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Forty Days to Defeat Your Past: Confront the Person You No Longer Wish to Be

Forty Days to Defeat Your Past: Confront the Person You No Longer Wish to Be

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Forty Days to Defeat Your Past: Confront the Person You No Longer Wish to Be

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May 3, 2016


What is your struggle? A bad habit? Addiction? Unforgiveness? Insecurity? Even when change is in our best interest we resist. We even vilify those pushing us in that direction. The problem, however, is they are not the real villain. The real villain is our behavior. Unbecome everything you were never meant to be.Just as Jesus squared off with the devil in the wilderness, we must square off with our devils. Forty Days to Defeat Your Past is a one-day-at-a-time process that uses the number forty to help readers identify and defeat the destructive patterns of their past. Take on the forty-day challenge and establish new, healthy, fulfilling habits to launch the starting point for you to walk out the life you’ve only ever dreamed about. 
May 3, 2016

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Forty Days to Defeat Your Past - Larry Dugger

Many books come with great principles and ideas, but they often lack what Larry Dugger gives in this book. He gives a forty-day plan of action that will strengthen you on your journey through life’s wilderness. This book blessed me, and it will bless you.



No book is a fix-all. Rather, a good book such as this one will provide a mirror image and reflect the reader’s heart. Throughout the pages of Larry Dugger’s debut book, Forty Days to Defeat Your Past, I saw my own inconsistencies of character that were holding me back from the true path to reaching the plan God designed for me. I am grateful for Larry’s vulnerability and openness as he shares his own struggles while giving practical steps toward the desired change.



In his book, Forty Days to Defeat Your Past, Larry Dugger accomplishes something that seems to be a struggle for most authors: practicality, relevance, and do-ability. He offers practical teaching from God’s Word that is relevant. And he addresses serious issues in a humorous way while laying out a simple plan with doable solutions. When implemented, these solutions will cause the chains from the past to be broken and set you on a new course to God’s best.



Larry Dugger has an open and engaging writing style that makes for an enjoyable read. The personal anecdotes he relates are interesting and encouraging. His knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures make this book very practical and easy to comprehend. This book offers incredible insights to the believer, as well as anyone who is searching for how to overcome in any area of his life. I have personally taught the concepts in this book to my congregation and have seen incredible results. Larry hit the nail on the head with this excellent book. It is for anyone at any age who struggles with overcoming. I am pleased to recommend this book.




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Title: Forty days to defeat your past / Larry Dugger.

Description: Lake Mary, Florida : Charisma House, [2016] | Includes

bibliographical references and index.

Identifiers: LCCN 2016006580| ISBN 9781629986951

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ISBN 9781629986968 (e-book : alk. paper)

Subjects: LCSH: Habit breaking--Religious aspects--Christianity. |

Success--Religious aspects--Christianity.

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To Jesus

Because You faced the Devil for forty days, now I can face mine.




Part I

The Devil Wants You to Trade Growth for Gratification

Day 1 Church Clothes Can Hide Only so Much

Day 2 Never Trust a Talking Snake

Day 3 Do You Crave Growth or Gratification?

Day 4 There Are No Shortcuts to Success

Part II

Progress Is More Important Than Perfection

Day 5 Progress, Not Perfection

Day 6 What Is Possessing Your Promised Land?

Day 7 Reverse Your Behavior and Change Your Life

Day 8 Give Up Your Ways

Part III

Don’t Try to Save What God’s Trying to Drown

Day 9 There Were No Lifeguards on the Ark

Day 10 Your Old Life and New Life Cannot Coexist

Day 11 What if Noah Had Said No?

Day 12 The Reward of Saying Yes

Part IV

It’s Just the Usual

Day 13 The Usual Defiance

Day 14 You’re So Predictable

Day 15 Are You Talking to Me?

Part V

Defiance on a Daily Basis

Day 16 You Can’t Outrun a Giant

Day 17 Saul Heard a Giant; David Heard God

Day 18 It’s Time to Defy Your Defiance

Day 19 Do You Have an Except?

Part VI

Mission: Impossible

Day 20 This Is Impossible

Day 21 Impossible Battles Require Proper Altars

Day 22 Always Go in the Strength You Have

Day 23 Be the Devil’s Worst Nightmare

Part VII

Don’t Just Dream While You Are Asleep

Day 24 Day Dreamer

Day 25 A Dream Without a Plan Is a Nightmare

Day 26 How Did You Get in My Dream?


Want to Trade?

Day 27 You Should Be Glad I Am Leaving

Day 28 Reflections From the Past

Day 29 What Would You Take for That?

Part IX

Cut the Bull and Make the Sacrifice

Day 30 Cut the Bull

Day 31 You Can’t Handle the Truth

Day 32 How I Cut the Bull: A Marathon Journey

Day 33 Hitting the Wall

Part X

Change Is Possible When You Have Had Enough

Day 34 I Have Had Enough

Day 35 Who Is Your Elisha?

Part XI

Mummy-Making Is Serious Business

Day 36 Somebody Has to Make the Mummy

Day 37 I Can’t Believe You Are Dead

Part XII

The Most Dangerous Place Is Almost There

Day 38 Don’t Die in Harran

Day 39 Who Invited You?

Day 40 Refuse to Rescue Lot




IWOULD LIKE TO express my sincere gratitude:

To My wife, Karen, and our two sons, Trent and Payte. Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement. The long evenings and weekends spent writing required family sacrifice and the occasional change in plans. Your understanding and backing kept me focused as the weeks turned into months.

To the congregation of Real Life Church. You were the first to hear this message. The transformation I witnessed in the lives of so many of you became my inspiration for writing this book. The obvious change that was taking place in your lives kept me going during those long days of writing and editing. We took this journey together, and now we are no longer the same.

To Tracey Bateman, my mentor and writing coach. Thank you for pushing me past my usual limitations and helping to stir up the gifts within me. Your wisdom and guidance directed me as I worked to bring these pages together. You are not only a gifted writer but also an anointed teacher.

Finally to my parents, Larry and Lisa Dugger. Thank you for teaching me the importance of hard work and demonstrating how life can turn around when you decide to face your devils.


IS SOMETHING KEEPING you from the life you’ve always dreamed of? Do you struggle with an addiction or bad habit that you just can’t seem to break? Have you tried to change again and again only to end up back in the same old cycle of behavior that leaves you exactly where you don’t want to be? There is a way to gain victory over those battles—to unbecome everything you were never meant to be and rediscover the person you were before the struggles of life happened to you. But becoming who you really are will require you to take a different path, to pursue another way of living. If you will journey with me over the next forty days, I will show you the way.

The number forty has deep spiritual significance. Over and over in Scripture we see the number forty connected to new beginnings, being released from prison, victory over opponents, and the ability to win battles you usually lose. When God wanted to bring transformation, often the process lasted forty days.

It rained forty days and forty nights after Noah built the ark, then he and his family remained in the ark another forty days while the water receded. When they finally exited the boat, the world around them was different, new. They stepped off the ark and into a new start.

Goliath, the giant of Gath, taunted Israel’s army morning and evening for forty days. It became like clockwork. But then a young shepherd boy rose up and refused to listen to his insults any longer. After that epic showdown David was no longer viewed as just a shepherd boy; he was now a mighty warrior and would eventually become Israel’s next king.

Most importantly Jesus faced off with the Devil for forty days in the wilderness. By not giving in to the enemy’s temptations, Jesus was able to fulfill His purpose, which was to secure the salvation of mankind through His death on the cross. That would not have been possible had Jesus succumbed to sin.

But something else happened in that wilderness. The Bible says Jesus went into the wilderness full of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1, NIV). Yet when He left, He returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee. And His fame went throughout the surrounding region (Luke 4:14). After standing up to the Devil, Jesus began to walk in a level of power and authority that He hadn’t demonstrated up to that point.

Forty days can mark the beginning of your transformation too. It can be the starting point that leads you to the life you’ve only dreamed about.

Before we go any further, I want to make a note about the term devil. In this book I make a distinction between the figure in Scripture and the behavior we often pin on him. For the purpose of this teaching, the biblical character is capitalized while the behavior he sometimes represents will be lowercased. For example: The Devil wants you to believe you have no power over your devils.


If we want a life of freedom and victory, we must square off with our devils, just as Jesus squared off with the Devil in the wilderness. The devils I’m referring to are the old, familiar patterns of behavior that keep us experiencing the same unwanted results.

Sometimes when we seek change, we say, I can never become the person I want to be. But maybe the journey isn’t always about becoming something new. Maybe it’s about turning from what you’ve become so you can be who you really are.

The person you currently are was shaped by the past. While that may sound like bad news, the good news is what you do right now will decide who you become in the future. You can become great!

I must be candid with you. At times writing this book was very difficult. The amount of spiritual warfare that bombarded each keystroke often left me overwhelmed. I was required to open my heart and share my personal devils with you, and like you, I am not proud of my struggles.

Like you, I am human. I bleed when others cut me, and I occasionally miss the mark. I felt under-qualified when the Holy Spirit tapped my shoulder and asked me to write this book. I had no idea what I was getting into or that the Devil would take it so personally.

I wrote this book for you. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, I found myself in a perpetual loop of desperation. I begged God to help you. Daily I found myself crying out on your behalf. I asked God to give you what you needed to put the devils you face under your feet once and for all. I may not know you personally, but I have fought for you. Jesus also fought for you. Now it’s your turn to fight for yourself. You’re worth it!

If you’ll choose to square off with your devils, this book will take you step-by-step through a forty-day process that will help you identify and defeat the destructive patterns that so often leave you flat on your face. Each day of this journey offers a unique perspective on what the devil wreaking havoc in your life is scheming. Here is what you can expect:

• A daily motivation—This will help you discern what the devil is up to at any given point in your forty-day journey. It offers both a warning and an encouragement. I suggest you read this and the rest of the day’s entry first thing in the morning so you will already be aware of the enemy’s battle plan.

• A key verse—The verse will always be tied to whatever the goal is for that particular day. If you have trouble remembering Scripture, I suggest you write down the verse on index cards and place them in key locations where you will be sure to see them as you move through your day.

• A reflection journal—At the end of each day you will be asked a question or series of questions. These are designed to help you better understand how your devil has been sabotaging your life. Even if the answer is painful and hard to accept, honesty is of the utmost importance. You cannot change what you will not own. Journaling has many benefits. Spend some time reflecting on how the

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