and All the Words of life to every creature everywhere.

Some Encounters That Gave Birth to The Life Publishing Mandate

I want to share some of the encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ that gave birth to The Life Publishing Mandate and why this Book and our other Publications.

1. On 21-5-95, Jesus Christ and I stood on the balcony of a great beautiful mansion in Heaven. The Lord showed me Preachers using people’s heads and shoulders as their platform to preach. The people were hungry and thirsty and yearning for the TRUTH (see Amos 8:11-13). I saw The Lord shaking His head in disgust. While there with Him, He brought to my view those in hell and I saw their agony and pain. It was a very pathetic sight. The Lord pointed His hand to the people and said to me, See what is happening to the people I died for. Then the Lord Jesus gave me His WELL USED COPY OF THE BIBLE and said to me GO and tell them to Repent and Believe the Gospel and they will be Restored. I asked 'How will I do it? And He said to me, BE SEPARATE! Go, I send YOU as My Ambassador and Witness with My Authority and Power: Publish the Word, stop anything after their destruction, Raise, Build and Plant them as My Ambassadors. Let them know the truth. Teach All the TRUTH and Spread them as My Seed ALL over the earth and restore all things.

2. On 6-7-96, The Lord Jesus Christ came to me again and said, It is well and gave me a copy of THE BIBLE and said to me, Take: This is My Staff of Office My Authority and Power. After the LORD gave me His Staff of Office [The Word/Living Rod], I saw something like a mist or

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