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Heart of the Deal

Heart of the Deal

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Heart of the Deal

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Dec 29, 2019


Heart of the Deal is a satirical play set in 2025 after President Trump leaves office following his second term. Set in Washington DC and New York City, against the backdrop of a Michelle Obama presidency, it follows the journey of an ostensible assassin hired by dissident Republicans to kill the former president. Though out of office, Trump remains as powerful as ever and about to become the first ex-president to host a reality TV show in which he will act as an alternative to the real president. In the course of his journey inside Trump Tower the assassin confronts the reality of contemporary American politics. He must then make a fateful decision: to kill Trump or become his partner.

Dec 29, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

J.H. Michaels is an American academic based in Europe. This is his first play. He can be contacted at:

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Heart of the Deal - J.H. Michaels



April 2025. Less than 6 months earlier Michelle L. Obama defeats Michael R. Pence in the US presidential election. After serving two terms Donald J. Trump steps down from office in January. He now resides in his Penthouse at Trump Tower in New York City.


[Washington DC. A room inside an office building similar to the one which features in The Apprentice. Three well-dressed men are standing and talking. Next to them is a long table with three chairs behind it and one chair in front. In the corner of the room is an American flag. On the walls are photos of presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.]

(A message alert sounds. Above the stage an image of a Trump tweet appears. Dated 1 April 10:58 am it reads: Democrats tearing nation apart. When will congressional Republicans launch investigation into Crooked Michelle and her corrupt husband Barack Hussein Obama?.... The three men check their smartphones. After 10 seconds they stop looking. A second alert then sounds. The three men check their smartphones again. A second tweet flashes above them dated 1 April 10:59. ...SO much DIRT. America deserves better. SAD!. Then another alert sounds 10 seconds later. A third tweet appears, dated 1 April 10:59. Fellow Republicans. Demand your elected representatives investigate Crooked Michelle's finances. QUICKLY!. Then another alert sounds 10 seconds later. A fourth tweet appears dated 1 April 11:00. Just maybe your leaders are afraid Dems will dish the dirt. But my spoon is BIGGER and DEEPER than theirs!. The three men finally stop looking at their smartphones.)

Bush: That's the third time this week.

McCain: Is it? I've lost count.

Kristol: Three times the charm. How many years of hell has it been?

McCain: I've lost count of that as well.

Bush: We're not concerned about the past today. We're here to do something about the future. For ourselves. For the Party. For the Country.

McCain: What’s good for us is good for America.

Kristol: Agreed. I love history. I am a Civil War buff as both of you know. Last night I went into Grandad's library and started reading a book called ‘The Lincoln Conspiracy’. It seemed appropriate given the reason for today's meeting. Luckily the book escaped the purge of all that other leftist garbage from his Trotskyite days. But today we’ve gotta stay focused on the future.

Bush: I'm shocked. I had you down as a Shakespeare man. I was hoping you'd encourage us with a few lines from Julius Caesar.

McCain: If only I could have been one of those actors knifing Trump in Central Park. I often think about how many times I’d stab him.

Kristol: Yes. We are honorable men, honorable conspirators. What a cliché this is. I never imagined I'd be part of an actual conspiracy. This is exactly what I always pictured. Powerful men in an office. Not some dude with a turban plotting in a cave. Not some European anarchist planning the downfall of a monarchy. All we're missing are brandy, cigars and leather armchairs.

Bush: Those are waiting for us next door. For after.

McCain: I was hoping we could go down to BLT Prime, eat a ‘Trump burger’ and then vomit all over the Lobby.

Kristol: How shall we play this? What do we say to this guy? (looking at Bush)

Bush: What the hell are you looking at me for? My granddad headed the CIA, I didn't. Growing up, sitting on his knee, he told many stories, happy stories. He told us all about the family history, he told us about our responsibilities. Our duty to the nation. Our duty as Republicans. What about you (looking at McCain)?

McCain: Can't help much either. My family were all regular Navy men. Bombing the crap out of those Commies in Vietnam and then surviving hell in the Hanoi Hilton. That's all I heard about.

Kristol: All I ever received were lectures about the power of ideas. Ideas can change the world. Ideas can topple Evil Empires. Ideas and the Reagan Revolution. Ideas and the Bush Doctrine (looking at Bush).

McCain: Fuck ideas. We tried ideas. We tried reason. This (holding up smartphone) is reality. Ideas didn't stop him getting elected. Ideas never hurt this lunatic. Common sense never drove down his ratings. After 8 years he's still giving us hell. And he'll keep giving us hell for another 8 or another 16. For as long as the son of a bitch is alive and able to tweet. And then we’ll have to deal with those asshole children of his, and probably his grandkids as well. I say no sir. Ideas aren't going to get us out of this mess. There is only one thing that will: Balls (grabbing them). We gotta be ready and willing to sacrifice everything.

Bush: We need to go all the way this time. No half measures. No more Queensbury rules for this Queens lowlife. This time we're

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