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100% Alkaline Vegan Smoothies: Alkaline, Vegan, Low Sugar, Alkaline Cleanse, #1

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100% Alkaline Vegan Smoothies: Alkaline, Vegan, Low Sugar, Alkaline Cleanse, #1

Lunghezza: 94 pagine32 minuti


Discover the Most Powerful 100% Alkaline Smoothie Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Amazing!


Over 30, fully alkaline, nutritious, and delicious smoothie recipes for holistic healing, energy, natural weight loss, and optimal wellbeing!

Low sugar, nutrient-rich smoothies you can use for an alkaline cleanse or as quick, natural energy booster.


Do I need any weird, expensive superfoods to make the recipes from this book?

No, you don't. The recipes are made mostly from simple and inexpensive ingredients you can find in your local grocery store.


Do the recipes from this book call for dates or sugar-rich fruit/ingredients?

No, all the smoothies use extremely low-sugar ingredients and so you can use the recipes for any alkaline-friendly cleanse or a healthy detox.


Does this book explain what the alkaline diet is and the science behind it?

Yes, the book offers very practical and easy-to-follow explanations so that you can quickly understand what alkaline foods are and how they can help you.


Will I find alkaline food lists inside this book?

Yes, we got you covered!


Won't I feel hungry with Alkaline vegan smoothies?

The recipes we created are rich in natural alkaline protein and healthy, alkaline-friendly oils. These will help you stay full for hours!


I am very busy with my job and family obligations. Will this book work for me?

We are all swamped, we understand. Luckily, you can make our recipes in 5 minutes or less.

Blend it, drink it and forget it!

Alkaline vegan smoothies are great as a quick, on the go breakfast, energizing lunch, or a comforting dinner soup.


Here's exactly what you will discover:

-the main difference between vegan and alkaline (not what you think)

-the most common alkaline mistakes

-how to quickly tell what is alkaline

-simple to follow, scientifically proven alkaline food lists (the only food list you need)

-how to instantly transform your motivation to focus on healthy alkaline foods and achieve your health goals (healing, weight loss, helping your body create the balance you need to feel great)

-over 30, delicious and nutritious, fully alkaline vegan, low sugar, nutrient-dense smoothie recipes to help you transform your health


Ready to embrace the benefits of the alkaline-rich smoothies?

Scroll up the page and secure your copy of 100% Alkaline Vegan Smoothies now.


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