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Highlands - A Poet's Journey in Scotland: Wordcatcher Modern Poetry

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Highlands - A Poet's Journey in Scotland: Wordcatcher Modern Poetry

Lunghezza: 145 pagine49 minuti


This poetry collection is fundamentally a poet's love letter to the Scottish Highlands, its beauty, geography, history and its people. In this book, which celebrates 25 years of travel and exploration of the Highland landscape, the poet has woven a wide ranging thesis, at its face at times a travel guide and memoir of moments, time and places, and at another level, as is the poet's calling, a more profound and deeper analysis of time, journeys and the evaluation of self.It is a collection from a writer who understands the need to question himself and ponder the answers, as he believes the pathways to growth and personal understanding can be found there.There is no denying the profound impact of the Scottish Highlands on the writer, from his early days and first visits right through to later odysseys through a landscape he has grown to love and has changed with him across the years. Through his descriptions of northern castles, lochs, hills and glens, the poet has found a unique view of the dramatic Highlands of Scotland, and the emotions it creates, and delivers a deep and thoughtful collection of scenic, personal and journeyman poetry. The book clearly highlights a true and enduring love for a people and place, the wonder of unparalleled locations, and a poet's roaming pilgrimages though a breath-taking land.

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