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Ketosis Friendly Foods

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Ketosis Friendly Foods

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The keto diet had its first moment of splendor in 2018, and all the predictions pointed to what would be fashionable for last year (2019).

Its premise has already been setting the trend for a long time: eliminate or minimize all hydrates and bet on fats and proteins. It is a diet widely used in specific sports fields that have now become fashionable to lose weight.

However, does it work? What is ketosis diet exactly?

Although, we are not facing another express miracle diet, it is not the ultimate panacea for weight loss. It is true that numerous studies confirm that a ketogenic diet can help you lose weight, but it is not recommended for everyone or for long-term maintenance.

Therefore, before joining the crazy keto diet, it is convenient to know exactly what it is in order to practice it well and what its consequences are.

Keeping things simple and delicious, the Ketosis friendly foods help you stay on track with the keto diet and lifestyle.

Now, get your copy, go ahead and have fun enjoy your delicious and nutritious Ketosis meals!

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