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My Life My Choice

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My Life My Choice

Lunghezza: 298 pagine4 ore


The son of an Italian crime family goes missing, and Warren Steelgrave is thrust into a terrorist plot that threatens not only America but the life of the woman he still loves. He must broker a deal between the local Mafia boss and the FBI to foil the insidious plan of an extremist cell that has no regard for the lives of innocent people or even for their own lives. Warren is at first perceived by the terrorists as a mere “pebble” in their path of Jihad, but they soon realize that he too is “willing” to sacrifice everything to stop them.

This is the latest novel in a series by author, photographer, Gary Smith who now resides part-time in Italy. His protagonist, Warren Steelgrave, is adjusting to life in a small village in Northern Italy, finally having the time to pursue his avocations when his reputation as a problem solver puts the quiet life on hold.

Along the way, Warren must deal with his elusive lover, Cindy. Is he willing to give up part of who is to be with the one he cares deeply for, or be content to “love the one he is with”? Share the journey of a man of principle who is again tested by a world so fragile that a small group of people can turn it upside down and threaten what we hold dear.

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