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Weight Loss: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Guide to Losing More Weight and Belly Fat

Weight Loss: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Guide to Losing More Weight and Belly Fat

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Weight Loss: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Guide to Losing More Weight and Belly Fat

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Mar 27, 2020


This book contains 2 titles, which talk about the following issues:
You know that small, sad sound you make when you stand on the bathroom scale and see that needle hovering far above where you want it to be? Well get ready to bid those extra pounds adieu with this wonderful guide to weight loss! You’ll so many fascinating things, too many for me to list here, but here are a few,
  • The worst myths about weight loss
  • The ten most common mistakes when it comes to weight loss
  • Countless tips from experts
  • The right diet for YOU!
  • Best exercises for burning calories
  • 17 dances that will ditch the pounds
  • 14 healthy herbs and supplements
  • 26 benefits of weight loss!
  • 7 tips on how to lose it faster
  • 18 general eating tips
  • 13 tips for working out
Being in shape makes you feel better physically. It also makes you look better, which makes you feel better emotionally and mentally as well (whether you realize it or not). This book also teaches you how to best set effective and attainable goals. Learn about different kinds of foods and which are best and worst when it comes to losing weight. So why don’t you pick up this book and start reading so you can get started on becoming a healthier, happier you.
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Water, stress, and weight are some pretty strong constants in our lives. Most of the time we don’t give them the attention they need and/or deserve. This book will discuss these topics at length, along with sharing over 230 inspiring quotes, 73 inspirational thoughts, and 50 weight loss affirmations. Now, while I can’t list everything, I will list the big stuff,
  • How healthy drinks impact us
  • Why the body needs fluids
  • The many benefits of water
  • Studies about water vs. soda/alcohol
  • When and how much you should drink
  • Tricks to make it taste better
  • Inspiring quotes from these subjects and more!
    • Attitude
    • Baby steps
    • Choices
    • Courage
    • Diets
    • Doubt
    • Failure
    • Humorous
    • Exercise
    • Hunger
    • Past
    • Willpower
  • The Lie about Time and Money
  • What to do when you are suffering from food temptation
  • Find out what The 18 “unhealthy” foods that are actually really good for you are
In other words, this book is chock full of some amazing stuff that you should really look into. If you’re wanting to improve your physical health or appearance then this book is for you. If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, this book is for you. If you just love inspiring quotes then this book is definitely for you.
Mar 27, 2020

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  • (5/5)
    These are some terrific ideas the writer expressed. Many of the chapters were more fascinating than other ones, obviously. It has actually helped me a ton. So, with that being mentioned, I do strongly recommend it.
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    I endorse this audiobook for several reasons. Not bad at all. I believe it's one of the greatest audio books on the market place. I know I am certainly not the best of testimonial writers, but this deserves praise. The writer and narrator have clearly put so much time and energy into these audiobooks.

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