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Stupid Poems 15

Stupid Poems 15

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Stupid Poems 15

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Feb 28, 2020


Once again Stupid Poems addresses the main issues of today. There is Brexit and Donald Trump of course, but there are also more important issues such as flamingos, giraffes and kangaroos, fork-lift trucks and the Downing Street cat. There’s something for everyone who enjoys a deft and comic touch of silliness.

‘Let’s objectively weigh up all the evidence.’
‘Coherent foreign policy’
‘I respectfully disagree.’
‘I’m so grateful to the media for giving me so much publicity.’
‘Everybody is entitled to be treated with respect.’
‘I went to Britain and was greeted by huge cheering crowds.’*
‘The US constitution is designed to limit the power of the president.’
‘The USA is a nation built on immigration.’
‘With all due modesty,…’

- Excerpt from Things Donald Trump is Unlikely to Say
Feb 28, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Ian Vannoey was a science teacher prior to suffering a stroke which ended a teaching career which took him around the UK and over to Spain. Originally a Londoner Ian has now lived for many years in Cornwall. 

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Stupid Poems 15 - Ian Vannoey

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Things Donald Trump is unlikely to say

Why did … cross the road jokes

A flamingo’s lament

Sloping water

Alternative names for WD40

Why it’s not a good idea to use a hedgehog as a bath sponge

Things with stripes

The bees’ knees

The names of buildings

A visit to Earth by super-intelligent aliens

Am I the only person in the world who is not interested in football?

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