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No Hero Here

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No Hero Here

Lunghezza: 369 pagine5 ore


Damsels in distress quiver in excitement for a chance encounter with famed highwayman Silver Hawk. His devilish handsome face and genteel manners cause the stoutest matrons to grow faint with desire when accosted by him for their baubles. His identity is the best-kept secret of England until he dares to kidnap Rose Witherby, an American woman on her way to greet her fiancé—his enemy. Sebastian Graham, Duke of Dorchester.

Sebastian is Silver Hawk’s exact opposite. Scarred, a recluse, he dwells in a castle hidden from the world. When he hears his intended bride is missing, he gathers his courage and stages a successful rescue, only to find the young woman’s heart hopelessly ensnared by the highwayman he despises. The very man Sebastian holds responsible for his disfigurement.

Rose Witherby survived the war with England, only to find herself in the middle of another war. Two men claim to love her, but mystery swirls around them both, binding her heart with apprehension toward her new life and stringing her nerves in ever tighter knots. She fears one of them is not being truthful about his identity and must decide which man to trust when tragedy strikes, setting her on a path filled with family secrets and betrayal, her heart in jeopardy from two men fighting to claim it as their own.

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