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Paper Piecing Handy Pocket Guide: All the Basics & Beyond, 10 Blocks

Paper Piecing Handy Pocket Guide: All the Basics & Beyond, 10 Blocks

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Paper Piecing Handy Pocket Guide: All the Basics & Beyond, 10 Blocks

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Mar 25, 2020


Get the pocket guide to paper piecing that everyone's talking about—a forty-eight-page mini book that's perfect to take on the go! Follow step-by-step instructions from expert Tacha Bruecher for preparing and piecing using a foundation, then try out the technique with ten fun and graphic paper-pieced blocks. Includes techniques for both traditional foundation paper and freezer paper, as well as where and why to use each. This petite paperback is the perfect size for your purse or sewing kit. • Take it with you anywhere—classes, retreats, anywhere you sew! • Quick and easy reference to all things paper piecing, with ten block patterns to get you started • Fall in love with foundation piecing, and share this giftable guide with everyone you know who loves to quilt
Mar 25, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Natasha (aka Tacha) is a quilt designer and teacher who is well known in the online quilting community as a founding member of the e-zine Fat Quarterly. Tacha has published many patterns and articles as a part of Fat Quarterly, is the author of Hexa-go-go and has contributed to a number of books. Her patterns have also appeared in Sew Hip Magazine. Tacha lives in Berlin, Germany, with her husband and two daughters.

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Paper Piecing Handy Pocket Guide - Tacha Bruecher


When planning projects, I have always been drawn to fairly intricate designs, and over the years, I have experimented with a number of techniques to achieve the results I want. Foundation paper piecing is hands down my favorite way of getting a grip on those little pieces and making sure my points stay pointy!

Foundation piecing can seem quite daunting, especially some of the more complex pictorial blocks. Such blocks can be made up of numerous pieces, which are difficult to keep track of. To ease you into paper piecing, I have provided an introduction on how to paper piece.


Foundation piecing involves using a paper or fabric foundation as a sewing guide and stabilizer to create a precisely pieced design. The term foundation piecing actually includes a variety of techniques that vary depending on the block design or the quilter’s preference. The designs in this book use two techniques, with most requiring only the first:

•Basic foundation piecing

•Freezer-paper foundation piecing

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can experiment to find what works best. You need not limit yourself to only one approach.


Regardless of the foundation-piecing method, you’ll need to

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