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The Thought Universe

The Thought Universe

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The Thought Universe

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Mar 11, 2020


Spiritual Development.
Would you not like to achieve a higher level of spiritual development? Or more wisdom, peace, happiness, wealth and success? The E-Book 'The Thought Universe' is about that, and shows you the way to achieve these goals.
Got curious? Read on and discover how you can achieve all this.
A Special Secret.
'The Thought Universe' is a book about spiritual psychology.It contains the special secret of a life in which you can create anything you want. Your spiritual growth will get a huge boost.
Important sources of inspiration for the book Have been: New Thought, Science of Mind, Quantum Theory, Chaos Theory, NLP, Hinduism, Taoism and A Course in Miracles.
A Profound Change.
The Thought Universe is a great adventure and is about the adventures of Johan Verbeek, who, during a hiking holiday on the Scottish island of Skye, has a special encounter with the mysterious Marcus.This Marcus teaches him, on the basis of seven Universal Laws of Creation, about the spiritual origin of the Universe. In a week's time Johan is undergoing profound changes that he has not thought possible before.This, of course, doesn't remain without consequences. His spiritual development takes a huge flight, and eventually his deepest essence is revealed to him .
Your Creative Power.
The Thought Universe is really about your authentic power to create a happy life.If you knew how special and enchanting you really are inside, and how much power has accumulated there, then you could believe that absolutely everything is possible for you. The process of creation of the world and that of you runs via the same paths. To obtain insight into that could well be your greatest gift to yourself. Read this story with all the openness that is in you, and I can promise you that your life will undergo a profound change with new and surprising insights!
This E-Book is available in epub and pdf format.

Mar 11, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

STUDENT IN THE ART OF LIFE.My name is Frits Schotsman. I was born in 1952 in the Netherlands and my original profession is artist painter. I see life as a wonderful creative learning process in which I always do new amazing discoveries which provide me a lot. From the eighties, I've immersed myself intensely in spirituality and self-development. In doing so, the contents of many books on spirituality and applied psychology has made an intense journey through my consciousness. Especially the ideas of "New Thought" has inspired me extremely in this. This practically oriented spiritual philosophy is concerned with how we, by means of our thoughts, can shape our lives at our own discretion. An important goal in this area is spiritual healing of all our physical and mental disorders. Furthermore, it is an important tool for achieving success in life. For me this is a wonderful tool and I try to apply it as much as possible in my work and life.Further, the method of the "Course in Miracles" has long been a source of wise and loving inspiration to me.The rich spirituality of the Vedanta and Taoism inspire me again and again to descend deeper into myself and to discover the exquisite jewels that are stored there. I am fascinated by the discoveries of modern science and the common ground it has with the ancient esoteric traditions. The scientific theories of Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory and Cybernetics seem always to be connected in a surprising way with which I discover deep inside myself.I also have devoured a lot of NLP literature. NLP is a powerful technology to organize your thinking in order to achieve optimal results in all areas of life. I have received various trainings and thereby obtained a Master's degree. Afterwards I have worked a few years in a private practice as an NLP therapist and coach. Because I also have a Masters degree in Reiki I gave healings too. For years, I am doing intensive Tai Chi and Chi Gong exercises. These are old Chinese energetic methods for achieving optimal health.The more I examined the spiritual origin of man, the more excited I became about his limitless potential. I realized that what I had learned during all those years of spiritual discovery I would like to convey to a large audience. That's why I started around the year 2000 with writing spiritual texts. Initially still hesitant, but gradually more intensively. In 2008 this resulted in the self-published book "The Thought Universe." In this book, a man, during a hike on the Scottish island of Skye, is taught by a master about the endless possibilities of his mind, and how he can successfully apply this knowledge in his life. The book has been well received and is still sold well.The manuscript of my second book "The Dreammirror" was released in 2015.The Dreammirror is an adventurous tale of events that contain a deeper meaning. This makes it contains many lessons that can help you on your path of life. The story introduces the so-called CreationEight. This is a symbol whereupon the route, along which the process of creation travels, is projected. When you're able to apply the simple laws that are the consequence of this, then everything you wish is possible.In addition, at the end of 2015, my third book "The Enchantment of the Light" was released. In this book I try to easily reveal to the reader the essential dynamics of the creative process. The model of the CreationEight is further elaborated here for practical purposes. Thereby, the seven essential stages of the creative process are placed along the trajectory of the CreationEight, allowing a deeper understanding of the reader's own creativity. In the second part of the book I introduce a system of seven Arts of Life, which correspond to the different stages of the creative process. Each Art is then treated in depth in a separate chapter. They thus form a practically oriented unity with which the reader can deal in order to achieve his biggest dream.Frits.

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The Thought Universe - Frits Schotsman



This book was inspired by a self-discovery-tour which I started at the end of the eighties and which is still in full swing. On this trip I had encounters with a number of systems of thought and life philosophies that have touched me deeply. New Thought, Hinduism, Taoism, Course in Miracles, NLP, Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Cybernetics are the most important thereof. They have made a vital contribution to my personal growth and have been the spiritual power source of this book.

In addition, there is my wife Cobi Schilp, who by her unwavering faith in me, has constantly inspired me to continue writing this and other books. She has spent many hours to carefully read the text of this book, to pick out the errors and make suggestions for improvements. I am very grateful for that. Without her contribution this book would never have made the quality, which it now has.


This book is a great adventure. You are about to enter a story, in which you will find that much more is possible than you might have ever imagined before. The time in which we currently live delivers an incredible amount of information about the special power of the mind to convert desires into concrete experiences. Yet, many people find this hard to believe. They doubt their own ability to achieve everything they want. They think that the character of their world has nothing to do with their own thinking. As a result, they believe that they live in a world where many things happen to them at will. When you think to have no real influence on your own experiences, the world seems to show up in a random form, and that gives great uncertainty. However, there is so much possible. You, with all your doubts and insecurities, are able to come into contact with your deepest and most powerful abilities, and thus you can create a world that is entirely consistent with what you really want. The only thing you would need to know is where you have to be inside yourself in order to successfully address this ability to create.

The way to do this is described in this book. It's about the events around Johan Verbeek, who during a mountain hike on the Scottish island of Skye has a special meeting with a mysterious man named Marcus. This man takes him a while under his wing and teaches him, on the basis of seven universal laws of creation, everything about the spiritual basis of the Universe. This of course does not remain without consequences. In a weeks time, Johan undergoes profound changes, which he had not thought possible before. Eventually his deepest core of life is revealed to him.

This book is really about your power to organize your life and the world in a way that gives great joy and fulfillment. If you knew how special and enchanting you really are inside, and how much power has gathered there, then you could believe that everything, absolutely everything is possible for you .

The process of creation of the world and that of you runs via the same paths. To obtain insight into that could well be your greatest gift to yourself.

Read this story with all the openness that is in you, and I can promise you that it will change you, and your life will enrich itself with new- and surprising insights. I wish you many beautiful discoveries.

Frits Schotsman.

1. On the way.

The sincere desire to understand

is the most important step on the road

to enlightenment.


The hard clink of the old-fashioned alarm clock pulled me brutally from a deep, dreamless sleep. I didn't feel quite rested, but realized that I had put the alarm so early to have as much time as possible available on this important day. The night before I had made it rather late because, while in the lounge of the hotel I had failed to get rid of some enthusiastic Scots. With pride they had told me many stories about the impressive beauty of their country. And as the evening progressed, their stories became even more fantastic. Luckily I had not let them tempting me to drink too much alcohol, otherwise I would have been even more tired. All in all I didn't feel fully fit. Moreover, I had made the previous day a tough mountain walk in the Cuillins, and this didn’t exactly contributed to a rested feeling. Anyway, it was all more than worth it, so I really didn't have anything to complain. Moreover, my shaky condition was quickly outshined by the prospect of what the upcoming day would bring me.

A new perspective.

It was some weeks earlier that I had decided to go to the Scottish island of Skye, hoping to find new spiritual strength and inspiration, which I had lacked in my life at that time. Not that I felt very unhappy, that was not really the case. I was a 53 years old Dutchman and cherished my life as a precious jewel. I was really happy with every day that it gave me. Already for years I was working hard to investigate the deeper spiritual grounds of my life. Thereby I had gained a lot of knowledge and that helped me to understand myself increasingly better. Trough advancing understanding of my inner nature my life had indeed become more beautiful and richer, but still lacked something essential. In everything I did, I had constantly attached an overriding value to my freedom, with the result that my spiritual development didn’t yield the prosperity I really deep down wanted. Too often I had opted for a free use of all my discoveries, because I thought that such conduct would bring me ultimately the greatest luck. This lack of real commitment, however, now began to avenge itself. My investigations had brought me the appropriate insight, but not the actual success which I had always secretly desired. Too much I had sacrificed to the honor and glory of my compelling need for freedom.

Until then my work as a therapist had not been really successful. I just had done too little to build a thriving practice. And painting, which previously had been my profession, I didn't anymore due to lack of real passion. Furthermore, I also had undertaken some attempts to write a book about spiritual psychology, But because I had too much doubt about what I wrote this also debouched on nothing. Once again I had fled to the enticing freedom.

In short, I was happy with my freedom, but had discovered that my attachment to it increasingly began to turn against me. More and more I felt the lack of a truly inspirational result in my life. Through excessive emphasis of my freedom I had lost the intimate contact with my deepest spiritual motive and that made me unhappy and insecure about who I really was.

That whole carefully constructed pattern of alleged freedom I wanted to permanently break through and replace it with something new, something that would really bring me in contact with my spiritual origin and would give me a deeper joy of life. To this end, I would have to descend even further in myself in order to find this core. That I understood all too well. I also knew that I needed a temporarily changed environment; a place that would inspire me again to capture a whole new investigation of myself and therewith satisfy my growing hunger for insight

In the past I had been visited Scotland many times, and always had a fantastic time. The country is so stunningly beautiful, I even have dreamed of some time to live there. Each visit to that beautiful country gave my imagination always a great lift, and brought me inspiration to begin new things in my life. Moreover, during a previous stay, I had learned to overcome a violent vertigo, which was then ravaging my life, by climbing the very mountains that terrified me the most. This merely because I could no longer endure that I but only knew the photographic version of the great views that can be admired from the mountain tops. Climbing those peaks and thereby overcome the psychological obstacles that I encountered, had given me at that time a tremendous amount of self-confidence.

But above all, I felt the need to be all alone once again, and to retreat to the tranquil roughness of nature. And the Scottish Highlands are pre-eminently such area where you can hike through for days without ever meeting anyone. It was that experience I had in the past on a regular base.

My big favorite has always been the Isle of Skye, with its magnificent Cuillin Mountains. There, in that mighty mountain range, I always had made the most beautiful tours and enjoyed the finest views. Moreover, it was there that I had undertaken my first so called wilderness trip. This is a journey that carries you so far from civilization, that accommodation no longer is available, and so you need to organize it yourself. If you are lucky then such an overnight stay can take place in a place called 'bothy' - that is an abandoned house, which is available for hikers to spend the night there.

Back then, during my first wilderness trip, I had spent my nights in the bothy of remote Camasunary, a beautiful bay on the south side of the Cuillins, where almost never came a man. That experience had been great. There, in the quiet solitude of the mountain wilderness, was the first time I was really alone, and that had given me a great peace and inner strength.

With this experience as a reminder the desire was born to leave for Skye, and spent some time in the bothy of Camasunary. Amid the primal forces of nature I hoped to find some of my lost perspective. I did so, even more than that, but with that I walk too far ahead of things. For now it’s enough to know that I've entered the adventure and traveled to Skye full of expectations.

For the first few days I had booked a room in the beautiful Sligachan hotel, located at the foot of the Cuillins. From there I wanted to make a few introductory mountain trips.

The final preparations.

And so I found myself on that particular morning in my room at the Sligachan Hotel. Tired, not yet fully rested, but eagerly looking forward to the adventure that lay ahead. I had prearranged with Iain, the manager, that I would leave a part of my luggage at the hotel. Besides, I had already reserved a room for my return. That would be within a number of eight days. By inspiration it had become clear to me that my adventure should last that long to hope for any success. This thought had occurred to me spontaneously and I had gratefully accepted this, without to delve into the deeper meaning of it.

Iain had greeted my intention with enthusiasm and was, in his own words, even a little jealous of me. I knew him for quite a few years since I had always combined any stay on Skye with a visit to the Sligachan Hotel. One time just as a customer in the pub, to have a drink and something to eat, the other time, when finances allowed it, as a hotel guest. In the course of time there had arisen a friendly bond between us, and every time I visited the hotel we were delighted to meet again. I had him this time involved in my plans and he had agreed to serve me like a kind of a home front. Incidentally, this didn’t have much significance. It was limited to a place for my car and excess luggage, as well as the commitment that Iain, for exceeding the time I thought to stay away, would strike alarm at the appropriate authorities. Especially the latter gave me peace of mind.

I went to the restaurant for one last hearty breakfast and took the opportunity to completely fill my stomach, knowing that this would be my last rich meal. Then I looked after my backpack and checked if everything that I thought was necessary, was in it. Then I visited Iain, to exchange some last information and say goodbye to him. He wished me a nice trip, and tied me to the heart to be careful and not cause accidents. After all, I would stay in deserted country, outside each range of mobile phones, so the slightest discomfort could lead to serious problems. I assured him that I did not intend to cause accidents and had committed to a safe and sound return. We agreed that I would be back over eight days and if not that he would alert the local mountain rescue team. Then I went off towards the deserted mountain country.

The trip through Glen Sligachan.

Glen Sligachan is one of the most beautiful valleys in Scotland. On either side mighty mountain groups elevate themselves, granting the landscape an almost magical beauty. In the east there are the granite Red Hills with their rounded, eroded forms, and to the west rise the jagged peaks of the Black Cuillins, the grimmest and most beautiful mountain massif of Great Britain. To many hikers the tour through the valley is famous for its stunning mountain panoramas, but also notorious for being quite a torture after much rain, because the route then becomes twice as long as usual. The many peat bogs that block the path after heavy rainfall, make it than almost impossible to find a good and dry route. At various places you threaten to sink deep in the swampy mud. This requires a lot of energy, but the rewards are great as said, so the aforementioned disadvantage is usually more than compensated.

It had rained quite a lot the last few days, so I was well prepared for an arduous walk through the valley. I now carried a heavy backpack on the shoulders, and that made my progress extra heavy. But enthusiasm compensates a lot for the felt discomfort, so I remained optimistic, despite the severity of the trip. The weather was excellent. A bright blue sky with beautifully formed clouds, between which the sun regularly had free play, domed the valley. It felt great to be back here. I was left not too early - about ten o'clock in the morning - and yet I was the only one around in the valley. It was mid-September, so rather late in the season, and the opportunity to meet hikers in the valley during this period was significantly smaller than in the high season. That I was the only person present made the stillness, that lay over the valley, more intense and grander. The only living creatures I further saw were some ravens, flying high in the sky and spying if there was something to eat. For the rest, I was completely alone in this deserted mountain world.

However, after an hour's walk the first serious problems occurred in the form of several large peaty mud pools which barred my passage. The first part of my trip had not been too difficult because the soil was rocky and hard, but now I had arrived in a part of the valley where the route had to traverse a vast expanse of muddy peat. It was extremely difficult to find my way between all those puddles. Suddenly my progress faltered and I spent most of my time with the back and forth maneuvering between large pieces of muddy ground. The route of the path was no longer evident, but was hidden under a large watery mud mass that stretched in all directions. Here and there the puddles were so deep that you could disappear up to your knees in it, which I also determined experimentally. However, I didn’t let it deprave my mood and plodded on, slowly but surely providing myself a way through the marshy land. While taking all these obstacles, I stopped regularly to just take in me the magnificent enchantment of the mountain scenery. Despite the difficulties, it was great to be here.

After a few hours of walking, in which I progressed a lot less than I had imagined in advance, I had crossed the swampy part of the valley and my progress became easier. But some time later there was a new challenge in the form of a rushing river that I had to cross.

How on earth could I continue my way, while a swirling mass of water had intruded between me and the rest of my path. Everywhere I looked, I saw no place where I could cross the raging river. I decided it was time for my lunch break, and would consume the lunch of cold chicken and bread, which I had prepared in the hotel. It tasted excellent and gave me new energy to cope with the problem, which the river had raised. I did some research to find a place where I could cross without too much damage.

After first having sought unsuccessfully downstream for a while I turned around and began to explore the land upstream. Eventually, after a lot of searching, I found a place where the flow seemed less strong, and the water had received an acceptable depth. I took off my shoes and socks, tied the laces together, hung all around my neck and stripped up my trousers. So I waded across. I had to pull out all the stops to resist the fierce current that continuously kept trying to drag me along, but eventually I reached the other side and felt very happy with it. I hoped that this had been the biggest obstacle of the day, something afterwards fortunately turned out to be the case.

The rest of the trip was in relation to the foregoing relatively simple. Soon I was walking along the banks of a beautiful tranquil lake that was wedged between the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains. On my left rose the impressive blue gray wall of the mountain Blaven, which was towering like an inaccessible fortress above the valley. This had always been one of my favorites, and I hoped to climb it again one of these days and enjoy its unparalleled views.

Around three o'clock in the afternoon I got the first view of my goal. The valley widened towards the south into a large, almost flat terrain. This was the deserted plain of Camasunary. It lay there peacefully with its beautiful, multicolored grassy plain. Beyond it stretched the ocean, shining in the sun like a huge blue tinted carpet. In the distance rose the jagged rocks of the island of Rhum, which like a giant guard seemed to watch over access to the ocean. And in the middle of this fantastic spectacle was the lonely bothy waiting for my arrival. I felt an intense desire arise and immediately I began to rush to get there as soon as possible. All in all it still took at least half an hour before I had really arrived. I was delighted to be there and it felt a little like coming home again. My adventure had now really begun.

2. The encounter.

The best teachers are always there

where you least expect them.

Not alone.

When I arrived at the bothy I immediately opened the door to see how it looked inside this time. Quite often it would happen that visitors left their waste behind, with the result that the interior was quite dirty.

Now, however, my mouth dropped in astonishment, for I found the bothy spotlessly clean. Someone had thoroughly swept the broom through and cleared away everything neatly. The entire interior was orderly and was shining in cleanliness. In the living room area was a table with two sturdy chairs and there even was a pile of logs in the fireplace. The small kitchen offered the next surprise. There appeared to be a simple kitchen equipment present and the shelves of the kitchen were abundantly filled with provisions. To complete everything there was even an original two-burner gas stove, gas bottle included.

Curiously, I walked to the bedroom. This also had a thorough cleaning and there even were some simple wooden bedsteads, provided with real mattresses. This could be called a miracle. Normally there was no sleeping facility here, and you had to use your own camping mattress that you simply laid down on the bare concrete floor.

On one of the beds there was a sleeping bag. Apparently someone had already taken up residence here, presumably the person who was responsible for all this. Although I was pleased with the good condition in which I found it all, I was concerned about my privacy for the next few days. I'd been prepared to spend time here alone. The chance of that was always great, because this bothy generally is not too often visited.

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