Project: The Human

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Project: The Human

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The book “Project: The Human” is a relevant description of the birth of humankind presented from the point of view of super intelligent entities who made possible the human civilization project.
Within there's a short description of humankind history exposed from the perspective of those who contributed and continue to contribute to the evolution and progress of civilization, the role and purpose of being a human, and perspectives on the future presented in an understandable manner.
The book can be read both separately and in the continuation of the "Stage of Awareness" series - (Where are we going?, Direction, Detachment, Now, The Objective) and addresses those who want to change their conception of their existence on this planet.
Life on Earth is a gift you have here now. In a universal context, the Earth is one of the planets on which an evolving civilization was planted. Find out the meaning of being human and your purpose in a universal context.
Written with love for those who want to evolve, understand and ascend to another degree of understanding the meaning of existence,
The Monitoring Team of Planet Earth’s Evolution

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