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Like Lions Learning to Roar

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Like Lions Learning to Roar

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You have to meet the teacher halfway. You just do.

There's no way around it.You have  to be struggling and working and trying to figure  things out for yourself first. Then everything else can happen.

Each one of us has this bright, inherent "Buddha-nature" within us, and through it we are connected to all the universe. But it's up to us to discover this connection. It's up to us to live in tune with this inherent treasure. We have to figure out how this plays out in our life.

The first step is simply trusting this non-dual nature. Know that you have it, have faith that it's connected to everything you're going through, and entrust everything there. Keep doing this and observing. Let go of your opinions like this. Let go of what's going well like this. Let go of what's going badly like this, and the whole time, keep paying attention.

Step forward bravely, holding onto your bright, inherent nature, and a new world will begin to reveal itself.

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