Rusting Relics

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Rusting Relics

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Rusting Relics is an exploration of over 80 shipwrecks and shipwreck sites along Australia's epic coastline, it covers a range of wrecks beginning with the tragedy of the Batavia in 1629 through to the dramatic grounding of he Pasha Bulker in 2007. 

The lives of each ship and their passengers and crew are brought vividly to life, many met a dramatic end while others quietly slipped away into the pages of history. Each wreck is illustrated with contemporary photos and illustrations, many published for the first time and complemented by the author's own photographs showing the current condition of each wreck and site. In addition to a detailed bibliography for further reading, the location of each wreck described in this book are marked on a series of specially commissioned maps to inspire the reader to go and explore Australia's shipwreck heritage.

About Author: A student of history, Phillip has always been interested in the past and especially shipwrecks. Over the last decade and armed with several cameras, he has striven to photograph the disappearing maritime heritage of shipwrecks on Australian shores, these photographs have formed the genesis for this book.
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