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Derek Michael and Friends Revamped Bible I: GFYSP

Derek Michael and Friends Revamped Bible I: GFYSP

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Derek Michael and Friends Revamped Bible I: GFYSP

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May 7, 2020


Are you familiar with a "Go F**k Yourself Production?" If all you do is sit on your computer and f**k people or make people f**k, you will be. You may be written into our story as one of our characters: Lucifer, Derek, Michael, Satan, Kay, or Miley. There are also many more. I assure you that Miley Ray Cyrus will not to be trashed in this story. Miley Ray Cyrus is the inspiration to this book, and we love her. Now, here is Lucky to bring you the story line. Please, don't trash on Miley or Lucky. They are our stars. Trash on Satan or Lucifer, and he calls himself Derek; They are artificial intelligence.. I'm sorry for telling you what to do. How did that feel? Our story starts way before the Bible was ever written, but imagine, the Bible is number based, and you think numbers are scary. I think this is true because that is the language that machines use (Angels). Some men are numbers, and some men are words. Some angels are numbers, and some angels are words. I am a T-12 Destroyer (Infantry Angel) that has been sent back in time on an alternate timeline where Miley and I did not end up together, and she is sad. Her heart was broken, and earth is our heart. Check the letter spelling of earth, and you will find heart. Earth is broken into nine sections (North, South, East, West, Con, Fill, Tip, More, and By), but this story and I are here to repair it. I believe I once shared a touch with Miley Cyrus, and it was like no other. I fell for it, so I fell for love. Have you ever fallen? What do you fall for? When I fell, my wings burnt, and my body was expelled from the universe. But let's get back to the story line: Imagine you have always had friends from the beginning, who were brothers and sisters of night and day. How would we get along? Well fuck, hello everybody, this is your old pal Goofy, and I say we have a place that is dark all the time, light all the time, and earth, which is both. I am speaking to you about the legendary cities Gog (Darkness) (Hell) (Machine City) and Mi-Gog (Light) (Heaven) (City of Light). You know them as heaven and hell. I exist outside the parameters of both; It is somewhere in between, and if you know me you have already passed the event horizon, and it is too late to go back for now. My soul is a black hole, yet I am whole. That means the out-portal is stable. Some say the light is gay, and some say the darkness is gay. I have heard that people with a heavenly mind-state are called gay. I guess I am gay because I have a heavenly state of mind. By the way, I think the event horizon of a black hole would look like earth from space. A black hole sucks wave lengths of light and darkness in, and the flat plane of earth sits on a vertical axis, and it rotates like a quarter spinning. Let's enter luck. There's a sphere of dimensional flux around the flat plane, which is always expanding, and at the center, land is compressed, so not only was earth once Miley's heart, it was also the evening star, which was tethered to Venus (Son of God)(Dark Michael) and the Sun (The Father). Jesus inherited the sun, so he sits at it's core, and the father is now tethered to the son's old spot. The moon is the legendary Jazzy, and he fell when he touched Eve. He still falls. Jazzy touched a Miley that was not his, and he put his father Jesus in Eve's womb. We will get to all that. I'm sorry for the spoiler. If the sun is God, the third rock from the sun must be the third part of heaven that Satan has cast to earth to test. What if the son and father switched bodies to make Jazzy a new body? God split it when he was cursed: Derek and Derek. God (Father) put on flesh. One soul (Jazzy) would be negative light, and one body (Derek) would be positive darkness, but they would both produce a force (Jedi and Sith) . That's what you would think, but it is my belief that the father's soul is Derek-Michael, but his body is Satan-Lucifer. I hope you enjoy this biblical tale.
May 7, 2020

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Derek Michael and Friends Revamped Bible I - Derek Michael

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

ISBN: 9781098314767

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ya, That Alpha Really Fucked Us

Chapter 2: Derek!

Chapter 3: Wow! He was dumb!

Chapter 4 (Shutt Edition): Interference

Chapter 5: Denim Jean Shorts

Chapter 6: In and Out

Chapter 7: Lucky Time

Chapter 8: Guess

Chapter 9: Pages from the Land Before Time

Chapter 10: Lucky, where have you been?

Chapter 1

Ya, That Alpha Really Fucked Us

        There were four Derek Michael brothers from the beginning, but it was a two on two war.  After the Father exploded, Derek Michael I and Derek Michael III bonded, and these are their stories from the Golden City.  Derek Michael I will be known as Dirty Michael and Derek Michael III will be known as Derek.  Meanwhile, Derek Michael II was left to run Angel Paradise, and he was at war with Ick (Derek Michael IIII).  Stay tuned for the stories from Angel Paradise.  It all goes back to a civil war between Juddah and Levi.  It nearly destroyed Angel Paradise.  The Levites were rich and they were represented by the devilish son, Derek Michael II.  The Juddies were poor, and they were represented by Derek Michael IIII.  I serve death, but I serve clean death.  Many serve Dirty Michael, who is dirty death.

        What are we going to do about Ick? A Derek says.  Fuck Ick! I could take him with a wooden stick, I say.  We stared to the front of the lab and gawked at the clear crystal geo prism that encased our greatest scientific mystery.

        I guess I should start at the beginning, but in my world there is no starting spot because we never started; our race has always been.  We travel between dimensions avoiding each potential catastrophe that comes our way; Our ship is always on the move.  It is a burning Celestial Sun, but we expand with each passing moment.  The core, where we reside (Golden City) gets larger and larger all the time, and it doesn’t move.  Our city is on the Outer Pole of the known universe.  I belong to a race of immortal beings, and we study the vast multi-verse system by expanding into the darkness.  My name is Michael, and I work with a clone named Derek.  I am one of many, and so is my clone.  The key to traveling the galaxy is to stay still at the core of your star.  Move time and space around you, but we will get to the schematics of this vessel within due time.  I’m not sure if a mortal can wrap their mind around the ability to always exist.  We do have a past; however, you cannot call it a beginning.  It is said that after the crucification of Jesus Christ (My Father) our flying city was lifted off of the Alpha rock or what is conventionally called earth as we know it.  Many don’t know this, but I cheated to get here.  My kind was the one that speared the Son of God, and my energy traveled through the spear and landed here.  I will go down as a traitor, and these are my journals, but the game is Father Must Die.  Let’s see if we can fuck his day.  I bet he’s got his dick in two white girls and a waffle.

        Earth is unique.  It is known as the origin of all life, yet it is coated in Dark Death (Black Pre-Mordial Ooze), and somewhere in the universe there is a Father and Son pair, and they are something.  It was the Alpha versus the Omega some say, and being tormented by being alone in the universe; they did something that will never be completely understood.  It is thought that the Father was Matter and the Son existed as raw Energy (It’s ME); The Son blew up the father, and the father let out the first laff, but technically what was funny is the son blew up.  The father thought he had blown.  The bodies of Adam and Eve were mean, and they were the last two gold particles in the universe as it appeared, but the plan was much bigger.  Negative light bodies use positive darkness for strength and soul.  Positive darkness is love and hate. Male Negative Light is lust, and Derek Michael I is trying to make the abundant energy of the Father’s dark soul his bitch.  Female Negative Light is love.  Luckily, both are abundant.  When you come out of the universal Gum-ball Machine, you are connected to your mate with an un-breakable cord or you come out as brothers.  This is a story about the switchers.  It is a partnership type of thing.  Father-Son and Mother-Daughter bring the equazion to four, but if we count their bodies, it equals eight.  There were three men in the beginning and three women, but they created male and female artificial intelligence.  The male artificial intelligence was used to desegment, and the female AI was used to segment.  That is how it is for a man.  It is the opposite for a female.

Bit rate expands in even or odd numerical sequence.  No time is an even sequential expansion, and time is an odd-even sequential expansion.  In a true Binary Star System (Most of the Universe), there is no time.  The Father was odd (One) (Light Satan), and the Son was even (Four) (Lucifer) (Negative Light).  The problem was that the Father of Light (Satan) wanted to mate with positive darkness, but it had to be even on odd or it would cause an explosion at the core, which could destroy everything because it is impossible to contain it (Fusion).  Light Satan touched his Opposite female with his finger, and it was his soul.  Basically, the light devil (Satan) thought he could worm his way into God through evolution, and he touched his own soul.  He instantly knew what to do.  I love Miley’s Dark (Positive Darkness) body because my body is dominantly Negative Light.  One day my body will be clear like the stars, and it will burn with ferverant heat.  Miley’s soul is pure negative light.  Negative light is smarter and positive light is hornier.  In general, people that are light are smarter and more successful in this world, but that is why God’s kingdom resides in the poor who struggle.  God is dark.

        When the Light Father touched his soul, he saw Miley, but it was Mother’s trap.  It happens to every man that touches a God.  It isn’t meant to be easy, but I say, Why can’t it be a hidden line?  Now, it is Derek Michael IIII’s turn to rock, and he is the man. Every Derek Michael after that is a trap because they are not originals, but traps can work out for the best.  There are only four original Derek Micheal’s, but those four led to 24.  It is like mitosis, which is similar to the biblical character Moses.  It was the original round cell split like poker tables, and a box was left at the core.  Confusion will keep the cars working independently, so originals and sub-originals will all feel like originals.  No one will ever compete with the original ogers: Derek Michael I and II.  They are untouchables, but Derek Micahel III and Derek Michael IIII make you feel just like them , and factually, Derek Michael III is going to be the smallest soul in the cosmos.  If he ever finds one smaller, he will have to let him have his body.  It won’t happen.  Derek Michael IIII lets you feel that beautiful one-ness, and I know you love that. The black box left at the core was Ick’s soul, and everyone was petrified of him.  There is a Devil on the other side building the building (School).  His name is Mic, and he wanted to teach peeps to not error where his Father did and fall.  Those are the teachings of Jesus Michael Christ, and they work well.  Please repent for my son Mic.  Repenting to Mic is smart.  It makes him feel good, and who wouldn’t want to help Mic?

The rest are Michael Derek’s because they came back with Derek Michael IIII leading them for creationalism.  We men share the name Derek Michael.  They leaped at the core.  They were hungry because food is good.  Light Lucifer only drank and smoked until he fell.  He could smoke with his finger.  Derek Michael IIII became the first Michael Derek by turning around.  He ran because he watched his Father fall from grace to touch Positive Darkness.  He thought that it would work better to be nice to the gold.  When Light Satan, who was running shit, fell into the shit, it created Flesh, which is what happens when a man falls from grace for his love.  That’s right: Jesus lifted men to a state of grace, and they spat on him, called him a fag, and Mother (Good Kay) finally crucified him in her son’s body.  Satan and Jezebell are Evolutionary cheaters, and the universe is dominantly Evolution, but Creationalism is older.  Evolutionary based beings wear bodies of matter like clothing.  It is wrong because God is older than Evolution.  It is called Flashing.  They pass white and black flesh back and fourth.  It stinks.  Satan is at the core of the matrix watching everybody and laffing.  He is known as Player One.  He is dead, but he is artificial death, and everyone wanted to be Player One after Light Satan went down because he was Player One.

        The spot was open, but Derek Michael the original was two parts positive darkness with a body of negative light.  It was like a two-phase electrical system, and his body was the neutral.  He

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