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How I defeated the Restless-Legs-Syndrome: Healing-report about the RLS

How I defeated the Restless-Legs-Syndrome: Healing-report about the RLS

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How I defeated the Restless-Legs-Syndrome: Healing-report about the RLS

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Mar 31, 2020


The book at hand chronologically describes the author's experiences with the
Restless-Legs-Syndrome and how he managed to heal himself after eight long
and painful years using a natural based remedy - and so finally defeated the disease
(in June 2007).

Although it might sound impossible - but a simple natural based remedy-
developed by a German physician - can heal this disease !
Today no further medication whatsoever is needed and he sleeps painlessly
every single night !

Two relevant facts:
A great number of physicians and holistic healers have already acquired this
book on recommendation, because the success of the healing method it contains
is beginning to be experienced by ever more people.
Mar 31, 2020

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How I defeated the Restless-Legs-Syndrome - Matthew Hubner



© 2007 - 2011 by No More Secrets

D- 38122 Braunschweig - Germany

Cover design: Matthew Hubner

About the author

Matthew Hubner (German: Matthias Hübner) was

born in Hanover, Germany and presently lives in 

Brunswick, Germany and works as a self-employed graphic-designer, web artist and photographer. Furthermore, he is active as a free-lance author,

director and copywriter.

"The book at hand chronologically describes

my experiences with the Restless-Legs-Syndrome and how I managed to heal myself

after eight long and painful years - and so finally defeated the disease. Today I need no further medication whatsoever and am able to sleep painlessly every single night !"

All texts, pictures and films are copyright-protected. Any copies, duplicates or the circulation of contents require prior written permission of the publisher.

All copyrights © by Matthew Hubner

and No More Secrets, 2007 - 2011



E-Book Distribution: XinXii


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The enemy takes hold

Chapter 2 RLS, my new everlasting companion

Chapter 3 Back in Europe

Chapter 4 The theory of a hereditary disease

Chapter 5 The power of thoughts

Chapter 6 In bed with the enemy

Chapter 7 The opposite sex

Chapter 8 Salsa dancing and foot pain

Chapter 9 Venous valve surgery

Chapter 10 My professional situation

Chapter 11 Medicine men and shamans

Chapter 12 Dopamine & Co.

Chapter 13 Fight at all levels

Chapter 14 The Quack Doctor

Chapter 15 The divining rod

Chapter 16 Patrizia and the psychological awakening

Chapter 17 Summary of useful tips, as measures to the relief and possible cure of the restless-legs-syndrome:

Chapter 1

The enemy takes hold

I don’t remember the exact date when I first noticed that something in my body, more precisely in my feet, felt different from the way it felt like before. But I do recall very well that it happened in the middle years of my life. I was about forty years old and was living with my family in the sunny paradise called Florida.

From 1996 to 1998 I had been living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, working as a freelance graphic- and web designer and a self-employed photographer. Together with my family, we were planning to move back to Germany in about three months time.

Our preparations for that move were proceeding at full stretch and, naturally, we regretted the forthcoming departure intensely, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to accept our return to Germany.

It was a warm and sunny day – as so many of these days – and I was on my way walking to a friend who lived not far from our home. I intended to ask him for help with our relocation arrange-ments.

In a place and state like Florida, USA, with its huge distances, not far meant in this case about 500 meters (even after two years in America I could not accustom myself to yards and inches but still reckoned in terms of the metric system), which I intended to traverse on a palm-fringed pathway that connected our two homes.

On that hot summer day I was wearing com-fortable casual clothes and open sandals without socks. I trotted along in a relaxed manner to-wards my friend James’ house.

As I was mentally working out the most skillful way to pack our furniture, it suddenly clearly entered my consciousness for the first time:

My feet are aching and burning !

Probably, it was the best description of that sensation. Although they ached only slightly, the feeling was as strong as it would happen to someone who undertakes an extended walk, wearing too tightly laced shoes. I neither was wearing too tightly laced shoes, nor had I taken a longer walk before.

It somehow resembled a slight burning sensation that continued with a consistent tingling intensity from the tips of my toes up to my ankles where it was fading away, nonetheless taking hold of my whole foot, or rather of both my feet.

Without slowing my pace, I established eye con-tact with my feet and saw my slightly swollen and welled up toes sticking out through the front of my open sandals. On an imaginary pain-scale from one to ten, I would say in retrospect that my pain was on a two - equaling a slight but quite bearable pain.

Just a slight burning - so what ?!

But how can you seriously concern yourself with such matters being in the process of packing up to leave paradise ?! Other priorities needed to be dealt with.

At this point of time, I was naturally not aware that in years to come I would use the metaphor of the too tightly laced shoes and my imaginary pain-scale to describe an insidious disease known to non-affected people as the restless-legs-syndrome – a disease that would not allow me to come to rest for nearly eight long years.

However, at this moment of my life in my sunny paradise I was aware of none of this. And if somebody had foretold me, I would not have believed a word, what happens to be

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