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The Art of Making Authentic Japanese Desserts

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The Art of Making Authentic Japanese Desserts

Lunghezza: 72 pagine19 minuti


Japanese dessert making is an art. In the last few years, Japan has made amazing and breathtaking contributions in the world of dessert gastronomy. This book includes a variety of traditional and modern dessert recipes. These easy and delicious recipes can be prepared in less than one hour. Instead of waiting for your visit to a Japanese restaurant, you can prepare desserts at home with the help of recipes from this book. These recipes will satiate not only your hunger for sweetness, but also give you techniques to impress people by preparing desserts in no time. This book offers:

• Desserts with Healthy Matcha
• Traditional Japanese Desserts
• Modern Japanese Desserts
• Delicious Rice and Dumplings

You will not regret reading this book. It will open the door to the artsy world of Japanese sweets. You can empower your kitchen with this book. Without it, your Japanese culinary experience is incomplete.

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