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College and Career: April- June 2020

College and Career: April- June 2020

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College and Career: April- June 2020

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Mar 1, 2020


College and Career is a young adult quarterly study guide directed toward students and young adults as they venture into the world of higher education and work. This quarterly is designed for young adults and stresses the issues and concerns of young Christians. The lessons are both challenging and rewarding, and they address current day issues within society.
Mar 1, 2020

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College and Career - R.H. Boyd Publishing Corp


Focal Scripture: Isaiah 42:1–9 • Background Scripture: Isaiah 42


When facing a serious dilemma and in need of help, the best news you can get is to hear, Let me introduce you to someone I know who can easily help you with that difficulty. Such news would replace your anxiety with calmness and joy. Justice is a friend to all seeking a way out of inequality and looking to make wrongs right. However, in a world that lacks true justice, many feel justice is a dream that will never become reality. This world needs just what our lesson offers, a champion of justice, one who promises and delivers a just world.

Our lesson from chapter 42 is the first of Isaiah’s Servant Songs. The Servant Songs reference the Messiah and what kind of servant He would be to God’s people.


Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.

(Isaiah 42:1, KJV)

What You’ll Need . . .

Isaiah 42:1–9; Boyd’s Commentary for the Sunday School

Get into the Lesson . . .


The word behold in verse one signals for Isaiah’s listeners to pay attention to a new revelation. It is the announcement of a coming servant of the Lord and the work He will perform. There are differing views on the identity of the servant in this passage. In some cases, the servant is seen as the nation of Israel. This is based on Israel’s covenant status as a people consecrated unto Yahweh. Others believe the servant signifies a special person from antiquity of an unknown identity. Others still, understand this text to point to the long anticipated Messiah, Jesus Christ. In fact, the Gospel of Matthew looks to draw a direct connection to this text. Matthew 12 quotes much of our lesson text. Matthew writes, This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah, quoting verses 1–3 from Isaiah 42.

Part of the ambiguity of this text comes from relationship between God and the servant. God promises to uphold His chosen one. God most certainly upheld Israel throughout its development, from deliverance from Egypt to the instability of the period of Judges, to the vicissitudes of the monarchy; God was Israel’s rock. But this servant, in addition to being the elect of Yahweh, would also fulfill a special purpose.

To fulfill that purpose, the servant would need empowerment through God’s Spirit. The Servant’s purpose is to enact justice to the nations. Justice is on the primary agenda of God, as the Negro spiritual affirms, God is Mother to the motherless and Father to the fatherless. God through His servant is a help for them who cannot help themselves. In this way, God is setting right that which is wrong in the world. It is God providing for those who know the sting of injustice. Justice is central to those who live under the weight of injustice.

God’s servant will establish justice. This is good news for His children. For Christians, we maintain that Jesus is the Servant. He came to offer salvation of the soul but also deliverance to our everyday struggles. We do not have a pain, ache, or trouble that God does not know about or provide a way out.


The idea to send a servant into the world did not originate with humanity, but with God. He has been chosen and appointed without the wisdom of any other. This servant pleases and delights in God. To please and delight in God must be the aim of all servants of God. Indeed, delighting in God is one of the primary functions of a Christian. Even as God delights in his servant, His servants are to delight in Him.

Leaders should never forget their service and how it contributes to the overall success of ministry. The servant in Isaiah’s prophecy will conduct his work with all humbleness and meekness; He shall not cry, nor lift up his voice. An old spiritual portrays the quiet and gentle method of Jesus as He headed to Cavalry’s cross, He never said a mumbling word. The spiritual’s reference to Jesus’ quietness is both of a part of the biblical record and an African notion of quiet protest. The essential idea is that one who being unjustly executed or punished would not dignify the event with cries of dereliction or agony. It is reported that famed Baptist preacher, Nat Turner, did not say a mumbling word, when he was hung for his organizing role in the Southampton, Va., slave insurrection. The quietness of the victim is a signal that his/her spirit is not and cannot be broken. For a visual understanding, view the scene from Glory in which Trip, played by Denzel Washington, is flogged. He refuses to scream in pain but only stares at his assailants.

The reference to the unquenchable smoking flax points to any found with a small flame of devotion; no matter how dimly lit, it will not be put out. Instead such flames will be tended, trimmed, and given fresh oil to allow them to burn more brightly. The servant, though at moments would grow tired, would be continuously renewed in God. Servants of God may outwardly waste away but we are inwardly renewed through His Spirit.

A bruised reed was useless therefore broken and thrown away. The servant of the Lord would not break or throw anyone away but would gather to Himself all who love righteousness. Nor would He hinder anyone but put forth vigorous efforts to bring light into darkness and truth where falsehoods have lived. Christ is the standard bearer in regards to pastoral ministry. He says, bring to me all those who would be discarded and dismissed. I bring justice into the world.

His strength and ability to not be forced to stop even under immense pressure would be evident. Jesus, who had many opportunities to end His earthly ministry never stopped even at the prospect of the cross. His teaching is that which sustains and gives understanding to them that would follow Him. Even at possible loss, we continue because of His example.


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