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The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything: Living the Life You Love One Moment at a Time

The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything: Living the Life You Love One Moment at a Time

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The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything: Living the Life You Love One Moment at a Time

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Dec 30, 2019


What if your mind felt energized with new ideas and innovative ways of tackling tasks? What if whatever you planned to do for the day became simplified and straightforward? What if you could truthfully say, “This has been an amazing day?”

Based on Proverbs 16:3 (AMPC), this book will explain how you can partner with God to live your life on purpose in order to experience days that bring you peace and joy rather than confusion and frustration.

Within the pages of The 30-Second Prayer you will—
•Discover how to streamline your days in order to eliminate stress
•Gain understanding from God’s Word and apply it to your everyday life
•Realize how every decision you make can be the right one with the help of God

The biblical truths and tangible experience shared by Karol will encourage you to set your life in an established order so your days will be filled with God’s presence, joy, and peace. Then you can live the life you love—one moment at a time!

Dec 30, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Karol taught children for 29 years. As a teacher, she developed the skill of verbal illustration—instructing through the use of stories and word pictures so as to make a concept applicable to daily life. Now retired from teaching, she continues to use this skill to encourage others in God’s Word through teaching/speaking and writing. Karol resides in Papillion, Nebraska where she enjoys spending time with her children and seven grandchildren.

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The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything - Karol Horken

The 30-Second Prayer is not a complex formula that adds one more thing to our already overextended to-do lists. It is simple, yet very profound. Karol has written a very practical, wisdom-filled book, making it very applicable to everyday life. She shows us how to de-stress our life God‘s way!

—Judy Duncan

Office Manager

Not only is this book full of practical wisdom, but it is presented in such a way that I want to begin incorporating the Proverbs 16:3 principal into my life immediately! The book was pleasurable and easy to read. I plan on getting a copy for family and friends as quickly as I can.

—Michele Rager

U.S. House of Representatives, retired

Today you will make hundreds of decisions, some critical, some not. Many of them have no clear right or wrong answer. In her book, The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything, Karol conveys a simple, yet powerful key that will transform your prayer life and relationship with God.

—Pat Nauroth

School Administrator, retired

We all want healthy and stress-free lives. In Karol‘s book, The 30-Second Prayer, she shows us how to de-stress our lives, totally surrender to our Creator, and make Jesus the Lord of our lives. Not only does she show us how to de-stress, but she gives us a plan to practice it!

—Pat McLemore

Supervisor/Van Driver for Special Journeys

Karol’s book is a great resource for someone who is a new Christian or one who needs to renew their time with the Lord. I could relate to several situations mentioned as praying before proceeding to a plan and then asking God to bless it. Living in His will instead is a better plan so He can use and bless His people. I also liked the fact that God is our Architect and has a blueprint of us. What a way to relate to Him in our everyday lives.

—Cindy Behrens

Wife, Mother, and Former Teacher

This book captures the heart of the Father as the Architect who is holding the true blueprint for our lives in His hands. Karol explains how to take a deep breath, step back, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead. I see this book as a vital tool for ministry in helping people find the will of God for their life—one day at a time.

—Mark Duncan

Recovery Ministry Leader

I was stuck and at a standstill in my Christian walk. I was distracted with unimportant things and wondering what was next for my life. After learning the simple biblical principle discussed in this book, God gave me new hope and an excitement for things to come. Proverbs 16:3 is taped to my bathroom mirror and work locker.

—Lori Moss

Municipal Police Officer, Uniform Patrol Bureau

The 30-Second Prayer—loved it! I always struggle for the right words to pray. This book gave me many little nuggets of wisdom straight from His word and I am encouraged to strengthen my spiritual muscle by yielding to God and giving him the control of my circumstances.

—Michelle Curley

Registered Nurse, Director of Nursing

The 30-Second Prayer defines the actions we need to live a life full of Jesus and to accomplish His purpose for us. Karol’s ability to communicate what she has experienced draws you in and gives you a clear picture of rolling with Jesus. The days after reading this book were filled with opportunities to stop and include the Lord in all that I do. Karol’s love for teaching is evident on the pages of The 30-Second Prayer. I loved it!

—Tom Long

Business Development Manager, Sonburst Communication

I can testify to the effectiveness of The 30-Second Prayer. As a nurse who works on a busy, complex, post-surgical floor at the University of Minnesota Hospital, I pray this prayer every day before I swipe my badge to begin my workday. I pray for safety and guidance with every patient and I can testify to the faithfulness of God time and time again. Apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:15).

—Deborah Kostman

Registered Nurse

The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything is a simple formula if you are searching for a way to help assist with balancing life. Karol writes her story in a profound way so one can make connections to their own lives and strengthen their relationship with God. Truly a thought provoking, inspiring book written from the heart of a beautiful soul!

—Katie Majeres

Elementary Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Lover of Jesus

I really enjoyed (Karol’s) book. It brought to light some truths that I have touched upon in the past, but had not fully grasped. I have already started to implement these principles into my everyday life.

—Mike Rager

U.S. House of Representatives, Office of the Clerk, retired

Copyright 2019 by Karol Horken

Published by Electric Moon Publishing, LLC

©2019 The 30-Second Prayer That Changes Everything / Karol Horken

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-943027-40-8

E-book ISBN-13: 978-1-943027-41-5

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P.O. Box 466

Stromsburg, NE 68666

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