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Undercover Blue

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Undercover Blue

Lunghezza: 74 pagine42 minuti


Justin Sanders is a detective working undercover to avenge the death of his partner and bring down one of the largest crime families in the country, the Moretti's. Hard to get in and harder to bring down, he's a low-level dealer who has a thing with a man higher up the chain, Damon Jackson.

Damon's real job is with the ATF but lately he'd been under in the Moretti family, doing what he could to bring the man down. Sure, there were things he hated doing while undercover but one thing he enjoyed was his boyfriend, Justin. It bothered him a bit to know that when the family went down, so would Justin, however, he wasn't about to let that stop him from doing his job.

Theirs could have been a real relationship except for the lies between them. After the operation ends, Justin shows up where Damon works and the truth comes out. Can they progress forward from here? Or will it turn out to be something from undercover that never sees the light of day?

**This is a rerelease of a book that had been out at a previous publisher**

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